2022 April Predictions

2022 April

2022 April Predictions

Happy April fool’s day!

Science says brain over muscles. This month brain loses the war. Muscles without brains is a train wreck.

It is great to be a fool when you are in love. Love is in the air again for some when Jupiter is together with Venus and Mars. However, relationship is stronger for next month. Mercury is exactly debilitated now. However, Jupiter is moving on to Pisces soon on mid-April. For lovers, take action! Shhh… No talking! Love is not logic! If you are dealing money with strangers, beware of scammers. Nothing will make sense. Things will turn better on the 2nd week of April. And lastly, beware of real April fool pranks. Logic aside, anyone and anything is believable. Blind faith requires wisdom, and wisdom is coming from mid-April onwards.

Mars is also very near to exaltation and it is with a strong Saturn almost exactly conjunct. Tear and burn! A gigantic fire is burning in the winter. You have to manage the great fire intensity. Don’t burn down your own house. Beware of great frictions in certain areas. Obstacles ensure progress, but brute force alone is burning away your bridge. Ponder a little and take action in the 2nd or 3rd week to allow smoother progress. In the 1st week of April, there is brawns and no brains.

Below are the predictions from 2022 April 1 onwards. For predictions before April 1, please refer to last month’s predictions. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.



Be careful of what you do at work. You may win the battle and lose the war. Being too aggressive may not be acceptable to some customers and the crowd. Being too harsh and frank to your boss is never a good idea. When it comes to work, strike while the iron is hot. But when it comes to people management, be as nice as you can. Don’t take up more than you can.



It may be a good frivolous time with your friends and gatherings. Joyous time is very welcoming but don’t spend more than you can. There can be beneficial time in your career. There will be supporters to appreciate the work that you are showing. You are on display now. Showmanship will spread your influence. Your father can have health issues in the first 2 weeks.



Mercurians have to watch out for their health especially for you. Work will always be available. Your career will be your main concern but don’t bite more than you can chew. Some chronic problems may have a relapse. Mistreated employees may have their payback time now.



Some disagreements between you and your spouse have been brewing for quite some time now. Some unresolved differences may have you call it quits. Freedom will be granted back to your life at a cost. But don’t make a harsh decision yet. If you can endure the first 2 weeks, the storm will be over.



If you can get through this month, your health issues will get better. Relationship is your best department. Your partner will support you in your most needed time. No big splurges on anything. Spend only what is necessary. You cannot make the best financial decisions now.



You may be very clingy to your partner. It is alright because better days are coming soon. Starting of any business this month is not recommended. This is not the right time to initiate anything big especially regarding your career. No changing of job is recommended yet.



Luck is not on your side especially on the first half of the month. Instead, there can be some losses. There can be some minor illness but it will soon pass. Something is bothering you at home. You might not be in cordial terms with your mother. This is only temporary.



Traveling is not advisable. You are at a higher risk of catching covid than average. There can be some hiccups in your travel plans. Your children may fall sick for a short while.



Career front is facing some issues. It is better to shun away from all those nonsensical issues and work from home. Where there is peace, there is efficiency. Finances are not looking at its best and there may be some expenses for the family.



Finances are looking good but not in a smooth way. Career will gradually slow down towards the end of the year. Career endings may bring good severance packages. Take some time off for yourself. Traveling is not a great idea for the first half of the month.



This is one of the best months for you especially in the first half of the month. Enjoy it while it lasts. You cannot make logical decisions regarding wealth issues. There can be financial losses or huge expenses, but you are probably splurging on yourself.



Stay behind the scene before the grand opening. All the actors and actresses are getting ready for the big scene. You belong to the backstage for now. Get ready because your time is coming soon. The theatre director of life is asking you to stand by.


Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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