2017 November Predictions

2017 November Horoscope Predictions

2017 November Predictions

The new moon occurred on October 19 falls in Libra sign, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Chitra at Libra 02:29. The new moon is conjuncted Jupiter and Mercury all in the sign of Libra. Chitra is the shining jewel that sparkle radiance through its artistic skills and talents. Creativity of arts and all sorts of design is the keyword here. It is through one’s ability to create that makes one attractive and charismatic. This new moon is at a wider orb to the fixed star Spica but it still lies strategically right at the heart of Chitra nakshatra. Chitra is known as the star of opportunity. Expects all sorts of opportunity to open up for you.

All sorts of creative ideas can lead to new paths that you haven’t explore before. This is also a great time for enjoyments of the arts, music, and dance. Going for a concert can stir up the passion that lies within you, leading to new inspirations to whatever you are seeking. As this new moon is conjunct the benefics Jupiter and Mercury, with a parivartana yoga with Venus and Mars. Great grace and passion is here this month. Make full use of it while it lasts.

You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.


This is a time of relationship for you. There might be bumps along the path. Seek the easier path of understanding and consideration. Be able to understand where your partner is coming from and where they are having difficulty is key. Aid them when they are most vulnerable this month and the relationship shall go a longer way.


This is a time of romance for you. If you haven’t got someone yet, you might jolly well meet the one. There might be other competitors that you don’t know about. But who is to say you are not the one. If the energy of your birth chart resonates better than the rest, no competitors shall beat you to it. Get out there and be yourself. All will be unfold the way it will be.


Romance is high up for you this month. You shall have the grace of Jupiter to bless you in the area of love for a full year. However, try to understand where the partner is coming from. With Saturn about go into the 7th house, there will be strains on the long term relationship. Keep it light for now. Some shall be expecting newborns to join in the family and your spouse shall be affected greatly to take care of this new member. Help him/her out!


Lots of things are going on at home while your life starts to take a whole new turn. Go out and share with someone all your ideas or any grievances that you have. Communicate with your family members also help to smoothen this life changing event for you at home. They will understand and be there for you.


It is a good time to take the whole family for a road trip to the beach. If you are busy earning a living for the family, it is fine. But do keep the communication line open to them. Share with your family what is happening in your life and they will be glad to hear your stories anytime.


It is a month of family time. If they are happy, you are happy. You will not have much time left for the family moving forward. This could be your last chance. Troubles are starting to show up in little adolescent. Check them out for their behaviour is here to stay for a longer time. Don’t let their bad habits settle down.


This month is all about you. You may feel like hiding behind the scenes but people keep pulling you back into the limelight. You can’t escape. Be alone when you feel like it. When you are with others, pay attention to them and mingle around. A balance in between shall keep your peace this month.


All the stress on your life is taking a last shot at you this month. Saturn is gandanta at your Ascendant.  You might be feeling a little in between socializing and having some time for yourself alone. If you really need time alone, take it now and go for a vacation. You have learnt all that is needed from Saturn in your life. Recapped to yourself what has happened in the past 2.5 years and learn from it. You can improve for the better!


What is it that you have always desire up till now? You might be able to fulfill them in this year. The initiation to your dream starts this month, if you are willing to take the first step. Be careful as there will be crashes along the way. The process is more important than the actual results. How you behave during those crashes will be how you behave in any endeavours that you undertake.


While you have to go for a business trip, consider taking your spouse along for a short vacation. Leave the kids at home. Career is important now but your partner is starting to show signs of indifference. Don’t let that become permanent. Business dealings is going good and this is your time to make the mark!


If you need to travel this month, be extra careful. Chances of unexpected incidences and accidents are higher for you this month. It seems like the trip is unexpected and inevitable in some ways. Don’t bring your father or any grandchildren along to faraway places. They are open up to danger.


You are starting to undergo big transformations in your life that your partner starts to show signs of distress. Keep the communications open and seek their help and understanding for this life change is here to stay for a long, long time. It is better that they know earlier.

Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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