2017 October Predictions

2017 October Horoscope Predictions

2017 October Predictions

The new moon occurred on September 20 in Virgo sign, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Uttara Phalguni at Virgo 03:20. Uttara Phalguni is the second portion of the Phalguni pair. Uttara Phalguni signifies the hind legs of a bed and represents comfort. The comfort zone of the Leo sign is now over and it is time to start working and improving oneself again in the Virgo sign. The deity Aryaman is in charge and bestows one with marriage and union with a partner. Being in the sign of Virgo as the Star of Patronage, one is capable of alleviating others of their suffering by helping and healing. Great kindness and compassion can be expected in this period.

This new moon is not really impacted by any other planets except from Ketu (South Node of the Moon) at a far distance. Expect a month of comfort, work, and peace. After all the storms happening in the previous months, you deserve this. You needed the break and here it is.

You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.


There could be some influenza or cold that caught your children but don’t worry. These are small viruses breakout that doesn’t last. You are getting some creative vibes this month. Treat yourself well this month. It’s time to wind down for some entertainment. Inspiration will come.


You might be thinking of having some fun at home this month but you just can’t get away too much. A lot of things are happening at home. If you have just shifted to a new house, it’s time for a housewarming party! Bring the whole family together and feel the sweetness of happiness.


For some reasons, things perked up and you still got to make those trips. Get those broken pipes and leaking taps fixed. If all’s well at home, go for a weekend picnic in the countryside. Jupiter is here to spice up your life. He is here to stay sunny for you for a whole year. It’s a month for your family. Life couldn’t be better.


Your whole life is about to change. Just wait and see. Expect the unexpected. Drastic change is coming your way. But don’t get too nervous over it. Amidst the changes, Jupiter here in the 4th house of happiness will be here to keep you happy. Don’t get too emotional, the changes are for the better in time to come.


You are sinking into reclusion. It is about time to wind down. But before that happens, the exciting life that you had before in the previous year is still in your mind. There are still things unsettled before you can quietly seek seclusion. Settle those things first, before you retreat.


This new moon is in your Ascendant but you have a strong sense of privacy this month. You can take it easy this month but don’t get too comfy. Things are starting to change. Next few months onwards, you have to get out of your comfort zone.


Have you recuperated well? You have to entertain those foreign guests and customers. It shouldn’t be too hard. You will get the hang of it. These social events can help you in your career boost. You have no idea what is coming for you in the near future. Life has just begin.


Career is the focus this month and you might have to travel a lot to get those contracts signed. Don’t let any single customer walk away as success is in your hands. Expect success this month but you have to play your part. You will need effort to reach the top.


You might have to leave home for a long distance trip. Career is smooth and easy this month but you couldn’t put your mind at ease back home. You have to sacrifice the family for the trip. It will be quite a journey this month and you will learn something from it.


Your career is starting to pick up from this month onwards. But before that happens, is your father doing well this month? How is your father’s health? Keep a watch on him. Luck is not with him this month. Don’t rely too much on your spouse. Instead, you have to keep watch on both your father and spouse.


Have your spouse been too oppressive towards you? This month is their peak. If you make it over this month, the relationship will stay. Things are hard on you for a long time. Let them have it their way, as long as you are not abused. They just need to shine, that’s all.


Sparks are flying with relationship for you. Have you just met someone that might complement your life? If not, keep a lookout this month. Luck is with you and you’d never know. Some career hindrances will come back to bite you but this is ending pretty soon.

Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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