2024 December New Year Special

2024 December New Year Special

2024 December New Year Special


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The interpretation is analyzed very much ahead of time. If there is additional information, they might be added later on without notification.

This is the predictions for 2024 December 30 onwards. It will cover most part of 2025 January. For predictions before 2024 December 30, please refer to last month’s predictions.

There is a calming new moon near the end of the year just before the year 2025 starts. This new moon in Purva Ashada nakshatra (lunar mansion) is a rather active in nature but it is tied to Jupiter and Venus whereby Venus’s activities are currently curbed by Saturn conjunction with it. You can enjoy the new year celebration comfortably. The new moon enjoys its solitude untouched by any planet and makes sure that you have a peaceful new year eve.

Jupiter is still opposing Mercury until January 4. Taurus and Scorpio signs can enjoy amicable correspondence of all sort. Remember to send a warm greeting to your loved ones.

Closer to January 19, Venus will conjunct Saturn exactly at Aquarius 21:54 where relationship is more solidified with long term plans. Open-mindedness tied with future commitment enables relationships of all sorts to go for the long haul.

On January 21, Mars continues to retrograde into Gemini. The harsh retrogradation while it was being debilitated in Cancer is now over, but its retrograding presence in Gemini is not simple as well.

Below are the predictions from 2024 December 30 onwards. It will cover most part of 2025 January. For predictions before 2024 December 30, please refer to last month’s predictions. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.



You will have a much calmer New Year so take the time to enjoy the celebrations with your family. Previous misunderstandings with your siblings may carry on to next year, so try not to make it worse. Your health is already gradually improving by mid-December and you will feel much better from 2005 January 4 onwards.



Relationship with your spouse might be having some communication issues or your spouse might be traveling. He/She might be too emotional. Things might get better at the end of January. You will be concentrating on your career in January but you might not be able to get back into shape immediately. Take it slow in the beginning of the year.



You are not having a good relationship with your spouse. Relationship with him/her seems a little distant these days. Take the chance to know what is going on this new year. All you need is a little chance to communicate to each other. Clear up the air so that you can move forward towards your goals in the new year.



With Mars moving backwards in your Ascendant is really not a good atmosphere overall. The whole of December got you too worked up and you may be angered easily by other people. Try not to be too sensitive as it affects your health adversely as well. Concentrate on improving your health and take things slowly in the coming year.



You wanted to have a fun and peaceful December. You are mostly able to do that except that there is something bothering you and you are unable to sleep well at night. You might overthink and think too deeply than is required. You will feel much better near the end of January.



Your life goals might have been altered from your previous experience. You wondered during this Christmas season what it is that you really want from life. Life altering events have serious impact on one’s life directions. Stay home and feel the comfort from your home. Contemplation gives a clearer picture.



At the start of the new year, you may not be in the best of your moods to start work. You are too emotional or that your boss is too emotional so it’s not a great start. Try not to argue with the boss. The most important thing is to keep your health up and keep your willpower to move forward. Things will turn better at the end of January.



If you are going to travel, make sure that you got our belongings with you. The trip may not be comfortable with Mars retrograding and debilitated at the moment. Your general well-being is still largely protected. Put your family first before you make any trips or major decisions.



The most difficult sign that would experience life would most probably be you. There are uncertainties in life that no one has control over and that is what is bothering you right now. It may have something to do with your children or your children may also suffer together with you. Things may turn out better nearing the end of January. The best strategy is to concentrate on yourself. You can overcome the obstacles only if you are strong.



Your relationship continues to suffer due to overly emotional frictions that you have with your spouse. Speech and actions that are directed at your spouse unreasonably may be the reason that will cause future misunderstandings. It is important that you do not do or say anything that is impulsive in nature. You are advised to lie low and just relax over the start of the new year. Everything will resolve by themselves if you let it.



Your health is deteriorating over the holidays and it stretches into the new year. And you are still catching up with your friends and confidantes over the exciting new year. Let’s not overdo things and work in moderate level. You don’t want to over-exert yourself while your engine is just getting started for the year. Health will improve near the end of January. You have the discipline to see things through.



Your children may be the cause of some of your issues and you may not get along well with them especially over this December holidays. Don’t nitpick on them over everything and give them some freedom. You have a bigger fish to fry right now. Your career is your main concern in the new year.


Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

To find out where your Ascendant sign and Moon sign are in your birth chart in sidereal calendar, please check out our Astrology Reports below.


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