2024 June Predictions

2024 June

2024 June Predictions


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The interpretation is analyzed very much ahead of time. If there is additional information, they might be added later on without notification.

This is the predictions for 2024 June 6 onwards. For predictions before 2024 June 6, please refer to last month’s predictions.

This month is a real candy especially to Taurus and Scorpio. Whatever these signs mean in your chart, you are in for a treat! Let’s start with the tiny bad news. This month, all the planets are strangely empowered. Mars is strong in Aries and Saturn is strong in Aquarius. There are a ton of planets in Taurus beneficially located there with a strong Venus.

Rahu (North node of the moon) and Neptune are actually in Pisces while Mars and Saturn are so strong. This means Pisces with Rahu is hemmed in by 2 malefics. Pisces is taking a hit from the malefics so some people are going to suffer for a little short while. Don’t worry, June will be the worst hit and it will be over really quick.

On June 1, Uranus enters Taurus for the first time and it will stay there for many years even though it will make a last pass to Aries later on. Here comes the good news. Uranus is joining the new moon with a real stellium of planets namely, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury. The new moon is exactly conjunct the strong Venus and promises something good to happen at Taurus 22 degrees, and possibly occurring very out of the blue too. There are a whopping 6 planets in Taurus on this new moon! Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Sun, Moon, Uranus. It is also getting a tight hit from Ketu aspect too. It is anything but boring for the Taurus.

On June 29, Saturn is going to retrograde at Aquarius 25:13. It is triggering some points in the sky in Aries, Leo and especially Scorpio since Jupiter and Rahu are also opposing it at the same time. On July 2, Neptune retrograding at Pisces 5:44 may cause some confusion in life when it is also hemmed in by malefics. Something enigmatic may happen. Jupiter and Ketu are both trining Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn signs so something extensive is going to ignite any natal planets there.

Now let’s see what is happening to the Scorpio too. Not only all the planets in Taurus oppose Scorpio, Saturn, Rahu, and Mars are all aspecting Scorpio now. This means except for the opposing Ketu, Neptune, and Pluto, practically all the planets are touching Scorpio now. All 9 planets are calling for a miraculous materialization of the Scorpio. There will be revelation, transformation, manifestation, surprises, inspirations, etc. It can be many different things for different people.

New moon in Rohini nakshatra (lunar mansion) gives a lot of creativity and imagination. There is a lot of fertility and manifestation since it is ruled by Venus and Moon. There is a lot of blessings for arts and self-expression. There is a strong appreciation for beauty and luxuries of life. Any manifestation is leaning towards a gentle and affectionate approach to the results.

Below are the predictions from 2024 June 6 onwards. For predictions before 2024 June 6, please refer to last month’s predictions. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.



You might not be able to sleep well this month, maybe because you are feeling way too excited on what is going on in your life right now. You are rather energetic and very determined in achieving what you want. You could be having a great rise in your income or you could be starting up a new family of your own now, and you certainly have a lot of passion in pursuing in what is coming your way.



You could be a little worried in a certain goal that you want to achieve. Your career might require you to reach out to foreign land but there is something extraordinary happening in your life right now. Everything that happens this month is no coincidence and you are blessed in whatever that is coming your way. A bunch of you are going to get married too.



A possible downfall can be due to Jupiter and Rahu job changes over the past months and you are feeling isolated and don’t feel so attached to your current career. There are quite a bunch of burdens in your career this month. A career that spans to foreign land or foreign trading makes money. There are tons of work piling up for you in the office.



There can be some issues with your father this month so take care of him. A deep-seated desire is being fulfilled this month. You can be recognized in your community or industry and you are making many more friends in a very short time. A newly married couple may be expecting a baby in these few months.



You are just coming out of an instability month and this month lighten your burden a little. But still there are unfinished tasks that was left behind last month for you to settle it. This is your career breakthrough month and any steps that you take this month will have a high successful rate in your job. Businesses will do great. Some of you will buy a new house or move into a new residence soon.



Just when you were having some relief, something else pulled you back into the same matter again. There are things waiting for you to wrap up. This is taking a toll at your spouse or partner. He/She is taking a hit from all the upheavals. Take care of your relationship this month. The good thing is there are some really great luck coming your way. What that fortune is depends on your individual. Perhaps a long vacation relieves you from past year’s burdens.



This is actually a romantic relationship month even though it is gaining traction bit by bit. There is something that is quite unexpected popping up in your life, most probably in a most alluring way. There is some manifestation of a deep passion that you have and you may have a sense of possessiveness over it. Take care of your health this month. You may gain some unexpected sum of money. You may form up a new family from the relationship.



Your children are having some troubles and they will take up some of your time. Your health may take a toll but you have a strong immune system to overcome any odds. This is a very strong month to plunge into a relationship or to get married. But anything that happens in your relationship will change your life in its entirety.



Your home and family is undergoing some changes and you can feel a little depressed about it. This is actually not such a great month for you. If you have to fight off competition in the office, don’t get head on with someone. Your charms will work your way on them. There will be help and supporters in your work. There can be some kind of losses. You will feel more comfortable relaxing by yourself and you need some alone time. Perhaps go on a holiday.



You will feel that your energy is more depleted this month with so many things happening at the same time. A new romance may be started this month. You will feel a surge of creativity and ingenious ideas keep popping up from you mind. Note them all down and make full use of them. You can be expecting a baby.



You may be spending a big sum of money on an asset such a buying a new house. A new house that you like will appear on the market for the home buyers. Some will be shifting into a new residence and they will find it a really cozy month. Your career is what is enabling you to feel so secure as your home and career are knitted together this month.



Finances might be turning around but all these stresses have taken a toll on you. You might want to take it slower this month. There is something new that you have to learn. It might be a set of new skills, or a new journey, or you just want to pick up an interest that you enjoy. But surely, traveling of some sort is going to be extremely enjoyable.


Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

To find out where your Ascendant sign and Moon sign are in your birth chart in sidereal calendar, please check out our Astrology Reports below.


For a consultation with us, please check out our Astrology Services below.



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