2023 September Predictions

2023 September

2023 September Predictions

This is the early release of predictions for each individual horoscope sign. 2023 is going to be a great year of manifestation. It will not happen again soon. To find out why, go to below link.

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This is the predictions for 2023 September 14 onwards. For predictions before 2023 September 14, please refer to last month’s predictions.

Jupiter has gone retrograde from September 4. Just during this new moon, Mercury goes direct as well on September 15. The new moon with Mercury is being in trine with Jupiter and Rahu at the same time, while opposed by Saturn. Both Mars and Saturn aspect Jupiter and Rahu in Aries now. Very soon on October 1, Venus joins in the fun to get trined by Jupiter and Rahu as well. Uranus also goes retrograde in Aries on August 29, 2 weeks before the new moon. In conclusion, a strong Jupiter, a strong Mercury, a strong Venus, and a strong Uranus all in September. There are a lot of activities happening in Aries as well as Leo where the new moon is. Know what this means? The planets are nudging you, waking you up when September ends.

This is a new moon in Uttara Phalguni. One of the most auspicious nakshatras (lunar mansion) for forging a marriage or union for prosperity. The star of patronage is strongly activated by multiple planets for humanity kindness and compassion. A union is to help a friend in need. This is massive expansion on the meaning of friendship, love, creativity, and prosperity. When it comes down to this expressive month, everyone is a friend. All the benefic planets are waking you up, before you go-go.

Below are the predictions from 2023 September 14 onwards. For predictions before 2023 September 14, please refer to last month’s predictions. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.



Bam! Uranus and Jupiter are bringing you surprises that you never know or expect. What a turn of event and what a blast this September is. This September kicks start innovative vibration within you and you want to bring that energy out to manifest it. You are feeling very ingenious, very romantic, and you have a glowing aura that attracts all that surrounds you.



Your residence may be changing soon. If not, you may be able to find your dream home within this year. If you have just found one, there are a lot of construction work waiting for you to contact your contractor. You feel comfortable and secured this month, and it greatly boosts your confidence in life. You might be beckoned to travel faraway.



You may begin your extensive expansion process now. Businesses need to be expanded, messages need to be conveyed to the customers, new products and services are ready to be launched, and you need to tell all that you know. You have lots of information to share with people. Your information will benefit both your audience and you.



Your magnetic personality is drawing not only attention of those that are important to your career progression, it also increase your worth now in terms of your pay and income. You will be recognized and commensurated by a pay rise or promotion. Businesses face a surplus of profit this month.



Are you awaken yet? You have to get up now. Don’t waste your life away. There’s no way you are in a slump now. If there is anything to turn it around for it, it would have to be from October. Give it everything that you have got in your life because October is going to be even more fabulous than now.



You are one of the rare few with fluctuating fortunes temporarily. This month, you may face some losses rather quite reluctantly. Your career may be placed on the backburner right now possibly because you have something personal to deal with and requires more time. Take a short trip faraway to get away from your problems may give you some relief and solutions may appear when you are calmer. You need some alone time.



You seem to have found what you want in life. Turn back to the earlier part of the year or reminisce 5 years ago, did you make a life resolution or some commitment plan. Something that you wanted is getting fulfilled now. Some kind of life aspiration is coming into fruition. You are getting rewarded and recognized.



Hard work is paid off by public recognition as well as praises by your boss. Your relationship with your boss is more than cordial. But if you want to initiate something in the office, it’s better to start from mid-September onwards to prevent any obstacles from obstructing your way.



There is a stroke of luck in most of your activities. Getting this level of luck is not common and make sure that you do appreciate what you are getting and doing. The world changes and your world must expand together with it. You need new knowledge and a new way of living. You are very open-minded now to learn a new exciting way of life.



Troubles may beset you and this is the month that triggers all the unexpected issues and bring it to the surface. If you ever did anything ugly enough, this is the time karma catches up with you. If you just got hook up in a relationship, it may just get too passionate this month. Your career is changing or may have just changed.



A new relationship is being engaged right now. It may start this month or it may move on to the next level. Getting married is just one of the many possibilities. You can be the leader now and you are in command in terms of the management in the office. You will wield more power for a while and you can gather many supporters.



If you are having some hard times in your workplace, speak out and ask for help. There will be willing supporters coming forward to assist you. Employees and colleagues are more than willing to help you. Work can never be finished and don’t bet everything on finishing your work before going home. Look after yourself before you fall sick.


Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

To find out where your Ascendant sign and Moon sign are in your birth chart in sidereal calendar, please check out our Astrology Reports below.


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