2024 November Predictions

2024 November

2024 November Predictions


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The interpretation is analyzed very much ahead of time. If there is additional information, they might be added later on without notification.

This is the predictions for 2024 November 1 onwards. For predictions before 2024 November 1, please refer to last month’s predictions.

The coming new moon is in Swati nakshatra (lunar mansion), snapped right in the middle of Libra sign. This is the nakshatra of businessman or businesswoman, and hence supports very independent and survival movements. With the new moon being aspected by Mars too even though it is debilitated, it still further emphasized the business-oriented nature. Like a dandelion seed being blown by the wind, it will flow and bend with the tides of nature. It will do whatever it needs to survive. It can be restless but adventurous too.

On November 15, Saturn goes direct again at Aquarius 18:29. This could be the last time Saturn is blessing a long-term endurance to different people in different areas of life. Saturn is strong in Aquarius and it has stayed in its own sign for a long time now. While being in its own sign, it has blessed and manifested many things to many people. It will move on to Pisces on its next step in a few months’ time.

On November 26, Mercury goes retrograde at Scorpio 28:26. It is opposed by a retrograding Jupiter at the same time. Communications issues may come up near the end of the month. Messages that you sent out to people may not get understood or received on the first try. If an email message gets sent to the Junk Mail, check through your junk mail. Send a second email if there is no reply from your email. If you feel that you cannot get the other party to understand your situation, explain once again with more details. Mercury can complicate messages and understandings.

Below are the predictions from 2024 November 1 onwards. For predictions before 2024 November 1, please refer to last month’s predictions. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.



You are getting a push in your relationship or marriage to the next level. Long years of marriage need a little excitement to keep the interest afloat. Complacency may bring dullness to a long-term marriage. This may be what you need. Aries are great business dealers so always look out for new business opportunities. A new one may appear. A deep passion that you have may get manifested.



If there is something wrong with your health, it is better to visit the doctor. However, with so many benefics on your side this month, this is possibly only stress that you are experiencing. You tend to overlook your health if you are piled with more work that you can handle. Relationship continues to be excellent this month especially in the first week of November.



You have very sharp intelligence and your sense of perception is very crisp and clear. Any kind of innovative activities or duties that require a keen sense of discernment will be a piece of cake for you. Use it to your advantage especially in your career field. Your coworkers are extraordinary and you don’t have to worry much about your work. You sleep exceptionally well this month.



Career might not be your best area this month so don’t get too emotional over it. Cancerian can get too emotional especially with regards to their career. Concentrate more on your home front because that is where it recharges all your energy and you are very knitted to your emotions and home security. Create some space at home and identify what you are feeling. You are able to articulate and express what your real-life goals are.



Leo is the sign of leaders and leaders of the world currently has Rahu in the 8th house. Whatever you do in the world, tell no lies because it will get exposed one way or the other next time. Articulation in the form of media or words are your forte this month but you may have the tendency to exaggerate things or even cook up things that may not be true. Career and home are your safe havens.



You can get access to a new source of income that is linked to a potential business. A new business line may provide a new line of profit for you. Family value is very important for you and it is linked to your marriage closer this month. Ask your spouse on what he/she needs for the family so that you can understand where to improve on.



You bring the focus back to yourself after roughly a month of intermission. Your health is possibly what you are concern with and you need to find out what it is that you want your life to steer towards. Family is extremely joyous and perhaps it is your most important asset right now. Your family supports you on all levels with complete ease.



You might be going on a trip faraway and you will enjoy it. The trip will be safe and you will be protected. Take a little bit of burden off yourself. This is a very good month to relate yourself with your spouse. Relationship is extremely smooth and there is no friction of any sort. There is mutual understanding and cooperation so if there is anything on your mind, speak up.



There can be some powerful and business-minded individual that you may know. Connect up with them. You become who you link up with. Some of your friends can give you great advice and comfort and you will feel more secure connecting up with them. Your employees at work are incredibly good to you and progress is smooth. You sleep pretty soundly these days.



There is a short recognition in your profession and anything you want to change your image at work, you can change it this month with actions. Friends are very kind and helpful to you. If you need any kind of help, just give a shout out to them. Having children or mingling with your kids will create wonderful memories for the future.



Obstacles are slowly dissolving by themselves and you are gradually feeling that your luck is back. There is much more ease in most areas of life. A happier you result in a much luckier outlook in life. Any effort that you spent in either at work or at chores at home, everything happens at ease.



You are ready to row into the deeper aspects of life. Dive into what is deep and find out what treasures lie for you. The research going into the depths of life will relate to you an experience that you will not forget, especially when many events that happen now will seem fated. There can be many travel and self-exploration opportunities.


Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

To find out where your Ascendant sign and Moon sign are in your birth chart in sidereal calendar, please check out our Astrology Reports below.


For a consultation with us, please check out our Astrology Services below.



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