2023 December Predictions

2023 December

2023 December Predictions

This is the early release of predictions for each individual horoscope sign. 2023 is going to be a great year of manifestation. It will not happen again soon. To find out why, go to below link.

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This is the predictions for 2023 December 12 onwards. For predictions before 2023 December 12, please refer to last month’s predictions.

There is a lot of mental brilliance with the coming new moon in Jyestha. With its sign ruler Mars by its side, and again being hemmed in by Venus and Mercury on each side, the strong Mars is also in complete connection with the strong Saturn which gives a push and pull tag, blowing hot and cold, to-and-fro to make sure that there is progress in the end. Rahu also aspects the new moon too. There is a lot of passion and yearning in the Scorpio sign to march forward strongly, but Saturn is slowing it down so that you don’t crash and burn.

Rahu and Ketu have done their job and they are moving on. The manifestation work is left behind for Jupiter and Saturn to continue the journey.

At the same time, Jupiter opposes Venus in Aries and Libra respectively benefiting both signs despite Ketu and Mars hemming the very strong Venus. Venus would join Mars in Scorpio on Christmas for a short while, and Mars stirring with Saturn would stop by December 27 when Mars goes into Sagittarius. By New Year’s Eve, it would be a lone show performed by Jupiter stationing on its own in Aries.

The houses to be activated in this month would be Scorpio, followed by Aquarius where strong Mars and Strong Saturn dance around to stir up the fire in you to yearn for something. You take 2 steps forward and a step backward. There is a sense of the power to rise to be the leader with some obstructions.

This is followed by the opposition of the soon-to-be stationing Jupiter and a strong Venus in Aries and Libra respectively, playing out intimacy, and warmth of the 2 benefics smoothening the process out in these houses. There is an ascending tone of adoration towards a crescendo near New Year’s Eve. It is a very affectionate month especially when the egos are put aside.

Days around December 9 are great for any type of relationships when Jupiter opposes Venus exactly. Generally, people will feel more willing to open up themselves. Near New Year’s Eve on December 30 will be the last stationing of Jupiter in Aries while Saturn has already gone direct on November 4. This New Year’s Eve will be the final climax of the massive manifestation in several signs of Aries, Leo, Libra, and Sagittarius. Do you have any natal planets in these houses? Since Jupiter is retrograding, any natal planets in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo can also be subtly touched too. May it serve you well before a brand new 2024 begins.

Below are the predictions from 2023 December 12 onwards. For predictions before 2023 December 12, please refer to last month’s predictions. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.



There might be too much excitement for you in your life. This excitement is driving you nuts that a little self-control might actually help. Relationship is one of the main themes this Christmas but don’t let any jealousy get in the way. You can experience a little bit of personality overblown syndrome, a little wish fulfilled, a little ingenuity, or a little romance.



A new relationship may be forming or being pushed up to the next level when the new moon sets now in your 7th house with multiple planets touching it now. Saturn’s forceful aspect can also bring forth a new business opening, a new partnership, or even a new career. You don’t have to work too hard as it’s a pleasant December holidays for you.



If there are tons of food lying around in this coming holiday, don’t eat the whole pile up. You have to deal with the after-effects of overeating even though your digestion is pretty strong right now. You are one of the rare ones who just might travel for work in December. A wish can become fulfilled near to Christmas time.



It’s rather a waste when your career might just peak over this holiday. Perhaps after this month, there is something very important waiting for you to deal with in your job. Meanwhile, you have a very sharp sense of perception and your judgement is extraordinary now. You will see through the reason behind things. Your home is the most lavish place this December.



There are some changes at home that might require your attention. So, make sure that you don’t disappear to somewhere else for the entire December because your home needs you. Your home is where you feel most fortunate now. If you do travel this December, you will feel very inspirational by the end of December. You must be more open-minded to receive blessings.



This December is not a great time for your siblings. Your siblings may be prone to accidents. Be careful of any sudden events or crises that may occupy quite some of your time. As Christmas approaches, there may be a sudden event that besets your home. You may also come into a sum of money not earned by you.



With Jupiter and Venus opposing each other now towards a potent New Year’s Eve, make time for your relationship before it is gone too fast. Some of you tying the knots may be forming a new family from this December. This is possibly the sweetest month of the year, especially nearing New Year’s Eve. Your new business is launching off to clinch the very first deal. Innovative ideas can be molded into a new business or side-line.



You may feel a little bossy near this year-end, but also very passionate. You are being showcased to the world and everyone can see your personality very clearly. You have the power of manifesting a lot of things so be careful of what you wish for. It may come true. There may be some frictions with your mum or someone at home but it is not serious.



Romance is found in faraway places so book a trip with your spouse to somewhere far. You might get too excited that you may have insomnia sometimes. A dream may get fulfilled near Christmas time. It is also a rather romantic time near Christmas. Your siblings may be having a hard time right now.



It may be a good time for your career right now so use some of those time to prepare for your work in the coming new year. Meanwhile, there is a tendency to enjoy yourself now because there can be a surplus of capital for you to splurge this holiday season. A male friend may be coming back to reconnect with you.



It is a rather late period for your career to reach higher in the holiday season. This is actually good for you if your business faces a sales peak during the holiday season. There is no rest for you, is there? You have to be careful if you are attending the company dinner as you feel rather domineering right now.



The worst might be over for you now. Any previous crisis that you may have had are slowly resolving by itself now. You are feeling luckier that the worst is over. However, don’t lower all your defenses down just yet. You might not be able to sleep that well as the trauma looms in your subconscious. Time is your best friend.


Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

To find out where your Ascendant sign and Moon sign are in your birth chart in sidereal calendar, please check out our Astrology Reports below.


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