2018 March Predictions

2018 March Horoscope Predictions

2018 March Predictions

After an intense solar eclipse in mid-February, we are still under the heavy impact of the solar eclipse. The solar eclipse energy is here to stay minimally for 6-12 month’s time. The first half of this month, we are still under the effect of the solar eclipse until the next new moon comes to blend in on March 17 in the sign of Pisces, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) Purva Bhadrapada at Pisces 02:46. Purva Bhadrapada is ruled by the deity Aja Ekapada, which is a one-footed goat or a fire dragon. As it is related to the storm god Rudra, it can be a harsh nakshatra. It has the symbol of a 2-faced man in which a person is able to see both the past and the future. Another symbol of it is a sword, in which the individual who knows both the past and future, attempts to cut off attachments from the past in order to proceed. With attained deep philosophical wisdom, there is significant transformation in this nakshatra.

This new moon is conjunct the benefics Venus and Mercury in Pisces and Venus is exalted in Pisces here. Rahu (North Node of the Moon) in Cancer and Mars in Sagittarius are also aspecting this new moon position. Expect a lot of events happening especially in the sign of Pisces after March 17. Generally a lot of Venusian themes can be exploded with passion in the coming new month. Time for some entertainment to the nearest theatre! Take note that Jupiter is stationing on March 9 in the late degrees of Libra. If you have any natal planets at Libra 29 degrees, you are in for a treat this month!

Please refer to last month predictions for early March. Below are the predictions from March 17 onwards. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.


Traveling doesn’t go well this month. Journeys can be delayed and flights can be overbooked. Something is stopping you from getting anywhere. Delay another 2 months if you want to travel. It is time for a retreat to the nearest spa with your partner. Enjoy a lovely time together away from all worldly and homely matters.


There is not a better time for a party. Call up your friends for a gathering over a barbeque. Slight hindrances in relationship will soon pass in a month or 2. Any investments that you have made earlier are showing some real results. Any kind of social gatherings are going to benefit you. Get out there!


Career is all on your mind this month that you have absolutely no time for other things. You might be doing very well in career but have you neglected your spouse? Relationship matters does not bode well this month and it is going and stopping, to and fro. It is simply not progressing. Don’t worry as this is not here to stay. It will improve in a month or 2.


This business trip seems inevitable for you. Everything is pointing that you might have to make this trip. Do watch out for sudden occurrences along the way and beware of where you place your passport, money, and credit cards. Otherwise, you are good to go.


This can be a treacherous month for you. Obstacles are plentiful. Some money due to come to you can come in this month, after much hurdles. If you feel like things are not progressing, it is only a matter of time. Next month, all will be green light again.


Did you meet someone last month? If you did, it is sure to blossom this month. If you are feeling good about this, go ahead and make the connection. Connect up and see where it leads you. More business dealings are coming in this month and you are so busy signing those contracts. Make sure you have the time to fulfill those contract deadlines!


After all the work in the office and at home, you are completely frazzled. This is when you can most easily catch a cold. If you haven’t fall sick yet, go out and get some sunshine. Watch your diet and pump up your muscles to keep the nasty viruses from you this month. You have so much work to accomplish that chances are high for the viruses to win. But don’t worry, you will recover fast. Jupiter stationing on your Ascendant is going to fight off all diseases for you!


Ideas keep coming to you non-stop. Write down all the ideas that pop up in your mind. Once you got that down, analyse which are the real important ones to you. Start cracking on those. These creative engagements that you initiate this month can bear fruit in time to come.


If you have been eating crappy food, this is the month that you have to pay for it. It is payback time. Any remedies that you carry out is going to take time to work itself out. You are unable to recover immediately. So stay home and serve your sentence. It’s a good excuse to stay home for.


Your career is slowing down but you still have to keep those contacts intact. Do some short trips to keep your customers in view of the progress. Be warned that Mercury is going to retrograde soon on March 23. Any communications or traveling, do it before March 23.


You are free from any financial burdens this month. In fact, money keeps pouring in and you can’t stop it. If you are having any business dealings, the profits are coming in steadily now. It doesn’t hurt to invest a little on a family outing. You deserve the little treat!


While career continues to bother you, you are feeling invincible this month. You have the strength to carry on and finish all your work piling up. If you have spare time, it is a wonderful time to have a jog in the stadium. If you can’t work on your career, work on yourself! You will need the extra stamina later on.

Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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