2020 October Predictions

2020 October Horoscope Predictions

2020 October Predictions

The new moon occurs on October 16 in the sign of Virgo, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Chitra at Virgo 29:44. The new moon is opposed by a retrograding Mars in Pisces and Rahu (North Node of the Moon) in Taurus. Mercury goes retrograde in Libra on October 14.

Chitra nakshatra symbolizes the shining jewel that gives excellent creative and artistic talents. With the blessing of the deity Tvashtar as the celestial architect, all sorts of creative pursuits come easy at hand especially when it is near the fixed star Spica which this new moon is very close to. Being the master of maya with the ability to create, music, dance, and all forms of creative design is bestowed with the abstract power to create.

Great creativity is discovered and exploited this month with a slight taste in healing. Any creative plans will be in mind and the blueprint begin to flourish abstractly. However it is not a good time to start initiating any plans as it’s related planets Mars and Mercury are both retrograding. But the idea is exploding by the strong aspect of Rahu. This is a time of forming up the finalizing the idea and not pushing ahead any unplanned abstract idea. You can expect great ideas as the fixed star Spica is extremely close by. You can expect cells of artistry to be awakened for the creation of something that will be deeply appreciated.

Below are the predictions from October 16 onwards. For predictions before October 16, please refer to last month predictions. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.


You can suddenly catch a cold or something but it is only temporary. It can get you down a month but you will be fine by next month. You do have to get more rest than normal in order to recover faster for it is a time of recuperation for you. You are not meant to go all out bumping into things for you are more susceptible to diseases and accidents.


It is a time for you to go into the abstract mode. Any tiny ideas that you have, put that down in words for they can come in handy later on when you connect all the dots together into a blueprint. You are in for a deep research and probing mentality that can produce great fruits later on. You will meet up with someone from the past. It can be an old friend or an old flame, but there is something that requires you to connect up with old time’s sake.


While you are taking a break to relook into the issues happening in your career, something is poking you to beautify the house. A new wallpaper, new curtains, or attractive ornaments are going to help a lot. It is a house theme and you are talented in reorganizing everything at home this month. If you are getting bored with your home, reshuffle things around to get a new look!


The way that you communicate to anyone is going to attract attention. The topics are not the main focus but it is the way that you communicate that will make a difference. Any hobbies that you like are going to be constructive. Pick up that tea ceremony, model building, or gardening skills that you have again. You will see self-development on a deeper level.


You have a new way to approach the way to create your wealth. Any speech that you make are going to attract people and may even give you new leads to open up more paths to create new sales. People are going to be attracted by your great charisma packed with the power of your speech. Make it a group effort to create something together with your family, something that you will all remember down the road.


There is something that you have to change about yourself but you aren’t quite sure what it is yet. You know changes are coming but don’t make it hasty. Put your mind together and make subtle changes. You can proceed next month for anything bigger. Communications with your spouse is not smooth and you need to keep calm and ease off your anger. Anger will shut off the communications. Keeping calm will help to keep the communications channel open up.


You might want to lie low for a while for you are having some troubles with your relationship. There will be some temporary obstacles but they do not stay. Make sure you don’t cross the line because it will get a lot better 2 months later. Bury head down and recharge your energy before you proceed with life again. This is not a month to be headstrong. Rework is the key.


You are retracting back some of your mistakes in your planning. Go back and think about what it is that you need to do. Think about the big picture first before proceeding into the details. Things will get resolved by itself week by week but you make the right moves. Repatching the work is the key now. You are not really communicating well with your children. Things will ease off 2 months later.


Any new concept at work? It might just work because you just got the talent this month. If you bring forward the new concept, you will be recognized in your organization or by your clients. This new concept is a new start of a much satisfying career than you think. It is nowhere near where you want it but you will see the results in months to come.


Do you feel like going back to school? If you have lost your job for the past year, it is not such a bad idea. You might be meant to do something else than what you were doing anyway. Get back to school and pick up something that have always interests you more. Do some traveling to where you always wanted to go and you will open up your mind to accept a new career path. It is never too late.


Charisma is going to get you more money, more leads, and more suitors. Don’t be afraid to show off your talents. You know that career isn’t really what you are really interested in anyway so get changed! This is the start of something new but you need to transform yourself first to be able to receive the new vibration.


You are going to meet that someone aren’t you? It can start off from here. If you have a stable relationship, it is going to blossom but this is the seedling period of a more stable relationship. Anyone that you take appropriate action this month can lead to a satisfying relationship.

Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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