2022 September Predictions

2022 September

2022 September Predictions

This is the early release of predictions for each individual horoscope sign. 2023 is going to be a great year of manifestation. It will not happen again soon. To find out why, go to below link.

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When both Jupiter and Saturn retrograde, generally don’t go all out when you initiate something. The world is not flowing as smoothly as it can be. The new moon is pushing forward any important agendas by Rahu and strongly by Mars. The pitfalls are hard to avoid, and Venus and Mercury are assisting to mitigate any risk involved. Leadership roles are being questioned by the world and they are under pressure to step up to the occasion. Leaders will be questioned and forced to make decisions. Any big decisions made now are not going to be pleasant and confirmed.

Seek different views and analyse yourself first before making any decisions. Don’t put all your eggs into one basket. Wait and see before you leap. Be rational and wait it out. Decisions that involve big risks are better made from October onwards.

Below are the predictions from 2022 August 27 onwards. For predictions before August 27, please refer to last month’s predictions. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.



Hopefully you have made the right choices and the right actions. Whether or not you have done the right thing, you have the wisdom to analyze it now and judge with your own perspectives. Now is the time to make adjustments on the fly. Changing a job now is not recommended yet.



Expenses are finally going down. If you have just purchased a home, it is good to make some changes at home. Renovations and house moves are on the card. Finances are looking good again so you can afford some luxurious splurges on comforts at home. Relationship with your mother is not that great though.



Spreading words of wisdom is your forte now. Choose your words wisely as it will impact the effects of the message that you want to bring across to your customers, and to the world. Marketing to foreign lands is very influential now.



Finances are looking great and it looks even better than last month. The stands that you made last month may be translated into monetary gains now. There is a general felicity in many aspects of your life and no one can bring you down easily.



You may have become a leader of some sorts. You have to take charge of your own life. Obstacles are everywhere and it is hard to clean up the mess. It is not a pleasant sight. Hang it tight there. You have to walk through a path of thorns before you reach any real resolutions.



This is one of those times when there are just minor hiccups. Everything is looking rosy except for those minor hiccups. Whenever you meet with any obstacles, take a small step back. Retract back a little and everything looks good again.



You have the option to indulge a little but let it be moderate. Seek help when you need it, and there will be supporters forthcoming. Your work progress is excellent when you spend more time behind closed doors.



You may not have strong supporters at work. Remaining competitive is your persistence to your leadership role. Being employed may not be an option for some of you because you have to rise up to the occasion to lead.



You may come out of your shadows now. The wait is over and you may proceed with any changes at home or at work. Any career changes are best executed next month. This month is good to keep a lookout.



This month continues to be a honeymoon period for you with regards to relationship, especially on the first half of the month. It might be a roller coaster ride actually but relationships are such. You have to make yourself vulnerable to fall in love.



If you have started a new relationship last year, this coming period is going to strengthen your relationship. It is not without obstacles though. Your partner is more suited to be taking the initiatives. Take a seat back and let him/her take the lead.



Your series of fortune is never non-ending and this month continues to bring you a rather smooth path. Relationship is sweet. A short-term discomfort in your digestion points to a positive diet change regimen.


Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

To find out where your Ascendant sign and Moon sign are in your birth chart in sidereal calendar, please check out our Astrology Reports below.


For a consultation with us, please check out our Astrology Services below.



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