2019 March Predictions

2019 March Horoscope Predictions

2019 March Predictions

This March new moon falls on March 6 in the sign of Aquarius, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Purva Bhadrapada at Aquarius 21:40. This new moon will be aspected by Saturn in Sagittarius closely. Mercury is also starting to retrograde in Pisces on March 6 and goes direct on March 29 in Aquarius. Mercury retrograde will be felt more intense for some as it is in its debilitation sign and yet it is going to retrograde. This retrograding Mercury is also aspected by Rahu (North Node of the Moon) and Jupiter. There are lots of confusion around and communications seem to be lost in the middle. There will be miscommunications and misinterpretation and the results will be snowballed as people passed the wrong message around. Ask where the message is coming from first before you take in the information.

Purva Bhadrapada nakshatra symbolizes that of a two-faced man where he knows both the truth and the untruth and he speaks different messages to different people that he meet. It is ruled by the deity Aja Ekapada, the one-footed goat. Purva Bhadrapada is very much related to the storm god Rudra and it is not a gentle nakshatra. It is harsh and there will be storms, but the main focus is to uplift humanity through the purification fire of spirituality. It is ruled by Jupiter. Both Jupiter and Rahu are expanding the weak messages of Mercury. The new moon is also very closely conjunct Neptune in Purva Bhadrapada. Expect any messages that is misconstrued to have an unimaginable impact at the end. Only speak the truth this month so that you are not the cause of the confusion.

Below are the predictions from March 6 onwards. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.


Beware of friends or people in your organizations that are confusing you for they are not showing you the truth. It might not be their fault for they are just carrying out their rules in the organizations. Your friends are also confused themselves thereby relating the untruth but remains as the truth to themselves. You are dreaming about your life wishes but this month you will realize that it is more important than you think. You can only realize your dreams if they don’t disrupt your ongoing life.


Remain truthful to what you can do in your career. Don’t let your career dreams float on top of you but make it happen with realistic plans. You can make plans for the most optimum results but don’t shoot for the stars yet. Don’t take any drastic actions first. Always aim for the next achievable steps. In the future, you will suddenly realize that you have achieved the impossible.


Your father remains a confusion to your life for quite some time now. Is your relationship with him always like this? Think about his basic habits and nature and you will be able to unveil the mystery of this and be able to relate to him much better. Relationship and career takes a backseat this month. Wait until Mercury goes direct on March 29 before you make any decisions at work.


Your spouse is giving you a hard time for the past year and this month is becoming even more difficult. There will be some sudden events that tests your relationship this month. You might direct all your energy on your career suddenly this month but beware that your relationship is going downhill for a while as a sacrifice.


Relationship is getting difficult but you only realize it this month. As you start to pay attention and put in more effort on it, results will show but not immediately. You might be going for a sudden long distance trip that explains the reason why marital life is suffering for a while.


A mysterious disease stricken your body this month and it goes undetected. If your doctor cannot diagnose you, seek a second opinion. If doctors cannot help you, seek holistic practitioners for support. Focus on your health this month because you are suffering from it. Your work gets confused as you are struggling to focus on the real goal in the office. You are confused to pick the project goal or the organization goal.


There are some problems with your children this month. You are unable to relate to them and you don’t know what is going. Your spouse is joining in the party of confusion and gets heated up as he/she tries to fix the situation. A beautiful idea gets a reality check on its practicality and issues starts to emerge with limitations on certain aspects.


Something finally gets triggered at home due to all the confusion for a long time. This is the time to fix it and it will really take effort for you. Even though you still have the strength to carry on, the obstacles prove to be harder than you thought. Stop and think before you act. Any actions are better performed next month after your mind is clear on what to do.


You are physically strained from all those sales calls and media connection with your suppliers and clients. You are unable to deal with all the problems left at home as you just don’t have the time and physical strength to deal with it. Any issues that you had with your children will get prominent this month.


You stumble upon a mysterious side income that you wanted to pursue but think before you act. It might appear too good to be true. It is better to focus on your stable income first. A foreign trade can appear to be unfruitful. You are trying very hard to bring the focus back to yourself from life but family matters remain heavy duty.


As your life inspirations gives you disappointments and you take a real hit from a reality check. You are confused with your life when you cannot make your dreams come true. Focus on your physical body and get some workout. Stop eating non-nutritional food and it will improve your overall outlook. Don’t speak without thinking.


It is better to remain unnoticed as you are unable to react properly. If you are troubling over some stuffs, get into bed and sleep over it. When you wake up, you will know better what to do. Get away from everything and from your career. Get yourself out of the country to take a break first.

Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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