2017 July Predictions

2017 July Horoscope Predictions

2017 July Predictions

The new moon occurred on June 23 in Gemini, in Ardra nakshatra (lunar mansion) at Gemini 08:41. On this new moon, Mercury and Mars were conjunct in the sign of Gemini and the nakshatra of Ardra.  Mercury is strong in the sign of Gemini but it will give trouble when it is with Mars. Gemini is the original 3rd house of traveling, siblings and communications.  Traveling will be disrupted for some and some will experience distressed siblings or have trouble with their siblings. Some will have miscommunications or arguments. There will be storms and floods globally.

Ardra nakshatra signifies a teardrop and is ruled by the deity Rudra, the storm god. Expect sorrows and disappointments for some, especially for those that have a natal planet in the Ardra nakshatra. It will not be an easy period. For those affected, reach out for a helping hand for you do not have to go through it alone. For the rest of us, stretch out your hand to your affected loved ones for it could have happened to you. Ardra removes things that have outlived its usefulness so that new things can come into your life.

Fiery communications and messages can be exchanged during this time. Be conscious of this transit and walk out of any dispute and you shall be protected. Never compromise your peace for anything. Wait for the storm to pass and the rainbow shall be waiting for you.

You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.


Venus will be in your 1st house. Go for a beauty treatment or a haircut and stay in harmony. Communicate clearly and calmly. Lend a hand to your sibling that are having some troubles. If they turn fiery, just walk away. Do not speak anything that you will regret later. Words are power. Do not participate in any debates for then you will be unconsciously jumping into the storm yourself. Keep your peace.


Your health and finance can be affected during this period. Be careful with your finances and spend wisely. It is time to take note of your health and nutrition. With Saturn coming back into the 7th house, remember what you have experienced for the last 2 years regarding relationship. Do not repeat the same mistakes. Take care of your family and children.


Definitely take care of your health. Watch what you are eating and be conscious of how your health is doing. Your body will give you signs and warnings. Listen to your body this month. What you are doing to your body this month will impact you especially in the next few months.


It is a time of recuperation. Take a break from your usual routine. Walk with you family to the park and setup a family dinner over the weekend at the rendezvous restaurant. Take care of your children and cheer them up. Be conscious of your dreams for they can give you messages of the near future. Be aware of your surroundings at night.


Communicate with your spouse. Do you need a final touchup of the recent home renovation? Are the contractors doing their job? Before you go for a business trip, is there something that needs to be done at home? What is it?


You are in for a treat! Life is good for you ain’t it? Jupiter is starting to rev up your life once again. Whatever that was put on the backburner, you can kick start it now again. Do not argue with your superior.  Pacify your angry colleagues and good luck shall stay with you.


Is there any misunderstandings with your children? Clear it up for a better relationship with them. Watch out for your father’s health. Be alert of what he is doing and where he is going as this is not a good month for your father. It is not good for traveling either. Double check your traveling documents before you leave home.


Watch where you are going and what you are doing. Fix anything wrong with your life. If any chronic disease flares up, treat it at the first sign of. Buck up your health in the midst of the busy work life. Without your health you wouldn’t need a job.


Slight aberrations with your career is alright. Do not pay too much attention to it. Spend time with your spouse at home. If your spouse is sick, take up the house chores. If your partner is flaring up for no reason then just know that they are just deep in this storm. Take no notice of it. Speak calmly to them or don’t speak.


Have fun with your children at home. However, if they are having chocolates and candies, make sure that you don’t take them too. Avoid sweets like cake and ice-cream.  Don’t let any small disease become chronic. If you are traveling, pick up the sandwich and not the BLT burger.


Just when your spouse is doing better, your children are starting to get impish in the midst of your work. Don’t worry. It’s not forever. Children are your theme this month. You will have time for yourself soon.


Having trouble at home? It’s not as bad as you think it is. Take care of your spouse and your spouse will take care of your home. If he/she cannot handle it, jump onto the boat and fix it up together!

Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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