2024 April Predictions

2024 April

2024 April Predictions


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The interpretation is analyzed very much ahead of time. If there is additional information, they might be added later on without notification.

This is the predictions for 2024 April 8 onwards. For predictions before 2024 April 8, please refer to last month’s predictions.

This coming solar eclipse in Revati starts a new journey for all. The eclipse is accompanied by an exalted Venus and Neptune. It can be a journey exploration, a journey of a new adventure, a journey home, a journey to faraway land, etc. Some traveling connotations will be attached to the events this month and it is mostly a joyous experience. What kind of a new journey are you going to take?

Earlier April might be a little tricky with the ongoing eclipse as well as the Mars and Saturn conjunction. When things are smoothing out, the latter half of April may reveal some truth of the eclipse and things get softening and removing obstacles.

On April 10, Mars and strong Saturn are exactly conjunct at Aquarius 20:29. Mars is also aspecting Ketu in Virgo. There can be a planetary war between the 2 malefics and agreements may not be smooth a week before and after this. Stay away from conflicts and frictions can be avoided.

On April 18, Mercury and exalted Venus are exactly conjunct with Rahu and Neptune. There is an ease in dealing with certain matters in your life with regards to Pisces sign. Things will be joyous and light-hearted almost to the point of illusionary. Few days around this date is smooth going for Pisces matters.

On April 20, Jupiter and Uranus will be exactly conjunct in Aries 27:38 with an exalted Sun, aspected by Saturn. A week before and after this will have a jostle of events in Aries to wake you up. What has been missing in your life will collide with you for the last time. Take you last shot!

On May 1, Jupiter will be leaving Aries finally and going to Taurus for at least a year. Make sure you finish all your stuff in Aries before life pushes you to another frontier. There can be some final manifestation in Aries 20-30 as well as Leo 20-30.

Below are the predictions from 2024 April 8 onwards. For predictions before 2024 April 8, please refer to last month’s predictions. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.



Where are you planning to go? You will be in a faraway land. To make full use of this eclipse, find a most suitable place that you really want to visit. Plan and book your trip. Make it your dream trip of the year because exalted Venus and Rahu says that it is going to be a fantasy come true. With the heightened emotions, deepest sentiments will be activated.



Is it a dream coming true for you? You must make a new year resolution now because one of it can be coming true within the year. There is something very important and precious for you to attain. All you have to do is to know what it is. A female friend might be helpful in your endeavour. Go for it. You have at least a year to achieve what you set out to do.



Wow! What a blast for you. You are the mesmerizing force behind your career. You attract enough attention for yourself that many people are looking up to you. The employed will have the nicest boss for a short while. It is better to get everything that you want for your career done in April before Jupiter moves away.



Career might be unstable but you might be able to recover any lost reputation this month all in 1 move. April will be your last chance to take the last stand in your profession. The first half of April would be rather difficult especially on April 10 itself. Do not initiate a big plan before that because obstacles are hard to overcome near this date. You might need to learn a new skill to upgrade yourself. A spiritual journey would be highly beneficial for you this year.



One hurdle gone, and another one starts. Your relationship goes up in smoke near April 10. Do not fight with your spouse near this date. Play with the sword in your relationship and your relationship die by the sword. You might appear very magnetic and you have alluring charms to other people especially people that are related to your career. However, there can be uncertain events that may destabilise your life in some way throughout the year.



The first half of April is a new life with your relationship. There might be some changes in your relationship that you might want to make. Maybe your partner is going to assist you throughout the year because of the burdens that you may be having. Your spouse is your main pillar of support especially this month and difficulty in relationship will be resolved by May.



You will get your last booster in your relationship sector this month so make full use of it. Things may get sparkling hot on days approaching April 20. Things may not go well for your children on the first half of April. You may have to work very hard this year. You should be able to recover from illness fast when you are sick. Don’t overwork yourself though.



You might be having some romance this year and it may lead into a stable relationship soon. Romance is especially strong this month and success rate is pretty high. You are very imaginative and you have brilliant ideas on many topics. Your mother might be having a hard time especially near the days around April 10. Take care of her and do not argue with her.



A new luxurious house that fits your taste may be up for grab. Take notice of the houses available in the market within the year. It may appear anytime. Relationship with siblings is not great and can be rather bad in the early part of the month. Relationship is particularly good this month but make full use of it as things will change next month. If you are expecting a baby, it should have come by now.



Some of you should have moved into a new place by now. In your new residence, make some cozy corner to pursue your interests. There are some activities that interest you like a hobby and you are enjoying the activity again and again without any sense of exhaustion. You are on a learning journey that will bring you a sense of contentment or a new skill that upgrades your overall ability.



You may be facing a change in income soon, most probably an increase over the year. Remember to show your skills to the relevant parties. Your health may be an issue at the early part of this month. Any difficulty will be gone by mid-month. Your relationship with your siblings is pretty good.



Here comes the swift remodel of your overall appearance and personality. Many things will change rapidly ab out yourself within the year. You may have a hard time trying to adjust to such major changes as when it comes, it can feel rather extreme and uncomfortable. Don’t be disillusioned by the changes and take it as it comes.


Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

To find out where your Ascendant sign and Moon sign are in your birth chart in sidereal calendar, please check out our Astrology Reports below.


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