Taurus in 2018


Taurus in 2018

What will happen to Taurus in the year of 2018?


What you cherish flourishes.

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Taurus will have some traveling to do this year. Just when you think that the world has lost you, you are back into this hectic world again. Rahu (North Node of the Moon) is crossing over your 3rd house of communications, traveling, and social media. It is also aspecting your 7th house of relationship and 11th house of aspirations. After the job changes last year, you are slowly adapting to the new life ahead. You need to rebuild your connections back into the world. Any traveling to visit your friends for a gathering or a business sales travel will be beneficial. There might be lots of stuff going on with your siblings. While you can enjoy their company, take care not to be too affected by the events that they are creating. Your relationship was stressed out over the major changes in your life last year. Now it is time to rebuild your relationship with your spouse or love partner. Mercury will also retrograde in your relationship houses this year. There will be good opportunities along the way. Get out there into the world and mingle in with friends for it is a joyous time to enjoy your life.

Ketu (South Node of the Moon) will be in the 9th house of traveling and learning, and the dispositor Saturn will be in the 8th house of obstacles. Saturn rules your 9th house of fortune and 10th house of career but is currently in the difficult 8th house. After the big changes in career for you last year, it will continue to fluctuate and change slowly over the next few years. Your career is taking on a big shift but on a gradual basis. You might also go back to school for some skill upgrading which will take you off your career for a while. Enjoy your schooling days. The career will come naturally later. Take care of the stressful times ahead. Let whatever that will come to come. As long as you are doing your best, there is nothing more that you need to do. You only need to allow time to let it all work out by itself. You may not have good connections with your teachers or it is time to part with them. Take care of your father during this time as his health may be declining. Intuition and traveling can open up hopes and strengthen your beliefs in a new way.

There will be a solar eclipse in the 10th house of career on February 15 that will reveal more about your career path to you. Ketu will not be involved directly in this eclipse and will stay in the 9th house so expect positive career opportunity. Stay tuned for more career indications and the new career opportunity will reveal itself to you if you seek it. See what comes up for your career in the months following the eclipse.

Jupiter is transiting in your 6th house of work. There will be new opportunities for work. If you have been out of work, this is the time to find work again. With Jupiter in the 6th house of difficulty and Saturn ruling career in the 8th house of obstacles, there will be a lot of work and struggles along the way. As both Jupiter and Saturn are aspecting the 10th house of career, your hard work will be paid off eventually. Don’t stress yourself out. Your life is not all about your work. Work is only a component of your life. When your career doesn’t work out, concentrate on other areas of your life instead of brooding over what you cannot change. After Jupiter blesses you with work and leaves you to your work in early October, Venus comes to retrograde in your 6th house and stays there until the end of the year to give you more work. Looks like it is a very laborious year and you will plunge yourself completely into your work. As Jupiter is also aspecting the 12th house of foreign work, import and export matters, you have the chance to work with foreigners or work in foreign lands. You also have luck in foreign trading, shipping industry or related work.

Jupiter and Saturn are also aspecting your 2nd house of family and income. There are ways to increase your income if you just follow the path that was laid out for you. Only you know the path that is best for yourself. After a year of low income, finance is finally looking up again. If you are planning to form a family, this is a new beginning to execute your family planning but no kids for the current circumstances. As Saturn is aspecting the 5th house of children, it is not a great time for having children in the middle of great life changes. Any speculative efforts are not going to be fruitful for the near future. Saturn in the 8th house of fluctuations is opposing the 2nd house of income, aspecting the 10th house of career and 5th house of speculations. You have to struggle through the critical financial situation. It will take effort but Jupiter will open up the opportunity for you. It will take effort and perseverance to make it through. Whatever opportunities come up for you, grab it and make it work!

It is not all work and no fun. Jupiter will cross over to your 7th house of relationships from mid-October on October 11 onwards. That will be the time when you can relax a little after your career has smoothen out itself throughout the year. This is the time to slow down your pace. Jupiter in the 7th house of marriage will be mutual aspecting Rahu in your 3rd house. If you have a steady relationship ongoing, this is the time to call for the wedding bells. Time to propose or expect a proposal real soon. Timing is perfect to arrange a wedding in the upcoming year. For the singles, this is the time you can expect a serious relationship coming into place. For the married ones, your love life couldn’t have been better. Cherish this blessed precious time together with your loved ones.

There will be a solar eclipse in the 3rd house of travel and communications on August 11 with Rahu. Whatever is said about rebuilding your connections with the world, this will trigger it even further to the next level. Any sales and marketing efforts will be paid off. Your siblings might be undergoing some radical changes that can impact you. Hobbies and interests that you enjoy will uplift you or can even be exploited out into a side income or mainstream career. More traveling will be in your schedule.

Mars ruling your relationship will be retrograding into the 9th house of long distance travel and conjunct Ketu from the end of June to end of August. You can go on a trip suddenly during this time with your spouse or lover. Or someone from the past can suddenly come back into your life on a trip. Mars is exalted and the meeting is destined. Enjoy the time together. Everything will unfold by itself naturally. 9th house is also spirituality with Mars conjunct Ketu which also represents spirituality, it is advantageous to plan for a spiritual retreat during these few months to offset all those stresses in your life by finding yourself back. If you cannot deal with the stresses in your life, this is a good time to leave all worldly things behind for a while. It will benefit you immensely.

During the retrograde period, Mars is aspecting its own 12th house of foreign land, 3rd house of traveling, and 4th house of home where Rahu is. This is another indication that traveling is high on the cards. Mars conjuncting Ketu is aspecting the 12th house of hospital where Uranus is. If you are traveling, do make sure your passport and money are in place, insurance bought, and take care of your safety at all times.

It is a year of hard work for you but stay assured that your efforts will be paid off in the long run. Don’t keep a check on the results but do what you are supposed to do. The fruits of your hard labour will grow without you knowing.

This is just a snippet of the possible life events that will happen to you in general in the year of 2018. To find out what exactly will happen in your personal life, please check out our Astrology Services below.



Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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