2021 February Predictions

2021 February

2021 February Predictions

There will be a new beginning this month for all of us. Not a simple normal bland beginning, but a strong and productive one. The following new moon will kick in its potent beginning on Feb 11, 2021 at Capricorn 29:07 in the lunar mansion (nakshatra) of Dhanistha.

The sky formation is superb for many and will be very warmly welcome. The new moon shall conjunct Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Pluto in Capricorn while Mars will be in Aries with Uranus. Saturn will be empowering all the planets while Mars will be independently strong on its own in Aries. The new moon is backed by a very strong Saturn as well as a vigorous Mars, two of the most tamasic planets. A new foundation is to be formed this month. The wealthiest one shall once again sound the symphonic drum to march towards abundance. Material wealth and fame will be given to those who take their chance when the opportunities open up. The kala amrita yoga shall bestow blessings to spiritual seekers too. It is a win-win month for most. February 26 is when a fabulous trine of Rahu (North node) to Jupiter and Saturn is formed. 2 weeks before and after this date is an amazing period. The good things in life are going to be enhanced tremendously. Check below on what is going to happen to you. Open your eyes and let the stars take you wonder by wonder.

A whole new world shall be shown to you again. Shining, shimmering, splendid. It’s all so magical!

Below are the predictions from 2021 February 11 onwards. For predictions before 2021 February 11, please refer to last month predictions. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.



You are the one that is going to shine the brightest this month. You are ranked the 1st among all the signs. Fame and reputation are yours to take. Wealth will come along with it if you have the know-how. Career will be formidable so take your chance at work and make it work this month. You are charismatic and everyone will notice you. You are undefeatable!



Somewhere out there, a teacher is waiting for you to join your future team of comrades. It is in the making of becoming something new and fresh. Your spiritual houses are lit. Don’t wait. Now is your chance. A new chapter and a new beginning are given to those seeking an adventure somewhere. A new experience, a new vision, new knowledge is lying for your grasp. The most materialistic sign of all turns out to be the most spiritual sign this month.



This is one of your most charismatic months of all. Spread your secrets and wisdom and you shall be received well. You can be rewarded considerably financially. Beware at the same time, that some of your secrets can be reluctantly revealed to the public without your permission. Refrain from illegal and immoral acts.



Businessmen should fall back to rely on their business partners. A lot can be done and achieved if you rely on the strength of others. You shall lead the way this month. Begin a new chapter and renew your experience with your spouse. This is a great Valentine’s month for you.



Things may go out of your way for a while. It might not be smooth and there will be obstacles. Step back and think about the solutions for a while before you take any action again. Some of you might fall sick. Each time you make new amendments, a new solution is born. Attach the new solution to your new routine and things will resolve by themselves.



Think, deeply. Think, think, and keep thinking. You can probe into the deepest part of anything that you drill into. You are the smart one and nothing can escape your sight. You are the Einstein of the month. A new E=mc2 is waiting for you to be discovered. Put your thoughts into actions and there is no can’t in your dictionary.



Your mother is your best friend this month. Home is where you are most comfortable with and you call the shots at home. If you make subtle shifts in your bedroom arrangements, it can have a beneficial impact on your overall well-being. It’s your Marie Kondo month. Tidy up your clusters. Your relationship is being a little erratic. It’s either going up or down, it’s never flat.



Whatever you want to achieve and you said you cannot do it, this month you have to let the cans come in and kick the can’ts out. It’s a very competitive month and you can set your goal higher on what’s available in a month’s time and you shall achieve it. You have the determination! Use it wisely.



If wealth didn’t come up last month, new money will come in again this month. A new promotion, a new job, a new sideline, work on it. The door of wealth is opened. Your brilliant mind can pierce through the toughest diamond. Use it to achieve your financial goals.



Your personality is undergoing a great shift. It is going to be tougher and stronger. Change your physical appearance and you will draw to yourself people and things that are attracted to you. Don’t be afraid. This change will be for the better.



You can be somewhat unstable. Beware of little losses here and there. As long as you can achieve your goals, things expended along the way are worth it. Spend wisely on only things that you need. Extravagance is not an option. Find your way back to yourself through self-contemplation.



It seems like you are the wealthiest of all this month. The most spiritual sign of all can be replenished with material comforts this month. At the bare minimum, you do not have to worry about material needs. Powerful and formidable friends and aides will be by your side supporting you.


Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

To find out where your Ascendant sign and Moon sign are in your birth chart in sidereal calendar, please check out our Astrology Reports below.


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