2024 July Predictions

2024 July

2024 July Predictions


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The interpretation is analyzed very much ahead of time. If there is additional information, they might be added later on without notification.

This is the predictions for 2024 July 5 onwards. For predictions before 2024 July 5, please refer to last month’s predictions.

The new moon in one of the most auspicious nakshatras (lunar mansions) Punarvasu is giving you a second chance to accomplish a task. This is accompanied by the benefic Venus at the same time. It could be a task that you may have failed in a previous time or maybe failed in multiple attempts. This is another chance to take up the challenge once again, but on a stronger standing. You are empowered like Legolas, an archer with unlimited arrows. So, direct all your energy and reach the goal one more time. Who in the world reach a goal at the very first time anyway? You are not the only one. There is the blessing of Venus that any obstacles do not get too hard to overcome. So go ahead and advance.

Frustration sets in high on the new moon when Saturn aspects Mars exactly at Aries 25:11 degrees. They will both aspect Scorpio 25:11 exactly, whereby Rahu and Jupiter are also glancing at that place. There are moments that you feel the spurts of energies that you put out there gets delayed again and again. Perhaps there is something that you have to consider first before rushing to a decision.

Few days later on July 9, Jupiter and Rahu will aspect Scorpio 15:54 exactly. Something is tremendously manifested at this point. A natal planet near this point and what it represents in your chart will inflate immensely. Any natal planet between Scorpio 10-30 will have different range of impacts. It could also be the reason why a resolution at the latter half of the month will be much viable than at the start of the month.

Near to days around July 8, Jupiter in Taurus will trine Ketu in Virgo exactly. There may be something big happening to you if you have any natal planets in the earthly signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn especially at the degrees of 15:54. There can be particularly changes or improvements in the areas of finances, family, work area and health, as well as career. A previous issue may pop up for you to resolve and you will find the solution with ease. The first half of the month will be tougher.

Around July 15, Mars will conjunct Uranus exactly at Taurus 2:07 which is exactly on the fixed star Algol. However, Jupiter is in Taurus too at a wider range. With such fiery force empowered, there can be some misfortunes happening. There are surely some disasters occurring in the world. Someone’s head gonna roll. For each individual life, if you have a natal planet really near then you have to take care of yourself near mid-July. It has to be at least 1-2 degrees near this degree to have a real impact. Jupiter is giving some assistance that a solution is available nearer to the end of the month.

Below are the predictions from 2024 July 5 onwards. For predictions before 2024 July 5, please refer to last month’s predictions. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.



You are the forerunner of the entire zodiac and you are the doer. You have many plans that you want to execute. You may be too impulsive to carry out a certain task at the start of the month. Maybe on second thought, it might not be the wisest solution. Get a second opinion? Your lower mind is gracefully developed to find the best possible solution that is not destructive. There may be some chaos occurring, but there is always a second chance. You may not be able to sleep well for the first half of the month.



Take care of your spouse as he/she may be feeling isolated for a short while and you may need to show your presence more than normal. Your relationship is still growing strongly which may be the main theme this year. There is a way to increase your income this month, maybe from a new job or sideline. You may be forming up a new family. Your life goals are getting changed and you may have higher priority for some new ones now.



A friend perhaps a male friend might appear to help you but are you willing to have the faith that he can actually help? Your career may get either way. It’s may either make it or break it. You may have found a new job opportunity somewhere or abroad. You may have new work opportunities, but your health will be under pressure for a while. You need to know what is really important in your life and try to have a work life balance.



You might just be running out of luck and your career is not getting too much boost. The more you push for it, the pushback that you are receiving. Maybe you should proceed with your plans at the latter half of the month. Any scandals can destroy your reputation and you may have to be forced to get out of the embarrassing scene. You might want to consider using contraception if you do not have any plans for kids. Your children might have a solution for the issues that you have.



Your father might be having some issues with you. Know that he is as affected by the planets as you, so just avoid aggravating any possible frictions. Traveling plans might be delayed by certain reasons. You may have to relook at some of the priorities of your life and add in a new house move as the topmost item.



This is one of the worse months among the rest. If you have any issues with your siblings, this month may be the trigger to faceoff. But it is more than likely that your siblings are having serious issues with their life particularly at the start of the month. They will seriously need your help. Relationship is getting better now. Your main focus is your career now so you have to manage other unforeseen circumstances when they unfold.



You have to take care of your health. There might be some mysterious symptoms occurring but they might not be an illness itself. There is a tango dance of romance, children, creativity works, relationship, marriage, business, and perhaps some combinations of related subjects. There are some good news and you have a lot of passion to pursue it. You may have to travel under unexpected circumstances. There may be a new income coming in from a business.



You could be mentally exhausted and confused for a while and your health is taking a toll. It may take some time for you to be logically sensible to relieve the stress. Your relationship is undergoing a very passionate period. Your overall life is having an outburst of a lifetime and too many events are happening at the same time this month. Your attention is being spread out and you need to stay resilient.



Something’s brooding at home is requiring your attention and it possibly have something to do with your children. There can be tensions with your children so take it easy on them. You are experiencing a quite passionate time with your lover. Relationship is the main theme for a while, but you may feel a little isolated at times.



Your energy continues to be depleted this month as you meddle with the mess at home. Relationship with your mother may be at its worst so you may want to avoid frictions with her at the start of the month. There is a lot of work you have to work through with but you are adept in handling that in graceful ways. There might be lots of gains and gatherings coming your way.



As you earn more money, you also tend to spend more now. Your energy level may feel a little erratic so balance your actions well. No over-exertion on any strenuous activities and no excess of any type of hobbies. You need the energy to direct where your career is moving towards. It is your career that is the main focus now and your reputation is expanding exponentially.



Your life is in danger! Nah. There are just some obstacles that obstructs your everyday life. Just avoid pushing your luck in the first week of the month. The obstacles will become much smaller chunks after that. Your home is where you feel most cozy and secured and you will recuperate very well there. You may have a lot of traveling to do and you actually may feel rather lucky some times.


Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

To find out where your Ascendant sign and Moon sign are in your birth chart in sidereal calendar, please check out our Astrology Reports below.


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