2020 May Predictions

2020 May Horoscope Predictions

2020 May Predictions

The new moon occurred on April 22 in the sign of Aries, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) Ashwini at Aries 9:15. The new moon is conjunct Uranus in the same nakshatra, aspected by Mars and Ketu (South Node of the Moon). There is a stellium of planets in Capricorn consisting of Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto as Jupiter has just crossed over to Capricorn sign, it’s debilitated sign. Jupiter is not going to do well in the next year but it will be overruled and uplifted by the powerful Saturn. Venus is strong in Taurus while Mercury is just coming out of it’s debilitated sign of Pisces. This is a month full of events to revisit as 3 planets will be starting to retrograde. Saturn will retrograde on May 11, Venus will retrograde on May 13, and Jupiter will retrograde on May 15. Even Pluto has just started to retrograde from end of April. If you have any big decision to make, put it on hold and review first.

Ashwini is a new start of a journey. It is ruled by the deity Ashwini Kumars where there is an awakening of consciousness. It symbolizes a horse’s head and gives it its headstrong character. It is like a new child exploring life for the very first time. Being known as the “physicians of the gods”, deep healing can be expected. With the new moon conjunct Uranus and aspected by Mars and Ketu, there is a new awakening of consciousness globally. With the dispositor Mars with the stellium of planets and aspecting the new moon itself, there is much transformation to be done worldwide. It may not be pleasant as even the great benefactor is debilitated. Traveling is not advised at this time especially if you have any natal planets in the sign of Aries.

Below are the predictions from April 22 onwards. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.


Career is still going to be the main theme in your life. Be sure that a lot of events will continue to unfold at work. When you cannot handle the work allocated to you or you have met stumbling blocks, be sure not to blow your top or be too worked out about it. You have the tendency to do that this month. After May 5 when Mars leaves Capricorn, start to revisit any loose ends at work.


Traveling is not advisable for now. If you really have to go for the trip, at least don’t go in the first week of May where Mars is still hovering it’s aspect to your 12th house of hospital. Self-reflection does earn you some points this month where you can relax and get laid back a little more than normal.


There might be a new idea or opportunity but whether it is sustainable or not is questionable. There are big radical changes regarding your career, your business, and your spouse. The changes are huge and they are here to stay. You are starting to feel the shift now and this is just the beginning. You are just getting a taste of it.


There is a new project at work and you are to handle the bundle of work. Work will not be smooth for the first week. Your jumpy feeling regarding your spouse is starting to ease off but you don’t feel that right at the start.


You might want to travel now but it is not exactly safe to travel. Wait till next month is you can delay it. If you want to do some distance learning, that is workable provided that you put in the effort. Career is smooth sailing and you are gaining on it.


While you having been putting all your energy in your career, something crops up this month and draws you away from it. Not just from your career but from your life. This is only temporarily. Don’t let it vex you.


Your spouse is urging you to deal with the stuff happening at home. It will get smoother but not quite yet. After the first week, it will get easier. Your home is undergoing big changes. Watch out for your mother. If you notice something wrong with her, approach it appropriately at the first minute. Put yourself at ease that at least you are doing something about it.


You are a little accident prone this month. Be careful in doing little things wherever you are. Most importantly, don’t rush. Most of your accidents are self-created because you are rushing things. You might want to do some traveling but don’t travel in the first week of May.


An idea strikes you and if you are serious about it, write it down. It might just come in handy in the future. You are very busy keeping up with your family and kids, your home and your spouse. That’s where all your energy are being spent this month.


Whether you like it or not, your whole life is going to change. It will change for the better and it starts from the home this month. It doesn’t change immediately and if there is anything you are not happy about it, see what comes up in your life first. Don’t make drastic changes yet.


You are starting to retreat back from mundane life and go deep into your real life within you. Communicate with people with similar purposes so you have someone going along the same path to share. If you are doing import and export work, there will be new sales this month.


There is a new way of earning an income and you are just starting to become aware of it. Take the chance for it only just opens up. If you have new aspirations to achieve, this is the time to start writing down the steps and resolutions to achieve it.

Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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