2020 June Predictions

2020 June Horoscope Predictions

2020 June Predictions

The new moon occurred on May 22 in the sign of Taurus, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) Krittika at Taurus 7:56. It is conjunct a retrograding Venus ready to go direct on June 25, as well as Mercury. It is aspected by Mars and a debilitated Jupiter before Jupiter reenter Sagittarius on June 30.

This is a huge month as it is followed by a solar eclipse on June 21 where it falls in Gemini 6:13 in the nakshatra Mrigashira. This solar eclipse has Rahu, Sun, Moon, and a retrograding Mercury, aspected by Mars. Mercury will start to retrograde on June 18 in Gemini and join in the group of retrograding planets. Venus will go direct on June 25 in Taurus. Jupiter will reenters Sagittarius on June 30 while retrograding.

The nakshatra Krittika shows determination and a strong will to find a new way of sustaining oneself. Leadership and authority at work or at home can be gained as a result. It is ruled by the deity Agni, the god of fire which fuels you the will to carry on life. It symbolizes a sharp blade or a razor, being able to cut through obstacles.

The nakshatra Mrigashira starts a search of value to yourself. The search can be anything but it is an unending search for the joy is in the search rather than the attainment. The ruling deity is Soma, the Moon God. It symbolizes a deer’s head that indicates the start of an unending search. Great speech and communication abilities can be utilized in the search.

Initially the start of the month, great efforts are spent in looking for new ways to obtain money and feel the family. There can be new products and services in the global financial markets. The way that the world works is starting to take a shift but the approach are still undergoing reviews.

After the solar eclipse, people are starting to revise and communicate their approaches to whatever it is that they are seeking in life. How the world turns out at the end is going to affect the lives of many and thus their individual desires, be it material or spiritual.

Below are the predictions from April 22 onwards and also includes predictions on events after the Solar Eclipse. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.


Your career is taking a u-turn and you aren’t sure where it is going right now. There are new ways to provide the financial mean for your family but you have to revisit what it is that you and your family truly needs first before deciding. Once you have an idea of what is actually happening, you can draw up plans for you to make an effort in achieving it. Results will show very much later.


You are looking through a peek hole through your life now. Whatever that has happened will be changed for the better now, if you have the faith and make the effort to achieve. Don’t worry about time for you have plenty of that to make the change that you want. You might have to travel extensively through the coming years. New ways of earning a living are heading towards you this month.


You having residing in your comfort zone enjoying life, losing yourself in the process. Throw away serious thoughts first and get your mojo back. Put up a spa bath or treat yourself to a dinner downtown. After you have recover, get back into life again for life has been waiting for you. After June 21 onwards, you will appreciate what you have enjoyed for now life is expecting you. The path will be clearer in the next few months.


It is a good time to revisit some old friends and acquaintances. You will enjoy their time together. If you have any issues with your relationships or business partnerships, it is a good time to get together and share with friends. You will feel better and you might even get some valuable advice. What do you do with the advice? You get behind and contemplate on your next actions.


You have been busy with work and some projects require a rework that exhaust you all the more. Take what you can do but know that you can never finish all the work. Once you are done, go out and have some fun with your friends. An opportunity might just strike somewhere within your social circle.


You might run into a fortune this month. It’s not a lottery ticket win but your overall luck is staying with you all the time. Your luck will carry over to your workplace and you keep making breakthroughs in your career. If you are expecting a child, go for a checkup in the clinic. If you have done some baby planning, the next few months will be critical.


You are undergoing extreme changes and fluctuations in your life. That happens this month and only you can fix it yourself. Once you get pass it, things will start to get easier in July. Treat yourself to a vacation in July for your life calls for some fresh air to breathe.


You are about to bump into someone that you know from the past. Someone who had hold a touch for you or whom you had hold a touch for. Or maybe the touch is still burning brightly. Whatever it is, let nature flows through you and you will have the answer. Working on your personal relationships will strengthen it. You will have to deal with heavier stuffs once this period is over in July.


You have been working and working really hard but your efforts is going to pay off financially. The rewards are not immediate. You might start to see someone from July onwards. If you have a steady partner, July will be a good time to sneak off a surprise getaway or a surprise gift for relationship will be blooming for you.


You are pulling back your creative pursuits to have a closer look on what it is that you need to improve. It is not a time to push forward, but rather tie up the loose ends and not build on a bigger hole. You will start to work really hard in July and that will have an impact on your health. Take care of yourself.


If you are about to change to a new car, the new vehicle will surface in July. If you find your house is too dimly light or it needs refurbishing, this is the time to do it. You will enjoy new comforts at home and you do not feel like stepping out of the house. You find comforts emotionally and intellectually.


Your career was facing a stepdown for a long time but it is because you have to spend more time at home. Communicate with your family members and find out what their needs are. Fulfill their basic needs in the next few months for the change that you make at home will stay for a long time. If you have been looking for a new job, the new job can require you to relocate to somewhere else.

Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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