2018 May Predictions

2018 May Horoscope Predictions

2018 May Predictions

This May new moon falls on May 15 in the sign of Taurus, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Krittika at Taurus 00:29. This new moon is only aspected by Ketu (South Node of the Moon) at a wide orb. There isn’t much happening this month. Finally you can have some peace. All the Jupiter and Venus opposition merrymaking are over. The fun times are over. Enjoy this peaceful month and don’t let indifference sets in. Remember those happy moments and be glad that you had it.

Krittika nakshatra is ruled by the deity of Agni, god of fire and transformation. It has the power to burn and cut through difficulty, problems and negativity. It is not a gentle nakshatra. It has the ability to cut to the core and analyse a critical problem. If you miss the surgery date when the new moon fell in Ashwini, this is another chance for booking a surgery appointment. You want to get rid of the health issue once and for all. As the Moon is exalted here, you can expect a general happy mood ambience around you. Indulging in some harmless pleasurable activities wouldn’t hurt you. It will be nourishing and healing instead.

Please refer to last month predictions for early May. Below are the predictions from May 15 onwards. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.


There could be slight disruptions in the family. The main focus is in the workplace. You are all fired up in the workplace after all the frustrations. You can be the in charge in the office this month but don’t get all worked up. You are feeling the heat this month and you can’t control it. People talk in the office and things that you do are remembered. Keep your calm.


Traveling is on the cards this month. You might even have a romance on the trip aboard. The new moon is on your Ascendant this month. Recap what you have accomplished last year. Look at how far you have made it. A spiritual retreat to abandon all worldly matters this month can make your refocus on what to concentrate on in the near future.


You are starting to manifest your visions and you are working full force on it. Your children can even be helping you to discover new ways to expand your horizon. Younger minds have unlimited potential. Why don’t you seek the young and inquisitive ones? Any chronic problem with your health is giving you a hard time this month, especially the fiery pitta related diseases. No stress is allowed.


Your partner is giving you such a hard time! You may think that he/she is just simply incorrigible that you brought the mood back into the office. You can be very annoyed but remember to focus on yourself. If you can control yourself, then it will not affect your mood to work. It might be good to call a friend out for a coffee to unwind yourself.


Even though you try to concentrate on your workplace this month but something is troubling you. Are you starting to make some new enemies in the office? Are you working so hard in the office and feeling not appreciated? You can wonder about it but don’t let it stress you out. Your enemy is strong, avoid them this month.


Something serious is happening to your children while you are about to make a trip. Tend to them first. It is serious. If your children shouts or fights back, you know what this is all about. This is the month where they childishly vent off their anger over their frustrations to anyone. Career is getting an upgrade this month.


This is a dangerous month for your mother. Don’t let her get out of your sight too long. Advise her not to travel or overwork herself. Something is cropping up at home so suddenly that it catches you off guard. Your career is going great but home affairs are not tidy.


Your partner still remember what happened last month and it is still in the back of their mind. Don’t provoke them. There is a communication breakdown between you, your children,you’re your spouse. Even your siblings are kicking up a stress. This is simply a bad month for overall family affairs.


Just when you are recovering, you are thinking about how to get income for the family again. The sickness that you had created some inconveniences for the family. They are getting annoyed. They shouldn’t, but they are. Whatever the problem is, relationship with spouse and children are all well and they can understand where you are coming from.


The fire caught you this month. You can be hot-headed at time but this is one of the times you cannot control your temper. Everything happening around you makes you mad. Your whole life and physical body is taking a hit out of nowhere. Take up few tips on anger management this 2 months.


Your innovative pursuits are getting accepted. It is all starting to come together. Your body, mind, and spirit are all in sync and you are managing your life well. Keep it up. Don’t let any stress get ahead of you. Continue current momentum and you know that you are on the right track.


Start working on your household matters again. You have been neglecting it for a while due to stress and disappointments at work. Starting talking to your family members. Communication is easily opening up for you if you are willing to initiate the conversation. If there is something to be repaired at home, get it done! If you have been thinking about getting a new car or house, this is the month!

Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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