2018 October Predictions

2018 October Horoscope Predictions

2018 October Predictions

This October new moon falls on October 8 in the sign of Virgo, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of hasta at Virgo 21:41. This is a joyous month for everyone. A month of joy where there is a saraswati yoga with Jupiter, Venus, Mercury in the sign of Libra. Venus is very strong in it’s own sign of Libra and it has just turned stationary retrograde so it’s energy is still very strong. The new moon is in Virgo sign aspected by Saturn and Ketu (South Node of the Moon). However, it still cannot override the joyous energy of Libra besides it. Jupiter is making its last pass in Libra before it leaves for Scorpio on October 11 and Venus starting to retrograde now. Make the most of this festive atmosphere.

Hasta nakshatra symbolizes a hand or a fist, manifesting whatever it is desiring. The symbol represents manifestation of what it is seeking and places the desire into the native’s hand. Hasta is ruled by the deity Savitar, the Sun God and it is ruled by the Moon. As it is intrinsically linked to both the luminaries of the Sun and the Moon, awareness and consciousness is emphasized here and the native tends to have strong mental ability with purity of thought. Being very skillful with their hands, the individual has high healing capabilities and is equipped with a service-oriented nature and gives blessings to mankind. Virgo sign itself stands for service and healing as well.

If you have something that you are seeking, initiate with an intention in your prayer and starts to manifest it. Believing that you can have your share of the abundance of the world, you too shall manifest what you desire, should it be of a moral nature. Those sick with illnesses and diseases, having a shift of your consciousness at the onset of this new moon can start to heal your body and mind starting from the root cause.

Please refer to last month predictions for early October. Below are the predictions from October 8 onwards. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.


If you haven’t have enough of romance from last month, this month is even more exciting for you. All the natural benefics of Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury are all in your 7th house of relationship and marriage. Relationship can have a very supporting and healing effect in your overall outlook and perspective. As Venus is retrograding, you are beginning to fantasize over what has just happened last month. A past love may even appear before your eyes.


If you are looking for romance, this month could manifest it for you. You can meet your love in the area of service or you may approach and help someone that comes back from your past. Your innovative intellect is struck by a bolt of lightning and you are suddenly aware of what it is you need to do to make things work and starts to actualize your ideas.


Your creative ideas become concrete as you start working on the blueprint of it at home. As you start cracking on it with effort, it is going to give you financial rewards for the next 12 months. It doesn’t come free, you have to persevere through it. Romance is still looking good but it’s too early to ask or accept a proposal. Let’s live for the moment for now.


Open up the floor to share with your family members. Put them all into a family spell at home and get into some common activities that is suitable for all. In the bosom of your home, you feel safe, secure, and happy. While your spouse might still be grumbling over small issues, this is an occasion where you can get him/her to sit down and talk. Spread the family warmness and your jubilant aura to your husband/wife.


Digging up your pastime hobbies serves as a bridge to your inner happiness. Extending your activities or gathering your family members to engage in your hobby is a form of sharing. If they ain’t interested, you can get involved in their hobbies. Just get interested and they are willing to employ you as their new helper.


The new moon knocked on your Ascendant and an idea strikes for you to engage a new sideline of cash. You are more engaged with your family this month that any unhappiness at home or with the children can be resolved easily if the whole family gets together. Make a change in your life now. Analyse what you want to change for the better and make an intention. If you work on it consciously, you will change.


While you are trying to stay behind the scene, you cannot avoid living in the present external circumstances. You are forced to take on life itself and live as it is. It is a great month for you with your Ascendant full of benefics giving you great ease in life. Don’t worry. Live your life to the fullest.


Scorpio Ascendant have great recuperation powers over the last month and it continues to this month. Traveling and losing yourself in foreign land with your spouse proves to be beneficial for the both of you. You are starting to get a new lease of life when Jupiter heads into your Ascendant on the 11th of October. Expect your whole outlook of your life to start changing as you emerge out of your retreating year.


Having Saturn in your Ascendant for a full 2.5 years isn’t fun but you start to make practical efforts to improve your life. All these improvement work are for the better in time to come. You have new insight in your career and you start to see your dream coming true this month. It may take time but you remain hopeful of your dreams.


Your life is about to turn less demanding as you enjoy great achievement in your career. Your faith and hard work paid off this far, and your name and reputation soars. Your name shall precede you in all that you have achieved. This is your month of fame. Your father could be having some trouble with his high blood pressure. Advise him to start his walk in the park.


There might be something mysterious that strikes you this month but the end result is going to be beneficial for you for fortune is yours to grab. This fortune is sudden and unexpected. As your career starts to progress, your options are starting to open up and you do not know it yet. It will be unfolded in the following months.


Money and claims that is supposed to be due are finally coming. It is coming in tons and it comes suddenly. You have sudden insights into the issue that your spouse is facing. As you start to be aware, the resolution is gradually becoming clearer to you. Jupiter is starting to light up your 9th house of fortune. Have faith that your life is going to be transformed fortuitously.

Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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