2020 February Predictions

2020 February Horoscope Predictions

2020 February Predictions

The new moon occurred on January 24 in the sign of Capricorn, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) Shravana at Capricorn 10:13. The new moon is conjunct Saturn and Mercury in Capricorn. Even though Ketu (South Node of the Moon) is still conjunct Jupiter, Jupiter and Venus are now hemming in from Sagittarius and Aquarius respectively, blessing the sign Capricorn. Whatever house that Capricorn means to you and whatever natal planets are in your Capricorn sign are going to be blessed this month.

Shravana nakshatra represents the star of learning and an ear that listens to the cosmic vibration in which all creation are manifested and preserved. It is ruled by the deity Vishnu who is the preserver of the universe. It gives you previous knowledge on how to transcend the material world. It is related to Saraswati, the Goddess of learning and brings knowledge, music, and eloquence to all creation. Thus all forms of music, arts, entertainment, and knowledge are greatly enhanced.

After the heavy solar eclipse, Saturn and Mercury conjunction gives the chance for the world to concentrate on its efforts and energy to focus on rebuilding the world. Focus and hard work are required to rebuild on what has been lost and preserve on what is necessary for every individual and the world. Being flanked in by the beautiful Venus and Jupiter on 2 sides of the zodiac, any efforts focused on reconstructing and amending the damage will pay off in time to come.

Mercury starts to retrograde on February 17 so expect communications and travels to go abrupt.

Below are the predictions from January 24 onwards. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.


You are refocusing on your career and any efforts that you make are going to pay off. You will readjust and reinvent yourself in the workplace to show off what you are capable off. You are just talented in whatever work that you do. Traveling is still not recommended for the next few months but at least it is safer than last month.


You are putting all your energies in your new studies. Spiritual studies is calling for your attention to bring balance back into your life. Any teaching position will be made available for you for the next 2 years. You might start to plan your business trips. You start to make plans for journeys overseas as this is on your cards for at least the next 2 years. You will be traveling a lot.


Things are not looking good for the next 2 years but will be better at the end of the tunnel. Great fortune shall be yours once you transform yourself after the next 2 years. You are refocusing on your life to adjust and slowly adapt to the new changes. The troubles with your spouse have eased off a lot as compared to last month. This is the month to reconnect with your spouse on a whole new level.


You are considering the relationship that you have built up with your spouse. How long is it going to last if you are not going to pay attention to it. This month, you have all the concentration that you need to bring the relationship to a higher level that can last through a more enduring phase into the future. As compared to all the sudden life disruptions from last month, this month is a lot more stable.


After all the hindrances on your relationship with your children, you have depleted all your life energy. The body stops listening to you and your body system is slowly breaking down. How well you have treated your health and your body will start to show up now. If you have been eating junk food and soda, this is the start of the era where you have to start listening to your body because problems are showing. Watch your health and nutrition.


You have been very busy with your home last month and your career has been keeping you up as well. Are you thinking about having babies? Is it time to make a family plan of having a baby? Opportunity for creating a new member of the family is coming up on your mind. If this has been on your mind, make time for the new member.


You are forced to concentrate more on your home for the next 2 years. Buying a new house or repainting the entire home is on your mind. Is it time to buy a car to avoid the crowds in the peak hours? You have real luck in real estate now and you will profit from it at least after 2 years later.


You begin to concentrate on writing down all your thoughts and ideas. You are a good writer this month as you can sit down and focus for a really long time. Internet and media connections are all made available for you. If you have any dreams of carrying out your hobby as an occupation, this is the time. Your thoughts get concretized slowly once you put your mind into it.


You are starting a new family and you are really serious about it. New sources of income or pay increments are available to you even though the world may be in a chaotic phase. Your job is secure once you put your mind onto it. After all that has happened to you last month, you are focusing on reinventing yourself with optimism. You have the power to change your world.


After all the isolation and reflection on your life, you are ready to take on the world again. From time to time you might go back into your recuperation mode, but you slowly get the focus back into your entire life. Wisdom comes to you and you know exactly how to change your life. The changes will be very slow so be patient.


After all the socializing in the organization, you being feeling worn out and slowly slips out of the world. You can still engage in your friends especially those that you have met some time ago and you want to get reconnected. However, you are starting to feel tired of all the engagements and get disinterested in them. Escape from all the responsibilities that you have from time to time will help to restore your life back into balance. Going for a musical play, make a sightseeing trip will all do you well.


You were so busy with your career for a long time but now you can have more time to yourself and your friends. Make time out now for your home, family and friends. You will be more lively and cheerful hanging around with them. Career can have occasion bumps that affect your life and mood. You know you have the energy and the strategy on how to tackle them, so don’t worry.

Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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