2017 December Predictions

2017 December Horoscope Predictions

2017 December Predictions

The new moon occurred on November 18 falls in Scorpio sign, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Vishakha at Scorpio 02:13. Vishakha is the star of purpose. Any endeavours that you undertake this month is for the long term. There will be hardships and struggles but victory is awaiting for you if you persevere. Even though you are looking straight at the goal with undivided attention, keep your morals intacts. You can achieve whatever it is that you desire but you have to be patient. Remember that anything that you do in the process of attaining the goal will also come back for you. You shall sow your own seeds here. Great fruits are promised over the long passage of time. Any immoral acts of attaining the goals will also bear tiny negative fruits as well. Let no disappointments affect you negatively. They are only temporary setbacks. Keep your eyes on the target.

You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.


This is a time of relationship for you. There might be bumps along the path. Seek the easier path of understanding and consideration. Be able to understand where your partner is coming from and where they are having difficulty is key. Aid them when they are most vulnerable this month and the relationship shall go a longer way.


Any romance that you had last month might strike to be a long term relationship for you afterall. This new moon occurred in your 7th house. There is a parivartana yoga between your 5th house of true love and 7th house of relationship. You have to work harder from now on. There will be great ease in the work environment but you have to put in your own effort and work harder.


Romance is still going great but even Venus is here to boost it up. Expect sparkles to light up your whole sky now. Thinking of having a baby? This might be the time for making baby plans. Any creative pursuits are going to flourish this month. You might have to stay at home for a few days catching the flu bug but that is all. Gemini are in for a treat!


Home is great this month. Staying home with your loved ones gives you great happiness. Do some writing and thinking, and contemplate over your life. Whatever is on your mind, write it down. Refer to it few months later to see how much you have changed.


Take a step back and enjoy your sweet home. Any career that has to do with communications and writing has extra boost this month. Pen down your thoughts at home and it will serve you at a later date. If you are single, any relationship that you start in the next 2 years are going for some bumpy rides but the potential is there if you want to manifest it.


Family time is great. Income starts pouring in for you. Get a short vacation off with your family. You can enjoy life for a while. Any speech that you give out this month is going to get you even more money and reputation. Virgo is at the top of the zodiac regarding to financial matters. You will have more than enough to spend in this period.


Due to the great sudden improvement in your career line, you are starting to look your best. Any Librans out on the street are the most confident-looking and prettiest among all. Your overall luck is top notch. Jupiter and Venus are right in your Ascendant. You are simply invincible and irresistible. Heaven’s luck is with you this month. Make the most of it.


Any career or business dealings in foreign trading or foreign lands are profitable for you. If you are thinking of migrating to a new place, this is the time. Get connected to yourself and your friends. Long distance travels and foreign settlements is a viable option now.


Your dreams can be realized anytime this month now. Gains are coming in and you can get yourself a great Christmas present. Your life is starting to get streamlined working towards your dreams. You have to relook into your life what is actually necessary and what is not necessary. Don’t scatter your dreams. Pick one at a time.


Your career continues to get you a last booster. Get all your work done before Christmas. You have a great career ahead of you in 2018. What a great year to start with. Start planning for Christmas for it will be a wonderful time for you meeting up with your friends.


You have a slight aberration at work but it is alright. It doesn’t last long. If you are planning for a study back to college, this is a good time. A good trip to anywhere in the world is great for a holiday. This is the holiday season. Plan for a vacation to visit your long distance siblings or friends over the year end season. Any holiday vacation is protected and you will enjoy it.


What is your deep urges back in your mind? Something has been holding you back. Exploit those ideas now especially this month. You have the luck to explore your deepest desire and work towards that. You have been feeling passionate about it but it’s keeping you emotionally unstable putting it in the backburner.

Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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