2021 October Predictions

2021 October

2021 October Predictions

Ask and ye shall receive.

The sun god Savitar places in your hand gifts that are manifested through the power of awareness and purity. The new Moon closing in on October 6 places in your hand great power and strength that embodies gifts of manifestation almost in a genie-like fashion. You have great mental strength and self-control to find what you seek. This new moon in Virgo is compounded by a powerful Mercury and Mars that gives brilliance and intelligence, and they are greatly accentuated by Rahu and Jupiter forming a powerful grand trine. Purity of thoughts is one of the requirements. You shall achieve what is good based on awareness, good deeds, and self-control.

Below are the predictions from 2021 October 6 onwards. For predictions before 2021 October 6, please refer to last month’s predictions. You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.



There may be new work available but it makes you very competitive and puts strains on your health. You will be in command as you are the authoritative figure people look up to. Enemies will be crushed. You and your own stress will be your greatest enemies.



There is a stroke of serendipity. You are the most quick-witted one and no one is sharper than you. You may come across very lucrative projects that require great intellect and judgment. Luck, acumen, and intuition are all within you.



This is probably one of your better months where you can find back yourself through the mist of delusions. Where material pursuits elude you, there is a reason that your focus is somewhere else. Spending more time with yourself at home, you will feel safer than it is to reach out for all the endless material chase.



Some unfulfilled desires are easily fulfilled now, if you have already figured out what it is that you are after sometime after June. This is the chance to make the effort. Activities spent together with your partner are extremely enjoyable.



Cha-ching $$. You are capable of making your bucks. Career is climbing but pay doesn’t increase? Make sure you negotiate your terms comparable with your status now. Showmanship and hard work are required to show your worth.



Your luck has been soaring since June and it is almost culminating now. All eyes are upon you as you are capable of transforming yourself with your intelligence and efforts. You appear as a striking smart and strong will-powered individual. Take your shot!



Live nonchalantly in the backdrop is actually enjoying life to the fullest. The happiest person is not the one aiming and shouting to the world. The most relaxed person is. Not a care in the world. You will cherish this time when the tides change again.



Major financial gains are coming your way. Something that you always yearn for drops in front of you. There will be many people who will appreciate and enjoy your company. Even a past lover can come back into the scene. Wishes fulfillment is the theme.



Any last-minute changes to your financial plans will be easier to make now than later before things get more restricted and crystalized. If you are to be promoted, make sure that you negotiate the payment package that you desire. Your calling is in your career.



Streaks of luck are with you. Your children are your source of joy. If you come across any spiritual study opportunities, do not ignore or reject them. They are the catalyst to a better life that cannot yet be seen.



Some unexpected events will send you tripping within a short span of time. It takes some surprises to shake you out of your complacency in life. There are tons of treasures to be unlocked within your inner world.



You can find a new connection with someone of your love interest. There is a long stretch to reach out to someone romantically connected in the past. Conciliation is necessary to keep the relationship going in the long run.


Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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