2021 April Predictions

2021 April

2021 April Predictions


The temporary whift of anger and violence is almost over. Last month was the critical Mars and Rahu conjunction that has pushed up the irritation threshold of some. If so, you will need anger management. Reasonable passion is a warrior. Unreasonable anger is a barbarian. You gain or you lose based on what you choose to be. Jupiter has moved on to Aquarius finally.

This is going to be a smoother month with a gentle-flowing new moon in Pisces. The new moon is going to be assisted by all benefics Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, but there are also presence of the hindrances of Saturn and Ketu. Beginnings and endings are going to be commonplace. Before you know it, a new journey is beginning. Think before you speak or write, and all is well.

Below are the predictions from 2021 April 11 onwards. For predictions before 2021 April 11, please refer to last month predictions. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.



Replenish your precious energy this month. While taking on tasks, don’t take everything too seriously. It will have a heavy toll on you. Bury your hatchets and disarm your enemies. Give and you shall receive too. Giving, receiving, and the act of giving and receiving are but one and the same.



You are the fiery one, probably the most ferocious of all. Don’t make punching bags of others. When you show anger, nobody dares to come near. Make new friends and speaks sensible, and you can have much more fruitful days.



You are having career speedbumps for quite some time now. Finally, you can expect some breakthroughs. If you have made the efforts to change for the better previously, results shall come now. The streak of bad luck has bottomed out.



Seek wisdom and you can have profound new insights. Luck is on your side. Maintain the equilibrium in your relationship or marriage by being conscientious and it will go a long way.



Reserve your energy and do not speak without good intentions. Finances are not stable so manage your cashflow wisely. Dark obsessions will leave behind regrets.



Relationship may go either way. If you let things flow on their own course of nature, it will benefit you more. Your spouse might require your help in some ways.



It is easier to fall sick now. If you are not feeling well or have doubts regarding Covid-19 vaccination, leave it to next month to prevent any complications or side effects.



You are quite a visionary and you are able to come up with innovative ideas. Any romances or short flings are fine, but it might not develop into a stable relationship just yet.



You are mentally and emotionally stable and balanced. While you are still feeling very energetic, it is best to stay well-rest and keep your emotional well-being serene. It will help you to be more organized for any upcoming tasks.



Being sharp and perceptive, you need to organize your thoughts properly. Concentrate on 1 task at a time and you will be able to accomplish lots. Many ideas will come, but only the wiser actions will reap benefits.



The shadow cast over you is slowly revealing its veil on you. You were well-rested to take on the world. As you ponder upon your current career standing, it’s a good time to restructure your financial status quo.



There is a gentle signal for you to slow down in everything that you do. Slowly down actually reaps more as you are reaping the fruits of a previous effort. You don’t have to make the round now. Focus back on yourself.


Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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