2020 November Predictions

2020 November Horoscope Predictions

2020 November Predictions

The new moon occurs on November 14 in the sign of Libra, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Vishakha at Libra 29:08. The new moon is conjunct Mercury, aspected by Mars in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn. There are quite some changes in this month. Mercury goes direct in Libra on November 4, Mars goes direct in Pisces on November 14, and Jupiter reenters Capricorn on November 20 being debilitated but conjunct a powerful Saturn again. There is a parivartana yoga between Mercury in Libra and a weak Venus in Virgo.

Vishakha nakshatra is the goal-oriented nakshatra that get things done. It symbolizes a triumphal archway of success that will come with the passage of time. The ruling deity is Indra, the god of transformation and Agni, the god of fire. Success will not be granted immediately but will come with determination and effort. Decisive and unwavering determination is the strength for great achievement here. Whatever that is desired can be achieved if you stay on the course with the goal in mind and heading straight towards it regardless of the hindrances.

There are desire for a more balance way of life approach to things and this is the month. Delays and aggressive parties are pushing for the other way going against it. There are also some passion and actions to push the goal forward for a more peaceful approach in handling things. Treaties and agreements will be signed off to begin a pact for an alliance. But it is not a smooth path at the beginning.

Below are the predictions from November 14 onwards. For predictions before November 14, please refer to last month predictions. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.


There are some obstructions in your relationship and you have to take a look into resolving the differences and issues between you and your spouse or lover. Breaking down the wall in between is paramount for a more satisfying relationship but this is where the struggles come in due to some difficulties and isolation. Open up the communications to see what is needed to be changed for the better.


In the midst of the passion of love, there are some obstructions in relationships. You need to pay attention to the obstacles and be aware of it. The difficulties will be here for a while. The approach that you have towards your family, your ability to earn wealth, and your communications can face the same issue so you need to know where the core of the issues is. Pay more attention to the way that you think and your health.


This is the last chance to strengthen any relationship that you have with your spouse and business partnerships. There are sparks and romance going on so that will peak this month before it will gradually wear off as you have another agenda in mind. You also have a final push in career after some delays in the previous months.


Are you having some changes at home due to your spouse and kids demands? Adjust it according to their needs as much as to your likings. You are into beautifying your home for a positive atmosphere for the entire family and this is the time to get it done. Whatever they have been nagging at you, you can surprise them with a complete reversal.


To proceed further with your career, you will need to take some short trips to convince some clients or do some marketing about your company or services. You are doing a good job in communicating your needs but you know that you can never satisfying everyone. Whoever is against you will have to stand aside because you know you have done well.


If you are expecting a new way of earning a living, this is the start of a new financial journey. If you need to do refinancing for your mortgages, insurance and stock items, relook into how they are adding up to your overall portfolio. Anything that is not profiting, you might want to make some adjustments.


Go for a facial or haircut. Anything that will give you a new outlook is very positive outwardly to others. There will be many things which will come up that you didn’t know about. Adjust yourself so that you know you are always prepared for such unexpected occurrences. You have the power to make the change now before changes have power over you.


Escape into the unknown realm. Note down your dreams as you are hitting some déjà vu now. Whatever that comes up in your dreams have the power to relate very much to you if you just notice it. Your subconscious mind is very heightened right now. Go for a movie or a trip abroad. There are new insights to be awakened.


Life has been treating you well for quite some time and this is the last blessing of it before your good luck is exhausted. While you are still receiving benefits, reach out to your community circles and blend in with the group. Let them feel the glory that is still glowing in your face after what you have been through. You will have a great time. Any creative efforts will grow monetary values.


Your career is having a real big booster now but not everything is sweet. While you still have the go ahead, push all you can. You always have a head to push things in a balance way in the company that even the enemies can be infatuated by you. While there is lesser resistance, push your ideas through your way.


It is good to go for a journey way off the board as far as you can get away. You are not having fun in your career and you are having some shorts in your financial areas now. It is a good month to get out of the country. You might even have to go anyway for any business trips that will keep you away from the office. Some hidden enemies might send you off so they do not have to see your face.


This is not a favourable month. Even if money is to come upon you, it did not come from a good cause. Watch out for any changes going on in your life. Be mentally prepared that there will be some things that you have to deal with and obstruct your daily activities. It might not be pleasant to have extra work to do but at least you are mentally prepared for it.

Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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