2018 July Predictions

2018 July Horoscope Predictions

2018 July Predictions

This July new moon falls on July 12 in the sign of Gemini, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Punarvasu at Gemini 26:34. This is actually a partial solar eclipse which does not involve the moon nodes in the same house. There will be another solar eclipse next month and it’s impact will be heavier than this month as the nodes will then be directly involved with the eclipse itself. If you have any natal planets in Gemini near this degree, you are in luck this month. If you have any natal planets at Gemini 19 degrees is even more fabulous. Both Jupiter and Saturn are aspecting Gemini with a new moon, with Jupiter stationing at 19 degrees on July 10, this is a magnificent month. Things are going to turn out well for whatever house that Gemini means for you. Any planet at Gemini 19 degrees is going to get a jolly reward and opportunity from Jupiter with the hard work and perseverance of Saturn. Be ready to receive the gift! Any hindrances that you have in the sign of Libra is going ahead this month with Jupiter going direct again. As Mars starts to retrograde in Capricorn and conjunct Ketu (South Node of the Moon), expect frustrations in anything that has to do with Capricorn sign this month.

The nakshatra Punarvasu is also ruled by Jupiter and being aspected by a stationary Jupiter gives great power in this new moon. Punarvasu is ruled by the deity Aditi who grants abundance and wealth. It’s symbol is a quiver of arrows that is inexhaustible and signifies unlimited opportunities for a rebound over any setbacks. Punarvasu is known as the star of renewal. It is a very beneficial nakshatra that represents the rainbow after the storm. Opportunities and second chances are plentiful this month. Keep your head up!

Please refer to last month predictions for early July. Below are the predictions from July 12 onwards. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.


Career is starting to crumble now. Any projects that you wish to move ahead comes to halt. Nothing works in the office. Wait for the storm to pass. If you are choosing to get married this month, there couldn’t be a better now. Relationship is good and this is a fabulous month for marriage.


If you have meet up someone while traveling, you could be seeing your old flame during your travels. Planning a trip now might be too late as travel plans can get hurdles but it doesn’t mean you should just cancel your travel schedule. If you have been looking out for a job, a sideline, or carry out a new business, this is the time. The new moon in your income house is presenting you a rare opportunity. If the profit and risk assessment looks good, take it!


The new moon occurs in your Ascendant. Anything problem in your life can be corrected right this month. Is there anything that you would like to change in your life? Be sure those changes will have a beneficial impact if you initiate it now. Materialise your ideals and you are ready to rock and roll.


You are pondering about your life, while your spouse is picking up a fuss. You do not know how to maintain a harmonious relationship with your spouse at this point in time. It is not your fault but you can try to improve the situation. This is a time of retreat to revitalize yourself so that you know what your steps are.


Work is still bothering you and keep you busy all year long that your health starts to get affected seriously now. Better watch out for any warnings as your body alerts you. Enemies slams you on the head and you can’t do anything about it. Relationships on all areas are generally all well this month. This greatly comforts you and your life on the whole. Stay positive!


There will be a great breakthrough in your career this month. Whatever you have started in the previous month are starting to flourish. Your work is getting recognized in the company and you are looking well for a promotion. Keep it up! Don’t get too fanciful in your ideas as they may not be practical. Don’t let your children out of your sight.


While you were concentrating on your work, there is no place like home and the sense of security that it provides. However Mars is retrograding in conjunction with Ketu these few months. Your security is under threat and home matters start to get unhealthy. Life is full of ups and downs. Just do your best.


If you have an unsettled dispute in the court, this month could provide you the chance to settle it. You could be paid compensation for anything that is due to you for your losses. You might be upset about your losses but don’t get all blown up in front of others. Words of anger does not help over what has happened.


Something is striking up your family. Sales figures starts to go down and you cannot hit the threshold for the sales target this month. Market doesn’t look promising. Your whole life is facing a melt-down now. If you have previously invested in some stocks or properties, those investments are showing up profits now.


This month is good overall for the Capricorn Ascendant. Mars is retrograding with Ketu in the Ascendant now. You are so confused over what you have to do for everything that you do does not produce beneficial results. If you feel like you need an anger management course, this is the time. It will tie you through the next few months. Your career is superb this month and you have something to celebrate about!


If you have been reckless, you might end up on the sick bed for quite a while. On the lights and watch your steps. Speculations of all sorts is looking great. Heaven is showing luck on you this month. Be prepared if you are expecting a child. You will need new clothes, diapers, milk bottles for the new member of the family.


Looking for an ideal house? Take a peek at the nearest property estate shop, you might be able to find your dream house there. Dealing with all the hard work in the office and the fluctuations in life, your sense of security is finally coming back to you. You may suddenly get an inheritance or a fortune this month. If it’s yours, it’s yours.

Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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