2022 January Predictions

2022 January

2022 January Predictions

What have you experienced last month? There is a chance of a recurrence of the event. If you weren’t expecting something big from last month’s eclipse, there is a likelihood that you will this month. Mars has now crossed over the last month’s eclipse and big events can happen in your life starting from the end of December, especially to those who have any planets in Scorpio or close to last month’s eclipse degrees. This event can overshadow the new moon’s effect as Mars together with Ketu in Scorpio is extremely potent with both planets overly strong, and not to mention, they are holding hands together in most of December. The general theme is wildfire in the world. There will be a lot of firefighting.

The firefighters will help to remove some obstacles with the power of the new moon in January. For some, defeat is not an option. While Mars and Ketu continue to burn, the new moon helps to quench the thirst with the help of the water goddess Apas. Help and resources are there. You need to look for it with patience and composure. Start the new year with new resolutions. Hope is the fuel that leads you to victory!

Below are the predictions from 2022 January 2 onwards. For predictions before 2022 January 2, please refer to last month’s predictions. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.



This eclipse places you right in the middle of the wildfire. Be careful of any stray passions. It may lead you into the back alley where the darkness lies. Any previous obsessions can be brought into the light unwillingly. Concentrate on the aftermath as you are not in control. Hope is your best weapon.



Fire in the pit comes from your strong desires. Beware of someone coming back from your past that stirs up your emotions. Channel any obsession to search deep within yourself. What is more important in your life right now and in the coming year?



Relationship is generally great this month. You will have leadership and luck is on your side. You will have victory over your enemies. Your enemies are out in the open but you operate in the dark now. Don’t expose your weaknesses.



You and your mother are having a hard time. Take graceful steps and don’t rush into anything. You will be very intuitive and mentally empowered. Use your wits to navigate any difficult situations. Relationship will be better in the first few months.



The workaholic Leo is having calling from the careerfront. Put your creativity to good use. Stop following others. Be original! People will start to follow you instead.



Life is becoming very mental for you. You have so many good ideas and you will find the concentration that you need to explore on them. Try not to jump right into the next passion that you are keen in. You might start a series of bad habits.



Your speech is blazing red-hot. Try hard to think before you speak because most of the time you will voice out your temper. Start a new learning journey! It will be a pleasant experience. This is the month. Is not now, then when?



You are wearing fire on your sleeves all the while. Be careful of burning yourself out. Direct your life in the right direction and use the energy well. Wealth is great this month and there may be some extras coming in.



You are slowly emerging from the sluggish lifestyle. Any stagnant progress is gradually picking up speed again. Focus on bringing yourself back to the right momentum. Feel it. If it feels right, carry on.



After months of challenges, you are slowly getting used to obstacles. You are immune to tiny obstacles that bother you no more. Time to retract back a little. A slow start this year will path for smoother progress.



This new moon can bring good friends back into your life. Stay in contact with them. They are waiting for your call. You are still unbeatable in the office but money will continue to roll in for you.



Before you announce a sunset life, this is not the month to do it. You are still wanted for some events in the office. For some of you, a retrenchment wave might be coming. If you can’t find a suitable job, be patient! Second half of the year looks more promising.


Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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