2017 August Predictions

2017 August Horoscope Predictions

2017 August Predictions

The new moon occurred on July 23 in Cancer sign, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Pushya at Cancer 06:38. Pushya is a very auspicious nakshatra, resembling that of nourishment of a teacher or mother to a child. Cancer is the sign of home and Mars is almost exactly conjunct the new moon this time. Mars does not do any flavor to home matters, moreover Mars is debilitated in the sign of Cancer.

Unfortunately, the storm from last month is not yet over. Whatever misfortune that you have experienced from the last month, you have carried it back home. This is where the real unhappiness sets in. The storm is almost over and now it is time to dissipate the storm spell and not let it settle down at home. Discordant themes will be spread to family members and around the house. If someone is not doing so well at home, help out willingly the best that you can. Throwing your tempers is not helping at all. If you cannot handle home matters, seek help or advice from external closed ones. Embrace whatever has happened and stay strong for your family needs you.

You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.


Home will be the theme for the Aries. Your mother and children at home can also be affected. Your spouse is staying strong for you to meddle with the changes at home. Seek your spouse’s help and understanding as he/she can be a little stressed out at home. You need to keep your home organized as calmly as possible this month.


Trouble was brewing in the area of siblings. Did you have a misunderstanding with them? Was there any miscommunications resulted from last month? This is the month to clear up the misunderstanding. If there is any disputes with them unresolved, clear it up this month. If they are unapproachable, do it next month. Don’t fight with your spouse or lover this month. They are just stressed out.


You just have to control whatever that comes out of your mouth this month. Temper is your issue. Venus shall come into your 1st house in early August. Your body and mind are aligned and it should be a problem for you. If they aren’t, take a break! Just watch what you are saying.


You are acting up too emotional over your children, family and career this month. Don’t get too worked up over it for they will soon pass. You have a bigger obstacle in front. Your spouse and your own health will be soon be tested. Control your emotions this month. It directly affects your health.


Any unresolved property dealings comes back for a final showdown. Get the paperwork all done and you are all good for it to go. Watch out for foreign trades and dealings this month. If you have doubts, don’t do it. You have money coming to you. Just be extra careful this month.


Your health ain’t great this month. Recuperate yourself and lay low. No hiking or bungee jumping this month. Jupiter is protecting you but don’t take it for granted. You are more accident prone this month.


You might be thinking of pushing up for your career this month. You know what? This isn’t really a good time for your career. Hold your horses. Your work progress will start to pick up in 1-2 months’ time. By then, your career will start to pick up real soon. Before that happens, be patient!


You have been concentrating on your career for a long time. It is a good time to travel but beware of sudden hiccups at home and during your journey. You have a long more chances to travel or teach in the coming year. Be prepared!


You can concentrate on your career with the last boost of Jupiter in your career house but you still have to watch your health. Any chronic disease that comes back is a warning, stop working alright. You have been traveling and working too hard. It is a dangerous month for you. If you can avoid, don’t travel! Titanic will sink this month.


Spouse and business partnership is all out of tune this month for you. They just can’t control their emotions and temper. Watch out for their behaviour. If you can’t pacify them, avoid them. Less contact means less frictions.


Don’t let your emotions affect your health. Your emotions doesn’t just impact your health this month but also your career. I know that career isn’t great but it’s only a part of your life. Whatever health problem that affects you now can stick to you strongly for the next 1-2 years. Don’t neglect yourself.


Any creative pursuits that you have put it on the backburner is up for a review. But don’t rush to carry out this month. Think it over this month. This is a preview of what is going to happen real soon. You will have time.

Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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