Fiv Liow

University of Vedic Astrology (UVA)


Fiv is a Vedic Astrology Practitioner.

From a time of Saturn stationing on his Natal Neptune and Neptune stationing on his Natal Saturn, he got into the world of astrology. He strives to illumine souls filled with uncertainties and show them their destined path through the use of Vedic Astrology. Within the sphere of destiny lies the zone of activities that one can take to walk the route of divine intent. It would be his pleasure to serve and show the future to the unsettled.



Your mind realizes the knowing that the body knows not.
Your intuition guides you that the 5 senses guide not.
Blessed are you in this realm.
Bliss as you go eternal.

– Fiv

~ May Peace be Lighted up in your Life ~

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