2019 September Predictions

2019 September Horoscope Predictions

2019 September Predictions

The new moon occurred on August 30 in the sign of Leo, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) Magha at Leo 12:39. This new moon is conjunct Mercury, Mars, and Venus and it is aspected by Ketu (South Node of the Moon).

Magha nakshatra symbolizes the throne for the king, a palanquin that is. The deity is Pitris, the protector of humanity that are giving protection against major calamities in the world. There is ancestry relations here and mystical leadership can appear here. This nakshatra mainly deals with leadership, power, and influence. Leaders are born in this nakshatra.

Saturn is going direct on September 18 going closer to conjunct Ketu again. Saturn has been traveling with Ketu in conjunction for many months. This will be the final pass and final blow.

Due to a change of policies and controls as well as measurements taken to deal with uprising threats in the world, and leaders in different regions emerge to undertake new preventive and recovery procedures. There will be a lot of activities involved that masses of people can see. There are many global problems that require the leaders to come together for a united effort.

Below are the predictions from August 30 onwards. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.


Your mind is getting very active this month and you come up with different ideas that were previously unknown to you. Get deeper and keep the brainstorming going so that you can solve whatever problems that come up. People will notice your ingenious ideas and even provide funding for your project.


After you have linked up with your family members, you are starting to concentrate and care for the house this month. You feel like the king at home and everyone listens to you. Pleasures and relaxations are yours this month. Savor home bliss is your theme.


You have the energy to do anything and everything now. When you speak to the public, all of them listen because they are already know you. You become famous for what you do and any messages that you relate to the masses will reach very far into their hearts.


New ideas formulated in your head can be turned into gold with a plan and continuous effort. That has to start now. Isolate yourself to bring out all your ideas and seek your family advice if it is required. There is definitely potential. Investing time on your family is very fruitful this month.


After all the seclusion, you emerge into the world again. Nobody expects that the new you is so shocking. You lead the crowd this month. Whatever you do and says will be carried out. In the area of your expertise, you are the king.


Backtrack a little and refocus by yourself. Your career is booming but what is it that you really need for yourself? If you are expanding your business to overseas, remember to buck up your marketing. Let the world know that your far-reaching business has expanded.


You are the one people look up to in your organization. In your social circle, people are looking all over for you. Join them and see how they are doing. Social events pushes your name further to more people and you are well-known. You are feeling very inspired with new hopes.


You continue to break your own target and prove yourself. You have reached the moon last month but this month you have reached the stars. You are good in whatever that you do. You are the king and everyone knows it. This is a work month, with ease.


This is a good month and you make new rules and regulations for yourself to overcome what you have experienced. Those new rules will protect you in the coming months and in the future. Book a sightseeing tour to anywhere that makes you feel good.


This is not such a good period as you will experience sudden upsets of things. But if you bring out the real capability within you, you know that you can handle anything that comes up. Some unexpected gains of money can be expected. If you have done anything immoral, this is when it can be exposed.


Your career is looking great as you take up more time to invest in your relationship. There are many possibilities for you to meet potential partners. You are experiencing a close romantic connection with your spouse and he/she can really feel it this month. Complement each other and enjoy life!


While you are enjoying luck in some matters, obstacles arises that keep you busy. You have so much work to do that you simply have no time. If you are constipating or have a diarrhea, you know that your digestion and health is affected now. Better do something about it.

Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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