Manifest Your Dreams 2023

Manifest Your Dreams 2023

Manifest Your Dreams 2023

Manifest Your Dreams in 2023

Get ready for the manifestation of your life in 2023! What is happening in 2023? What is happening now? Currently we have the taskmaster Saturn strong in Aquarius. This is one of the strongest positions for the stern Saturn to be in. It promises a more futuristic outlook. There is a strong concentration of control and power provided by Saturn where it is capable of bringing people together for unity and equality. Saturn is also aspecting Rahu in Aries now, where Rahu is the illusionary planet that is responsible for much of the maya and delusions on this planet. Rahu gives the desire for success and makes a person very initiative, energetic, and physically strong being in Aries.

The third part of the equation comes Jupiter, the jovial opportunist that provides the chance and space for people to achieve what they want. Jupiter opens up doors and gives you the confidence to experience the adventure with optimism. The planet of luck is going to move into Aries and joins Rahu from 2023 April 21 onwards.

This completes the wonderful circuit of Saturn in Aquarius, aspecting Rahu and Jupiter in Aries. The manifestation will be condensed in the sign of Aries, followed by Leo, Libra, Sagittarius. This powerful circuit of manifestation in the sky does not happen by chance, neither does it happen frequently. Sometimes it happens with the South Node Ketu, sometimes with the North Node Rahu. Rahu is the more materialistic side of the node even though it is considered rather malefic in some ways. But it does support tremendously the great manifestation of 2023 together with Jupiter and Saturn contact.

To know what is coming your way in 2023, please refer to the early release of predictions for year 2023.

A Manifestation Initiation service is available now to maximize your opportunity in 2023 and grab the most of what you want and what is coming your way in 2023! This is a bespoke service that serves as an all-around well-wisher to open up your most powerful dimension for manifestation. You can manifest the prosperity that you want. You can be blatant about the career that you are seeking to the universe. You can seek for the right relationship or marriage that you want. Generally, you can manifest anything that you want.

Don’t ask for the moon. To manifest anything, your birth chart must first promise the arrival of it. You can’t wish to be the richest person in the world. This is not realistic nor specific. So, what can you manifest? If you are going to the Olympics and you are rank 5 in the world ranking and you are going up against rank 1 in a few months’ time, this manifestation service is tailored for you! You will not go down without a fight! The difference between you and your wish or your opponent cannot be exaggeratingly far-fetched.

This is an all-around personal luck booster that will max out your luck to prepare for the coming year. Whatever that is coming your way, whatever that you are wishing for, it will happen with your very own effort to first declare it to the universe. Chances of it happening and getting what you want will rise tremendously. Your personal most powerful dimension will be set in motion. Your skills and actions will play the rest with great ease.

To prepare for the great manifestation of 2023, Manifestation Initiation service is available here.

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