2018 August Predictions

2018 August Horoscope Predictions

2018 August Predictions

This August new moon falls on August 11 in the sign of Cancer, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Ashlesha at Cancer 20:34. This is not a normal new moon. Let’s welcome the third solar eclipse of the year in the sign of Cancer. This eclipse is conjunct a retrograding Mercury in the same nakshatra. Opposing the eclipse is a retrograding Mars in it’s powerful Capricorn sign. Whatever that is happening is going to intensify after the eclipse. Cancer is ruled by the moon. Whatever that is coming is going to churn up your emotions. Take it easy tiger.

Ashlesha symbolizes the coiled serpent that entangles and mesmerizing. Ashlesha brings mystical power and spiritual experiences. Some danger can pop up along the way. This is going to be a magnetic month. As the retrograding Mercury is charged up with energies of a retrograding Mars, your mental capability is being tuned inwards and brought into a philosophical mode. When things happen in your life, you begin to think more penetratingly and you no longer think on the surface. Everything that happens to you seems so surface and meaningless until you understand the cause of whatever is happening. Don’t let it fill you with worries or fears. This is normal. What is life without deep thinking? You are just building on your wisdom and getting more intuitive. That’s all.

Please refer to last month predictions for early August. Below are the predictions from August 11 onwards. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.


If you have ideas of leaving the company, you have probably already left it long time ago. If things are not working out for you, it is time to say goodbye. Get a company or boss that can appreciate you. If you have just got married, start decorating your house with beautiful ornaments. If the paint is starting to pale out, repaint all the walls now. Clear out any old trash that you find at home.


Communicate and link up whoever is on your mind for the past few months. Whoever that you are thinking off will pop up. If not, pack the bag and go. Traveling seems inevitable and visiting old friends and acquaintances are highly possible. You can even travel for work. This is a whole year full of work and money. If you are thinking of career or money, this is the year.


How was your lucky year so far? Now money comes pouring in for you and you didn’t even expect it. There might have been obstacles these few months and they are still unresolved. But guess what, you are still here and those hurdles didn’t stop you. Get some time off with your children before you get buried in your work few months later. Yes, you will be very busy few months later.


Your whole life has been shifting for a long time and you continue to see the changes materializing from this month onwards. Communications with your spouse is not working very well and you are thinking if it is all your fault. Things happen and it is nobody’s fault. Don’t make any decision while Mars and Mercury are still retrograding. It is not too late to take any actions in the next 2 months. Your mind will be clearer.


It might be a good time to step behind the scenes and take care of yourself. Don’t always be in the limelight and let others have a chance. Take the backseat and watch how others are doing. Be an observer and notice how others perform. You can take on their weaknesses and build it as your strengths.


You almost have it all. Career, money, health, relationship are all above average this month. If this is not enough for you, even the most desirable thing in your heart is starting to get manifest. Your highest aspirations and dreams are no longer a hallucination. It is being presented to your hands now. Just wait and see.


Your career is getting another boost but you are all confused with your home. Wait for the confusion bubble to burst before you make any decision. If that promotion isn’t yet coming to you, it will. You shall overcome all odds. However, you have to make sacrifices at home.


Are you busy trying to get connected to the masses? Try harder. You have the fortune in the theme of media and internet. Whatever you want to convey, they will get your message. Speak the truth though, and ignore all those haters. There will always be haters everywhere around.


This isn’t such a good month actually. Some things get topsy-turvy and catch you off guard, especially your family members. Start to notice the changes around you because they are here to stay. Try not to control what you cannot control. Surrender and adapt to the changes. Though you cannot change things, you can response to everything that is going to happen to you.


Communications with your spouse needs to be reestablished but you are unable to do so no matter how hard you try. You cannot try to speak and be angry at the same time. If you feel like doing things on an impulse, pause and think first. It might not be the right thing to do so reconsider.


Health and accidents are on the table this month. If you are not careful enough, a small trip can land you in a cast for weeks. You do have to be extra careful than normal. No heavy sports for a while. No football, no skiing, no nothing. Wait for the luck to be in your favour.


Get up and stay behind the doors to work out your passion once more. What is it that you used to do or really wanted to do for a long time but you chucked it away? There’s no fun in living if you lose your passion. What is it exactly that you are really fond of doing or wanting? Get that sorted out before you become a zombie.

Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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