2023 October Predictions

2023 October

2023 October Predictions

This is the early release of predictions for each individual horoscope sign. 2023 is going to be a great year of manifestation. It will not happen again soon. To find out why, go to below link.

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This is the predictions for 2023 October 14 onwards. For predictions before 2023 October 14, please refer to last month’s predictions.

The master of architectural arts is back and there are many opportunities coming to all in this up and coming eclipse in Chitra nakshatra (lunar mansion). Once in a while, we may have an eclipse that falls in a different sign from the moon nodes Rahu and Ketu. This is one of those times and may make things more complicated than it seems. It is all happening in Virgo sign with an extraordinary Mercury on its side. It is still infused with Ketu’s (South node of the moon) energy as Ketu is also in Chitra in Libra. It’s easing the complications of an eclipse to a more positive one.

There is something very ingenious and artistic being formed up. What it is depends on your actual zodiac sign. When the master of maya is here, anything can be created into physical form, if you let it. There can be plenty of opportunities opening to some. Opportunities in getting a new career, a new partner, a new project, a new baby, etc. We are talking about the star of opportunity here. While the eclipse is not happening exactly on fixed star Spica, it is still rather close to it with a strong Mercury. In fact, Ketu is exactly on Spica now. This eclipse will retain quite a big portion of the fortunate and artistic nature of the star, bringing blessings to many people. The eloquent, philosophical, successful, artistic opportunities are spreading to many people over a year’s time. All these opportunities are seeds sown from the past, and you are reaping it now. How does a year of opportunities sound to you?

Below are the predictions from 2023 October 14 onwards. For predictions before 2023 October 14, please refer to last month’s predictions. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.



You are reminded throughout the year to manage your time well. It will benefit you to corresponds your work and daily routine with health and wellness of what your body needs. Whether you will enjoy a good physical well-being depends on you. You will develop a talent for balancing between work and life.



Are you welcoming a newborn into your family? Health might be an issue, but it will not be for long. You are deploying all your unusual ways of helping and servicing, and it is serving you and the helped very well. There is a romantic avenue that you will tread on. Your intellect is being well-served to your work area.



You might change residence soon if you have finished the home renovation. This is a good chance for you to redecorate your house for the next few months before you actually moved into it. If you notice something that is not well-done by the last contractor, you should seek the contractor to have a talk to finish up the job properly.



You have a talent in drawing in your crowd by sending brilliant messages. You have the ability to know what your audience want and you give them exactly what they want. Your messages are a jewel to those who seek your knowledge. There is a strong interest in getting new knowledge to quench your curiosity. You can hit higher sales target.



You are very adept in finding new sources of income now. There are many opportunities to create new income, new sidelines, negotiating for pay increment throughout the year. Acquiring new set of skills and using your business skills extensively will increase your finances and profit.



Despite the new set of challenges being placed upon you, your career can move a step higher by next year. You have a talent in presenting your skills, your adaptability, and you are able to apply them to your job successfully. People sees your talent and your jovial personality despite the life challenges that you are facing.



You have the chance to travel to a faraway land. It can be a jolly trip if you plan it well. Long distance trips redirect your life resolutions. You may be given a chance to reconnect with your past. Hidden desires lodged in the subconscious may be brought to the surface. Notice what you are dreaming about now as they process values behind your thoughts and activities.



You have a new set of life aspirations now. If not, you will find new ones soon. Moving towards those new goals bring new meanings to your life. Some of your goals may be realized in foreign land or bring forth materialization from your dreams. You may be interacting with more people, more foreigners, or even some past friends. Some of them has the ability to debut you into the world.



You are becoming a workaholic now and everyone can see the effort you are putting in. This is a year of career rise even if it is temporary. Some of you are going to strike out on your own so this is just a stepping stone to the next step. Make it worthwhile that you are going to put in all your effort to gain the experience and knowledge that you need.



A whole year of luck is waiting for you to prosper in. There is something that you are passionately interested in which will bring in new fortune for you. You need to feel more liberal in order to pursue your long-time desire. A new way of living takes some talent and courage to explore.



You are in a deep unseen dimension and you need to find out what you are passionate about as your whole mind is dwelling in something that you deeply desire. Since your relationship area is extremely highlighted now, you may be experiencing strong carnal pleasures that you cannot resist. You are also much more intuitive than normal times.



You may be starting a new business or at least some new form of sidelines. If you are starting a new business while you are being employed somewhere, you need to strike a balance between the two. You may be overworking yourself. Spreading yourself too thin will raise health issues in the coming year.


Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

To find out where your Ascendant sign and Moon sign are in your birth chart in sidereal calendar, please check out our Astrology Reports below.


For a consultation with us, please check out our Astrology Services below.



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