2018 September Predictions

2018 September Horoscope Predictions

2018 September Predictions

This September new moon falls on September 9 in the sign of Leo, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Purva Phalguni at Leo 22:53. Sun stays strong in it’s own regal sign of Leo and it is aspected by a ferocious Mars. Luckily Mars is going ahead again this month starting from August 27. Even Mercury has turned direct on August 19. Things are clearer now and the August fog and fire is slowing clearing up. However Mars is still conjunct Ketu (South Node of the Moon), nothing hasty is going to benefit you. At least you are starting to see further now. After the foggy solar eclipse, things are shifting and you are gradually adjusting to the change. You know what you are supposed to do now. Venus has just joined in Jupiter in the sign of Libra. Peace, Balance, Love, and Harmony are here to stay for the entire month this month. Jupiter and Venus are helping you to balance out the energetic directionless Mars. Let’s see what is unfolding for you for the different Ascendant signs below.

Purva Phalguni nakshatra symbolizes the front legs of a bed or hammock. It represents pleasure, rest, love and relaxation. It is ruled by the deity Bhaga who is the god of good fortune and happiness. It rules over marital happiness and procreation. In this lunar mansion, you can expect love passion and pleasure enjoyment. When your luck raises high up, you appear more charismatic and influential to the general public. Success and victory naturally become yours and you are able to manifest many of your worldly passions and sensual desires. Avoid indulgence of all sorts since this nakshatra gives abundance of pleasures and it becomes harmful when you do not know how to control yourself and when to stop.

It is not a coincidence that this new moon happens in Purva Phalguni just when Jupiter is Conjunct Venus in the sign of Libra. Love is in the air guys. Saturn is stationary direct at Sagittarius 8 degrees. If you have a natal planet near Sagittarius 8 degrees, prepare to get hit!

Please refer to last month predictions for early September. Below are the predictions from September 9 onwards. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.


This is a time of romance and matrimony pleasures. The new moon occurs in your 5th house of romance with Mercury and the benefics Jupiter and Venus stay in your 7th house of relationship. There is lots of passion and infatuation going on which can bear fruit. This occurrence is rare. You might not get this chance again for another 6 or 12 years and that energy might not even be comparable to what is to come now. You know what to do.


Suddenly there are enemies in the office but you being the graceful one, you know exactly how to handle them graciously without a fight. They might even stand on your side at the end by your elegance. Work and career is smooth and you are feeling pretty satisfied with your life now. Be careful with your digestion when life is sweet. Drop those extra sugar when you can resist.


Romance is brewing for you this month as you suddenly feel sparks coming in your life again. For the singles, building the relationship might be a little too quick for you. While the benefics are activating your house of love, Saturn is delaying your house of marriage and relationship. Keep it light and see how it progress. Don’t cancel all your dates. They might just lead you somewhere. Having a baby or designing something from your brilliant mind shows excellent potential. It is going to strain the marriage a little sacrificing more time for your creation.


Business dealings is back on track now and your marriage is showing some improvement. However, the main focus is on your family at home. You should enjoy more profits if you are in business. You will be able to find your dream house easily and home fixtures and repairs are done without hindrances. Bring your mum to the rendezvous place. Ask her where she would like to go. Buy her a gift. She’d love it. You are just happy for no reason.


Focus on yourself and your visions. If you were sick, you are going to feel a lot better this month than before. All your hobbies are going to rejuvenate you to overcome your health issues. Make sure the activities are harmless. Despite any obstacles, you are going to stay strong this month. When you say you are going to get well, you will!


Luck is coming your way in terms of financial gains. The monetary energy is even more emphasized this month. You are glad you made those investments and all those efforts in sales and at work because you made it all possible for this money to come. If money isn’t on the plate, you are going to have a good time with your family and friends. There ain’t no better season to get closer to them.


Even though there might be something troubling you at home, you are all charged up in your spirit this month. Nothing and nobody can bring you down. Friends are here to support you and you have all the help you need. Your body, mind, and soul are completely aligned and you feel like a superhuman.


There is a new expansion in the area of work and you are able to engage it. You have the strength and opportunity that you need but you seem to be enjoying your seclusion rebuilding yourself in isolation. Keep a balance between both and manage your stress, and you will do just fine.


Book a short vacation with your spouse to the nearest island seems to be a good idea. Amidst of all the life fluctuations, you do want to get away for a while. Whatever you have written down in your list of New Year resolutions and you have carried them out, this is the point where it materializes. Good job! With Saturn stationary direct on your Ascendant, your life is moving forward again. Hope you learn a great deal of your life in the previous months.


This ain’t a good month. It is a month of physical and emotional stress. Things are starting to turn better but you don’t see it yet. It will get better in a month or 2. Give it some time and faith. Your area of career is advancing and you are at the top of the cream in the office. Promotion, pay increment, sales increase are all waiting for you.


Be it an enjoyment or spiritual pilgrimage, this is a period of great ease in traveling. Take a long journey to somewhere where you can forget everything behind back home. You are having luck in all monetary matters and this month’s financial fortune is having a second dose of booster. Prosperity and abundance are yours.


This month isn’t really positive for you. There are enemies but you can fight them off. You are feeling sick but your body has the strength to fight off the disease. There are great obstacles coming your way but it’s not as bad as you think. If you missed your flight due to the flight delay, you can claim it off your travel insurance. Life isn’t fair but it’s still good.

Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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