2022 May Predictions

2022 May

2022 May Predictions

There will be an eclipse at the end of April. This is an eclipse that gives some people quite a treat. Remember that the effects of an eclipse would last for a long time so the effects of this month can trigger something in your life for the next 6-12 months or even longer.

As the lunar nodes return back to the original zodiac position Aries, this eclipse involves 4 strong planets with the Sun and Venus exalted, and Saturn and Jupiter with great strength. This is a mundane node Rahu eclipse. Things will trigger with lots of force in the coming months. Not to mention, this eclipse is nicely hemmed in by Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. This eclipse is highly prosperous for many in different areas.

This is an eclipse in Aries sign involving Saturn’s aspect and conjunct Uranus so expect things to happen swiftly but not completely smoothly. The world is reconstructing itself on a new level for the next decade.

On the right flank of the eclipse is the powerful exact conjunction of a strong Jupiter and an exalted Venus in Pisces. The universe is revolving in an equilibrium. It is all about energy and energy cannot stagnant. It must circulate to operate in a healthy manner just the blood in your body. Stagnant energy is clotted blood. It is through giving that we receive. In order to receive, you must first give. This is the motto for this month.

Below are the predictions from 2022 April 30 onwards. For predictions before April 30, please refer to last month’s predictions. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.



You are the main focus of the entire team. There is massive expansion in your life that can drive you nuts if you can’t handle it. This is more so when the eclipse is taking place in your Ascendant. Expect your life to have a major makeover especially if you have planets in your Ascendant.



Seems like you might be away for a little while but not immediately. When the customs are more open up, you might have a chance to travel far. There will be gains of different sorts for you particularly this month and you will gain good acquaintances. Career is going to change massively but it requires a lot of effort. Don’t let it be too daunting for you. Take baby steps!



This is the best year for your career! It is never a boring moment with the Gemini and this is a year full of Geminian moments. Your flexibility, your cleverness, your amicability, your salesmanship are are visible to all who resonate with you. Pull out all the big guns from now if you haven’t. This is your year and this is your month.



There will be great progress in your career this year and it will bring in great income. If you have not clinched any job or business deal, start looking. When the time is right, it will show up. Don’t miss the opportunity. Meanwhile, traveling looks great and brings in new inspiration and luck.



This is a mixed year for you. Your relationship is not looking great this month and your children might be having some difficulties. If you are facing difficulties in your relationship, think about your children. They are the ones suffering. Things may turn better in the next few months.



This year would have been better if not for Saturn and Uranus involvement in the eclipse. There may be sudden incidents that can catch you off guard. It may be swift and sudden that you are totally unprepared. The last thing you want is to remain in shock for a prolonged time. Once a big event happens, remain off the scene for a while to gain back your composure first.



The Librans are another group of people in luck and they have their utmost luck in relationship. If you have been lacking in the area of relationship, be sure something may come up now. Singles, pay attention! You will not have this kind of luck for many years to come. Your relationship is blossoming. It is your health that is a little extreme this month. Cut down on those sugars.



Love is in the air and you can move towards a honeymoon period of your newly-formed romances. For newly married, a young life to join your family is on the cards. You have a lot of inspiration that comes to you at ease and you have a lot of energy to pursue it. Jot down all your ideas and put them to use.



You have a lot of things going on in your mind but this month you just want to relax first. Gather all your thoughts and don’t act on impulse. There are great comforts this month and the last thing you want is stress. This is the month of happiness. Enjoy it while it last.



There may be great changes in your career in the latter part of the year. Before that happens, make sure that your family is taken care of first. Meanwhile, your home ground is calling for your attention. Make necessary changes at home to cater for the future.



There can be great challenges in your life right now and you need to make time for some health and life changes. Finances are looking good but it comes at a price. The rise in your business or payroll could be one of the reasons that you are stressed about.



This is one of the best months of the year for you. You have the miraculous midas touch this month. Life is sweet and you have great ease in everything that you do. You are on the stage now. You may start to negotiate for a better pay in the coming months. You may just get what you want. Be careful of overindulgence though.


Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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