2017 September Predictions

2017 September Horoscope Predictions

2017 September Predictions

The new moon occurred on August 21 in Leo sign, in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Magha at Leo 04:46. Magha is the mighty lion, representing the king of the jungle. When he speaks, all shall listens. Magha is the lion-hearted individual with power and leadership, where its charismatic authority comes from an ancestry heritage.

This new moon happens to fall almost exactly at the fixed star Regulus. Rahu (North Node of the Moon) is also tangled up in the conjunction. This is no ordinary new moon. This is a huge solar eclipse that falls exactly on the Regulus, the star of the King. Expect huge changes for leaderships and authorities all over the world. Whenever Regulus is involved, the king is recognized by the public. When a solar eclipse falls on Regulus, a new king will be born. Who will be crowned by the masses? If you have any natal planet at this new moon degree, you are going to have the say in certain matters from now onwards. Stand and be recognized. This is just the beginning.

You can read below predictions from your Ascendant or your Moon sign.


The last drip of creativity surge shall be squeezed from you. All your creativity pursuits are now recognized. All your hard work has been paid off. All your attention was shifted to your children for a really long time. They can cope by themselves from now. You are starting to get involved in home matters.


Your new house has finally been furnished up, ready for you to move in. Your family owes you for all your hard work. You have provided so much for your family at home. You shall be the Caesar at home this month. Enjoy your Caesar status at home as home matters starts to wrap up.


You have been making a lot of short travels. All your door-to-door sales calls and your internet promotion are starting to show results. Money is going to come in soon starting from now. Your service and products are now getting more popular.


You have been busy making money. If there is still time for your family, this is the time. Don’t neglect you family and spouse. Don’t let money get in the way of your relationship. Your spouse is starting to get impatient for your negligence.


You are the king of the world. What you say is what it is. The throne does not stay for you. Give your last speech before your retirement. It is time to consider spending more time with your spouse. Let him/her be the king/queen. You came and you conquered. Isn’t that enough?


You have been hiding yourself in seclusion enjoying life. All the contemplations are not for nothing. The time that you have spent on yourself is never wasted. Get ready for the world again as you wave your hideout goodbye. You are reborn again. A whole new world awaits for you.


Have you been socializing too much? People are now speaking about you. Get some contacts in socializing events or in large organizations. You will never know when you will meet your future benefactor. The most unnoticeable person in the room could be your new boss!


You are recognized in your field of practice now. All the stress that you have been through and all the time that you have spent are worth it. You have enjoying the fruits of your labour now. Enjoy it while it last.


Any travel plans up in your sleeve, you better plan it earlier this month. You might not have much time for a holiday after this month. Career has been a breeze for you but the peak is almost over. Take a short breather before your focus starts to change. Your emotional health needs to be ready for what is about to come.


You have been dealing with the fluctuations of life that you can’t take a break. It’s over exasperating for you. Re-sparkle the relationship with your spouse or lover. Ignite the light in him/her. He/She will remember it for months to come.


Have your spouse been too oppressive towards you? This month is their peak. If you make it over this month, the relationship will stay. Things are hard on you for a long time. Let them have it their way, as long as you are not abused. They just need to shine, that’s all.


Your enemy is very strong this month, but you are stronger. Take a defensive side this month if possible. You might even convert an enemy to a friend. If you have been taking care of your health, this month is just a flare up. Don’t worry about it.

Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

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