2021 May Predictions

2021 May

2021 May Predictions

The ring of karmic encapsulation is finally broken this month with Mars climbing out of the kala amrita yoga. All’s well this month. The biggest change is the shifting of the benefic Jupiter into the realm of Aquarius sign. It is no longer conjunct Saturn but it is nonetheless still under the control of Saturn being in Aquarius now. The new moon this month in Aries, Krittika lunar mansion is rather quiet untouched by any other planets. The Sun being exalted in Aries and strong in lunar mansion brings in new and powerful energy into the Aries sign. There is not much impediment to any progress this month. All except for Mars being hard aspecting Saturn exactly on May 14. Days surrounding May 14 may be going faster than what you had hoped for. Impatience will ruin the progress.

Below are the predictions from 2021 May 12 onwards. For predictions before 2021 May 12, please refer to last month’s predictions. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.



Your professional life should be well-established by now. You are here to rebuild your image and let people know who you are and what you are made of, in a bang! Finances are at your grasp. It’s easy to lose your cool at work.



Getting everything going your way isn’t all there is. After the hard fight, you are being a nice softie guy now. Rejuvenate yourself, because you are going to emerge soon. But not quite there yet. You will emerge when you are all well and ready. So? Get ready! Your father is having some troubles.



You wanna go. You want to proceed and cross off all the items on your list. Unfortunately, all your rush can backfire. Do not rush into anything. Gather all your friends and resources but don’t rush yet. There are quite some obstacles around. Patience will prevent you from losing big.



On your professional front and businesses, proceed with caution. Only strike when you know you can win. There will be powerful friends who are on your side. Build your network. There are plenty of opportunities.



The tough times are almost over and the silver linings are finally here. You still have to work very hard but your efforts will pay off. Pay attention to your health. Don’t overwork yourself. The just shall live on faith.



Your children are having a tough time. Married couples may have progeny problems. Try another month. There are barricades in many areas of life even though luck is also with you.



If you are single, you are ready to mingle. Knock on the doors of your potential partner and see where his/her head’s at. Amuse yourself with things that you have always wanted to try. Follow your heart.



Being too competitive isn’t going so well for you. Health is an issue this month. Slow down and wait for the fog to clear, before deciding your next move. Relationship is at its best.



You are financially burdened. Your family is depending on your financial support so make wise decisions. Investments could go either way and its very unstable. Any nested eggs might come in handy for the rainy days.



Something’s coming up at home particularly now. If your father yells at you, you know this is not that bad. You have been through the worst. Your health is more important. Meeting someone new is highly possible.



Relate what you are and how you are feeling and express yourself. Put it down in words. You are gradually feeling some restrictions lifted. Your moods are curving upwards but your health cannot catch up with you.



Look after your finances and do not spend more than what you earn. Friends may not give the best advice so you have to make the final judgment yourself. You have to cut down on entertainment.


Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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