2018 November Predictions

2018 November Horoscope Predictions

2018 November Predictions

This November new moon falls on November 7 in the sign of Libra, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Vishakha at Libra 21:04. This new moon is not aspected by any other planets. It is conjunct a retrograding Venus, to be going stationary direct on November 16. Love affairs is moving forward again after all the intensity and infatuation. When the new moon occur on November 7, Jupiter in Scorpio is exactly in trine with Rahu (North Node of the Moon) in Cancer at 05:41 degrees. If you have any planets at this degree in the sign of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, you are in for a fortune.

Vishakha nakshatra is about reaching the goal of your desire with determination. The goal is clear and you do not divert your eyes from the goal. Vishakha is the star of purpose, merging with the retrograding Venus in it’s sign of Libra, this month is about revisiting and evaluating a relationship on hand. Once Venus goes direct, it will be clear to you how the relationship will progress from there. If you couldn’t connect well with your spouse during this time, try again after November 17. Love communion will be a lot easier. Whatever goal that you are trying to achieve is also taking a backseat until November 17 passes over.

Please refer to last month predictions for early November. Below are the predictions from November 7 onwards. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.


You are revisiting your relationship with your spouse. You seem to reminiscing your love for the past few weeks. Once Venus goes direct, you will be clear who it is you exactly love. There seems to be miscommunications between you and your business partners but it is beginning to clear up. Get that insurance claim this month, you could be having a sudden stash of cash without expecting.


Finally, this is your chance for fulfilling your desires. If you are thinking of getting married, this is a good year. Jupiter just crosses over to your 7th house of marriage and promises you a grand opportunity. You are feeling strong in career this month, giving you the confidence to achieve anything. Your health might take a blow this month suddenly but it is not serious.


You are a visionary and you still got it in you. From now onwards, it’s all about work and your effort will be paid off financially. If you don’t see any money, it is coming. This is the month you can see beams of rays where money starts clicking. Focus your attention on the goal.


You are starting to wrap up all those renovations and decorations at home. All the fixing and renting are almost done. If you have bought a house or a car last year, you will enjoy the comforts of the home and conveniences for quite a while. A new year of self-expression starts to unfold for you. Any ingenious ideas put to work is going to pay off.


You have enjoyed much in engaging in your hobbies and sharing your ideas with others. Keep it going. From now onwards, you are on a journey on deep soul development. You are here to discover about yourself and this journey starts now. While you are on a soul journey, more time is required at home. An idea of shifting your house or getting a new car is on your mind.


You are keeping your attention focused on your family and income but slowly you are turning your attention to include your friends and siblings as well. More travels and communications can be expected to be ongoing for at least a year. You are poking into the media and start to promote awareness of what you believe in.


While you are reminiscing of your achievements over the past months, your focus slowly shift to your earning income. It has been a career year for you and you are seeing the fruits of your efforts now. If you have been waiting for a promotion or pay increment, expect it to come real soon. You have no short of that.


You have been hiding behind recharging your energy and you are starting to feel younger again. Spend these last month of revitalization. Get into the cinema or theatre for a treat. Treat yourself well. It wasn’t easy for you for a long time. Now life starts to turn sweet. You will have tremendous luck for an entire year now.


How was all the socializing events for the past year? Did you engage in some events and get to know some interesting people. This is the last bit of it as you enjoy all those engagements. You are about to get serious in your life and start to retract back into your hideout. While you are dealing with your life, enjoy the seclusion of your home and find yourself back. Slowly take yourself out of the exciting scene.


While your relationship took a toll for many months, it is starting to show some improvement. As you engage in social events, you are starting to shake off those negative vibes that you had with your spouse. You will start to see an overall improvements in all your relationships. Over the next few months, you will start to dream about your inspirations and put them down into concrete plans.


After all the luck and fortune that you had, life is getting so much better now. You got back your mojo and starts to focus on your career. You have been working really hard on your work and payback starts to come in now. Your career is going to explode in the next few months that you don’t have much time for anything else. You have been too busy working that you have neglected your health. You saw that age is catching up on you. Do something about it.


While you are almost done with all the fluctuations in your life, lady fortune is suddenly smiling on you. There will quite a bit of traveling for the next few months. After many months of life changes, you will slowly stabilize yourself. Take a deep breathe. All that is ending soon now. Nothing stays the same and bad luck doesn’t stay either. Your luck is coming. Smile.

Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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