2022 July Predictions

2022 July

2022 July Predictions

This is a forceful period where Mar joins up with Rahu critically in Aries. The new moon will be connected up with Rahu and Mars closely. They are restricted by a strong Saturn at the exact degree but also partially made beneficial by the hemming of all the great benefics with both Jupiter and Venus extremely powerful.

This calls for a new initiation. Certain areas of your life will be staged for a new beginning. This new beginning will be very upbeat and forceful, but also immodest. Trust your logic and not your emotions. Emotions will be high and anger may develop due to the presence of great obstacles. You will be extremely impatient. Wait for the right moment to strike. There will be delays in your progress. Actions may not result in immediate response. Work your way through merrily. This is action time!

Below are the predictions from 2022 June 28 onwards. For predictions before June 28, please refer to last month’s predictions. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.



Aries means action and so here it is, with a bang! Brashness is what you have to guard again. You will get many things done this month. You will feel so zestful that it is almost always overwhelming. You still have to plan before you act. Don’t try to tread on thin ice.



This is a makeover month for you so plan something nice for yourself and only yourself. What money can do for you should be spent on yourself. You can afford to splurge a little but do not spend everything away. There is an urge to make painful expenses.



This is a fabulous month where you will be the most popular among all. When you are popular, there is no time for yourself. Take it slow. Everyone will look up to you anyway. There will be some sort of rewards or achievements or something that you desire may manifest.



The emotional and sensitive Cancerians will remain advantageous if you take a step back at times. People will see your upfront aggressiveness. They will notice your strong vigour but also your brashness for the better or worse. There may be some scandals or haters that slash back at you. Know that its only temporary.



Your career continues to bloom. What you have started last month may come to fruition now. Any difficulties that you have faced are lessened in burden. Any ups and downs are gracefully mitigated away with your midas touch. This is what you are right now, a four-clover symbol.



Your image to the world may face some fluctuations now due to various unknown reasons. Your generally well-being is fortunately able to withstand all these ebbs and flows. You can also rely on your spouse for any support that you lack. On the other hand, your siblings may not be having a good time.



The world is not only about yourself. You are beginning to take yourself out of the equation to see things in a different view. You can become more selfless now, maybe sacrificing yourself for other things that are important to you. You may also sacrifice yourself for your partner right now. Your partner might be more adamant about certain things but it may work in your favor at the end.



There may be some unexpected detours to your otherwise dominating journey. A small portion of the Scorpios are expecting baby and marriage, and it may all happen at the same time. A sudden new addition to your family may be a little shocking. You have the power to endure the toughest challenge.



Your greatest concern may lie with your relationship as well as your home front. But your greatest asset is not both of these. Your wits is your best friend now. Fiery and sharp as you are, you will be able to see through any mistakes and loopholes. Use it to your advantage!



An annoying mother is probably what you gonna get. All mothers of the universe are the same, but they are just not saints. When your mother rant at you unreasonably this month, don’t argue back. Know that the strong planets are playing the tricks. You have to guard against depression and agitation.



You are poking your head out ready for a winter deer run. Material comforts are aplenty and you feel very secure in your life. When you have the financial power, you are empowered to engage in many different activities. Relook into some of your favourite hobbies.



Gloomy days are almost over and you see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you don’t see it, it is coming soon. Stay true to what is real to your heart. Finances are up but beware of huge expenses.


Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

To find out where your Ascendant sign and Moon sign are in your birth chart in sidereal calendar, please check out our Astrology Reports below.


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