Madeleine McCann: Have you seen me?

Madeleine Beth McCann

Madeleine McCann: Have you seen me?

Praia da Luz, Portugal is the place that Madeleine McCann was declared as a missing person in 2007. At the time that it happened, she was 3 years old. So it’s a lost young girl. Praia da Luz in the Algarve region is known for their holiday resorts and was previously known to be a very safe tourist spot especially known for their beaches and shores, until 2007 when it happened. A little girl named Madeleine Beth McCann was lost and never be found again till this day. (Year 2020 at the time of writing where Madeleine would be 16-17 years old). She is still missing till now. Imagine that to happen to a renowned safe tourist destination. Quite a scandal! For this to occur, the crime has to be very organized. If you ever seen this girl anywhere in the world, you know what to do. The contact is listed above in the image.

Was Madeleine ever meant to be lost?

As there is no birth time, we shall look at her moon chart for assessment. Unless she was born just passed midnight on her birthday, she is going to have a Virgo moon sign. Her chart is very prominent and she was born with 3 exalted planets in her birth chart. She has an exalted Mars in the 5th house, opposing an exalted Jupiter in the 11th house. Even more powerful is her 8th house with an exalted Sun with Venus and Mercury.

Let’s examine her chart in closer details. Her Ascendant ruler is Mercury retrograding in the 8th house. This is where her life energy is most dense and she lives a very deep, mysterious life. But before she can make full use of it, she is lost. That’s mostly because Mercury is conjuncted an exalted Sun and her Sun rules her 12th house of losses and isolation. An exalted planet doesn’t necessary give good results to a person, especially in her case. Her Sun and Mercury conjunction is way too powerful and made its way to a mysterious disappearance. Her exalted Sun ruling the 12th house being in the 8th house does make her father, Gerry McCann an excellent surgeon.

Venus being in the 8th house together with Sun and Mercury doesn’t help as well. Her Mercury which rules her life is located in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Bharani which is ruled by Venus itself. Mercury is further empowered in the 8th house by Venus.

An exalted Mars in the 5th house happens to aspect her Mercury in the 8th house very tightly. This is not just an extremely strong Mars. It is conjunct the mysterious Neptune tightly and is infused with strong Neptune escapism as well. This Mars is the most difficult planet in this chart ruling the 3rd and the 8th house. Mars being exalted and overly strong doesn’t really help Madeleine and what’s worse is that it is directly aspecting her 8th house as well. Mars is directly infusing Mercury with it’s strong 8th house qualities.

Lastly, her Moon is located in Virgo sign in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Uttara Phalguni. Her Moon being in Virgo is being disposited to Sun and Mercury in the 8th house by both sign and nakshatra. Mercury is also sited in the nakshatra ruled by Sun which is exalted in the 8th house.

This is a pretty troubled Mercury, being linked to the 8th house through multiple planets of Sun, Venus, Moon, and Mars. Her chart 8th house and 12th house energies are tremendous and difficult to be assimilated by Madeleine at such a young age.

Mysterious Disappearance

On May 3 2007, Madeleine was on holiday with her parents and twin baby siblings in Praia da Luz, Portugal. She was close to 4 years old by then as her birthday was coming up on May 12. She didn’t have the chance to spend her 4 years old birthday with her family as she mysteriously disappeared near to a week before her birthday.

During the time when one’s birthday is near, there will be a Solar Return meaning that the Sun will transit back to its Natal Sun position. So where is Madeleine’s Sun being located in? It rules the 12th house of lost and it is exalted in the 8th house.

During the month of February near the time of the eclipse, Ketu was transiting in her 12th house and was stationing at around Leo 22 degrees which tightly aspected her Mercury in the 8th house. Her Natal Mercury is in Aries 19 degrees. Near early April, Jupiter was starting to turn direct in the 3rd house exactly conjunct her Natal Pluto. Her Pluto is not really an ordinary Pluto. Pluto has its foundation built closely to 8th house qualities of hidden themes. It is located in Scorpio sign, which originally rules the 8th house. And being in the 3rd house means it is 8th houses away from the 8th house which just triple quantified her 8th house again. By the time when Saturn turns direct in April 20 at Cancer 24 degrees, Saturn was tightly aspecting her Natal Mercury as well.

Lastly, very close to her birthday time on May 3, Sun and Mercury comes back for a yearly visit and exactly conjunct her Natal Mercury. At the time of the event, the moon was exactly conjunct Madeleine’s Natal Ketu in the 3rd house. She has gone missing on vacation! This is the day that Madeleine McCann was never seen again. Till this day, Madeleine has been missing for 13 years. She is 17 years old at the time of writing (year 2020). Madeleine has crossed over the horizon of never being seen again by her family on this day that she was lost. This is the lost space of her disappearance. Her Mercury at Aries 19 degrees. This is Madeleine’s ‘black hole’.

On the tragic day May 3 2007, Madeleine’s parents Kate McCann and Gerry McCann were dining in a restaurant with friends about 55 metres away from the resort apartment where Madeleine and her twin siblings are sleeping. The McCanns took turns to check on their kids intermittently during the whole dinner which started at 20:30. Eventually, the final check at 22:00 by Kate McCann revealed that Madeleine has gone missing. Subsequent weeks after the disappearance revealed no real progress in tracking down where Madeleine was. Kate and Gerry McCann were even given suspect status for her disappearance after a DNA analysis which was later on lifted.

There were 8 children on that vacation and only Madeleine went missing. The scheduled timing of the everyday dinner at the same resort’s Tapas restaurant could have been a major contributor to the successful kidnapping of Madeline. This could be a highly well-planned kidnap case done by a very organized criminal group. Nobody knows what happened to Madeleine after that or that whether she has been abducted to work in a dark industry or something.

Birthmark on the left eye

Madeleine’s left eye is a crucial birthmark that cannot be easily removed, so that marks a very important identification feature of recognizing her among many other people. Would there be a reason that there would be a birthmark in such a critical feature of a human body?

Many things are arranged in threes. That includes us, the homo sapiens. We are made up of the body, mind, and soul. The creator truly reflected his image in us. What does one call the eyes of a person? The window to one’s soul! As a very important feature, the human eye reflects exactly how the creator intends it to be, in all his intelligence and order. And the eye too happened to be arranged in a triplet. The white of the eye known as the sclera represents the holy spirit of the holy trinity. Otherwise known as the holy vibration Aum of the comforter, which is also equivalent to Amen or Amin. The iris represents the Christ consciousness or Krishna consciousness. The pupil right in the middle of the eye represents the almighty God himself.

To have a strong birthmark on the eye like Madeleine, there may be some metaphysical reason that is not known. Yet, it makes a way of identifying her a lot easier if she is ever to be found.

Will Madeleine ever be found?

Madeleine has fallen into a black hole. Assuming that she is still alive, one way to retrieve her from the black hole is to retrieve her from beyond the horizon at this specific place Aries 19:24 where her Natal Mercury is. This is the source of her disappearance and jolly well can be the source of discovering her again. For her to be found, some very positive combination of energy must fall upon this portion of her birth chart.

To find this spot is like finding a needle in a haystack. If this does not happen, she may be missing indefinitely. Madeleine was born in her Moon period (dasha). Around year 2015, her moon period ended and she was still missing. After that, her Mars period began and is still running now. Mars being the most malefic planet in her birth chart does not really bode well for her. Mars is the ruler of her 8th house and it is exalted and aspecting her Natal Mercury exactly. Mars rules her black hole and it will be hard to find her during this time unless there are other positive factors coming into play.

The good news is maybe there is still hope. Maybe she is still alive. And just maybe she will be found. Her Mars period will end sometime in year 2022 and she will begin a whole new Rahu period. If Madeleine is born earlier in the day, then she may still be in her Mars period during this 2023 transits observation. What does her Rahu period hold for her? Her Rahu being disposited to both Sun and Venus in the 8th house again actually does no good in finding her. Even viewing from her Rahu period chart throws the triplet planets into the 12th house of being lost exalted too. The period is not entirely bending to Madeleine’s favour despite the fact that her Natal Rahu does fall in her fortunate 9th house.

Across multiple transits that happen every day, the highly benevolent Jupiter is again crossing over her 8th house again in the year of 2023. The last crossing of Jupiter over this triplet planets did not reveal anything. But this time it is going to be different. Jupiter will be accompanied by Rahu in the same house which may reveal what is happening to Madeleine. However, the malefic Saturn is also looking at the same place, only that this time Saturn is strong in its own sign of Aquarius. Saturn is still considered to be a good planet for her moon chart despite the fact that it is transiting over her 6th house right now.

Just right before her 20th birthday on April 19 2023, there is an eclipse in her 8th house few degrees away from her Natal Venus. Coincidentally that Mercury will be crossing over her Natal Mercury closely during this eclipse. Uranus is also joining in the eclipse near to her Natal Mercury to shake things up. 2 days after the eclipse, Mercury is also going to retrograde quite close to her Natal Mercury as well. What a coincidence? Later on in the same year in August, Uranus will retrograde near to her Natal Sun followed by Jupiter retrograding near to her Natal Mercury in September. Soon, even Rahu begins to station near her Natal Venus in November with Saturn retrograding and aspecting her Natal Venus few degrees away as well. Even Mars together with Sun and Mercury are opposing her 8th house in November. How conveniently these planets are aligned together in her chart. What a piece of work! Jupiter, Rahu, Saturn, and Uranus are shaking things up for Madeleine in her most troubled area where her Natal Mercury, Sun, and Venus are. Will this be enough to shed some light into her disappearance? Will Madeleine McCann be another Jaycee Dugard or Kamiyah Mobley who were discovered 18 years later after they went missing? Madeleine would have been lost for 16 years in 2023. Will Madeleine spend her Christmas with Kate and Gerry McCann and her twin siblings in 2023? Whatever happens, I hope something good is happening to Madeleine and the McCanns. Prayers and fingers crossed.

If you have seen someone that look like Madeleine McCann, report the sighting immediately to the contact above in the image. Alternatively for more information regarding her disappearance, go to the web link

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    Posted at 13:44h, 02 May

    Today is 2nd of May, 2020, GMT+8. I never forget this little girl and her family. I pray for them every day I wake up and every night I go to bed. This is the least I can do for them. Tomorrow will be 13 years since the day she disappeared. Thank you for writing this blog, I am so relieved to know that people still care. I hope this year she can be home.

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