2018 April Predictions

2018 April Horoscope Predictions

2018 April Predictions

This April new moon falls on April 15 in the sign of Aries, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) Ashwini at Aries 01:55. We are back into the start of the zodiac again, in beginning sign Aries in the very first nakshatra Ashwini. This new moon is conjunct Uranus in the same sign and nakshatra. It is also conjunct Venus in Aries and opposed by Jupiter in Libra. Sun is also exalted in this nakshatra. Expect sudden new beginnings in global affairs. New policies and new governmental measures are put into place for execution.

Ashwini nakshatra being the beginning of all nakshatras, signifies a whole new beginning for a new journey to start. It has the symbol of a horse’s head that stands for exploring new lands and building new targets. If you haven’t plan your New Year resolutions yet, it is not too late to start writing them down. Ashwini also has divine healing abilities that can get to the bottom of your disease and rejuvenate you. If you have a chronic disease that goes undiagnosed or planning for a surgery, this is the month to do it. Even Jupiter and Venus are blessing for your recovery. With the Sun and Moon impacted by the benefics, your body and mind shall unite and heal any disease that has been bothering you for some time. It is a time for happy beginnings. You are feeling alive again!

It is not all joy and fun for the Sagittarius. Saturn is going retrograde at Sagittarius 15 degrees this month. For the Sagittarius Ascendant and those with natal planets at Sagittarius 15 degrees, expect setbacks and delays in certain areas of your life.

Please refer to last month predictions for early April. Below are the predictions from April 15 onwards. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.


Hold your travels still. It is still not yet time. Wait for next month. This month is a time for yourself truly. With Venus in your Ascendant and Jupiter in 7th house of spouse, it is an onset of a beautiful relationship. If you are married, your married life is feeling alive again. You feel like you are back in the dating state. For the singles and attached, a sudden spark of romance is up in the air.


For the poor Taurus, this isn’t a really good month for you. All the dushtana houses of 6th, 8th, and 12th houses are fully occupied. Expect lots of obstacles for you in life. You are better off spending time with your friends and socializing with foreigners. If you go abroad, you will enjoy a very good time and you may even meet someone suddenly. You do have to be careful for you can be more accident prone this month.


You can put your career aside now. This is the month of romance for you. For the singles, get out there right now! You may just meet the one in your circle of friends or social parties. Relationship with your spouse isn’t great. No harm trying to revive the spark but put your expectations down a little.


Home is great, career is even better. It is your health that you have to worry about. If your health can pull it off, you can spend more time at work for this is the focus area this month. A project is requiring you to pay more attention to it.


Travels is on the line. Local flight, international flight, voyages, trains, you name it. You have to make the trip. Be sure that you have tend to your children’s needs first before you leave. Don’t live beyond your means. Set aside your travel budget so that you don’t dig a big hole into your savings.


Be careful where your father is walking. If he is feeling sick, bring him for a full checkup. If there is anything wrong with him, it is better to discover it earlier. If he had a fall, you might have to fetch and tend to him. The family might not like the new adjustment. Something crops up at home that you need to tend to as well.


Your partner’s nagging seems to be lesser this month. Something can be bothering them. Find out what it is and talk with them. Their issues cannot be resolved within this month. Get him/her to be positive and everything will work out on its own. Take the chance to unite with him/her again.


The discord with your spouse is finally ending soon. Seek peaceful approach and the results will turn out well. Income drops and hits the household expenses threshold. You are trying hard to get more money for the family but no matter how hard you try, luck isn’t with you. You just have to work hard for it. Avoid dark places where you can’t see. Don’t walk if you can’t see anything. Don’t fall.


You are starting to feel a little better from the crappy flu. It isn’t over yet but you are getting there. It is time to feel alive again. The sick bug is gone and your creative vibes are back. You are thinking of your loved ones while being sick in bed. Spread your love, don’t spread your flu bug! As Saturn is retrograding with Mars in your Ascendant. Everything in your life starts to come to a halt. You want to move ahead but your simply can’t. Things are moving backwards and you start to think about the improvements in your life overall before you can move forward again.


You can throw an indoor picnic. It doesn’t hurt your work since you can handle it anyway. Your partner has been acting up weird lately. Check him/her up at home. Spend more time with him/her and see what’s going on. Your partner can get real emotional at times but this month is a great time to cuddle up. Make it a bed of roses at home.


Get that racket from the storeroom. Work it out at the court. Sweat a little and shave off some pounds if you can. Flower is blossoming in the garden. Your garden needs more work. This is the season to fix up your garden. Pick up that little book that you have bought but have never ever touch it since.


You have to tend to anything unusual happening in your family. They have to be taken care of if you just notice harder. Financial outlook looks great but career is a little disappointing. Tend to your family first. Career can come later.

Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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