2022 November Predictions

2022 November

2022 November Predictions

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November would be entered after an eclipse on October 25 in which Venus is very strong in Libra and tightly conjunct in the eclipse itself. Solar eclipse effects last for at least 12 months on average. This eclipse is hardened by the fact that it is conjunct Ketu (South node of the Moon) and aspected by an extremely strong stationary Saturn. This Saturn is also agitated by an about to station Mars so this Saturn is not exactly friendly. But the degree of agitation is quite far apart so it is not serious either. Ketu and Saturn effects can also indicate something from the past is returning in the Libra sector. Mercury and Jupiter opposition are strong and friendly even though Jupiter is still retrograding, but its retrograde period is going to end.

Uranus is also opposing the eclipse while Venus is intermixed with Rahu tied together in each other’s nakshatras in a 7/7 position, creating an out of the blue vortex of inspirational passion and appreciation. Mars also adds on to the equation by stationing itself on the October 30, days after the eclipse, adding an even more forceful impact.

There may be a fall or change of leaders locally and globally. There can be a move towards independence but it may be done through some sacrifice. There is also the possibility of meeting up an old flame or someone that you know from the past. Many times, the connection may come from a past life too. It can be someone very unusual or foreign or both. But it strongly suggests a serendipity experience that is not quite expected. You are on a collision course by design through a series of intersecting planets. Or perhaps it’s all just an accident. You will never find out why.

There can also be some pride and ego issues that one may be having or fighting against. Not everything is an entitlement. You have to brainwash yourself to let go of your ego or some possession that you have. Once you have tasted the honour of possession, taking it away unwillingly will be very painful. You have to play flexibility as your strength now. Go with the flow.

November 21-23 would be extremely lucky days for many endeavours. Venus would be exactly conjunct Mercury in Scorpio, aspected by a stationing Jupiter and opposed by Mars. Results vary for each individual depending on your zodiac sign and natal planets. If you feel lucky enough, set your heart’s desires to the universe and hopes will be fulfilled. November 11 onwards to December 4 sets an incredibly blessed period where all obstacles are flat as pancakes, especially from November 17-26.

Below are the predictions from 2022 October 25 onwards. For predictions before October 25, please refer to last month’s predictions. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.



You are the main one who may be hooking up with an old flame. The possibilities are endless but it may go both ways depending on your individual birth chart. Take care of any existing stable relationships to avoid misunderstandings. For the singles, a new person may come into your life or a reconciliation with a loved one may appear. The person may be from the past or from a distant past life. A serendipitous love can strike the right chord in your heart. You have the strength and determination to start a new business.



There can be some romantic setup for you. A fortuitous love story may start out of the blue and there is a chance that it has something to do with your workplace, or healing, health and responsibilities. Married ones in the office, stay off the sold merchandise. In addition, you must setup a routine regime for your health. Whenever you notice something different in your body, it may be a signal to change to a healthier life style. Going with the flow and readjusting to the changes seems a wiser option.



Be careful of some events that may tarnish your reputation. Your career may be affected if there is something wrong with your health. There may be some new events beginning regarding to your children or relating to children. Creative works can lead to great gains. There can be a romantic experience with a past friend too. You will be overpowering everyone and feel extremely energetic with Mars that strong in your Ascendant now.



A change of home residence is a possibility. If you having been looking for a buyer for your house, the right buyer may show up anytime now. Any revamp to beautify your home further will bring good fortune for the coming months. A change of residence may be related to or affected by your work.



Your siblings might be having some issues with their life so see if there’s something that you can help with. Your work is under some challenges that may impact your health as well. Keep your immunizations up, exercise and get enough sleep is imperative. There are great chances of learning a new skill or traveling to a new place for exploration. Leos are having the toughest time of all. This is a test of endurance against adversities. You can travel to meet a loved one.



There can be some changes in your income. There are possibilities that you may have a rise in your wealth as well, but mostly it is fluctuating. Your children might cause you some money. You can be mentally constrained with certain expenses. Financials are rather unstable. It can suddenly rise or fall without you actually controlling it much.



You may be seeking some breakthrough or a makeover in your life. The change will not be easy and you have to deal with the restrictions wisely. Meeting someone new will be a possibility but meeting someone foreign may also be on the cards for some. The person may be from the past or from a distant past life. Unconventionally familiar and comfortable, yet it happens in a trice. If you meet with obstacles in certain areas, keep readjusting to the new requirements and go with the flow. You may have to do some traveling.



Be careful if you are traveling to foreign land. Watch your passport and your important documents. There are risks of missing things this month especially when you are traveling. The first 2 weeks of November can be treacherous. Traveling is not recommended if you don’t need to. It is not a great time for your siblings as well. Your new lover comes from a foreign land, or your spouse may have to travel far.



There can be a fulfillment of some wishes but manage your desires and restrain from splurging too much. Some wishes are fulfilled through monetary expenditure. You may be meeting up with some loyal old friends now. It will be a fun mingling experience, and the more so if you are single. It will be a fun sociable experience.



Your career and home are intertwined together. There can be changes in your career that may have an impact to your home environment. Designing a new work environment will improve the physical conditions in which you carry out your job. Take note of your health and you are more accident-prone for a while. Things will be safer for you from November 1 onwards.



You may decide to travel if the conditions allow. Planning for a trip now or at the end of the year will be very rejuvenating. If you do travel, please take care of all your belongings during the entire journey. Finances can be fluctuating. You will enjoy picking up some form of higher education. You are on a travel mode for the entire year.



This is a slight detour of your life but it may not happen immediately. There can be some unexpected events that may catch you off-guard. Finances may be impacted even though health issues may turn up too. Take note as there can be some crisis occurring in your life. Your siblings might be having some troubles in life too. Take care of them.


Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

To find out where your Ascendant sign and Moon sign are in your birth chart in sidereal calendar, please check out our Astrology Reports below.


For a consultation with us, please check out our Astrology Services below.



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