How to Advance Your Life in Year 2022

How to Advance Your Life in 2022

How to Advance Your Life in Year 2022

How do you improve your luck in 2022? As usual, there is no perfect luck just like there is no perfect location in the world. Every person has its own ups and downs. Every country has its own uptrends and downtrends. However, 2022 is very different. While the whole world is undergoing a massive change, place yourself in a better position than others just by tapping into earth’s luck. The place you right now give you a certain energy that helps you in some ways tremendously. It may also deplete your energy and luck if you are in the wrong location. While life is always not perfect, nature is not either. However, there is a single one location that is almost near perfect. Near perfect means it is extremely, extremely positive. You will not get this positive luck from nature for many years to come. There is a perfect place to be in this year. There is!

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How to Improve your Life: Take advantage of the Forces of Nature



The perfect location to be in this year is the NorthEast area of your very own house. Take up your compass and find it. Should you find the area to be composed mainly of toilets, storerooms, or places that are not favorable for you to be there all the time, then nature is not in your favor this year. But don’t worry, there are other good locations.

Those that are suffering from long-term impoverishment due to covid situations or other difficult life situations, please utilize this area of the house as much as possible. Covid situation has kickstarted a new trend of working from home for many companies. Use this area of your house to make calls, meetings, investments. Work in this area! Your financial capabilities will be amplified multiple folds just by being in this area.

For those with health challenges, stay in the NorthEast area of your house. You will have the energy to deal with the difficulties. Your life force will be boosted greatly here.

Again, this location is the best place this year. It is perfect! Make the most of it! If however, you cannot make use of this location, at least open up the windows in this area.

A little tip for this location is that for the capable ones, a little humbleness helps.

Matthew 23:12 “… whoever humbles himself will be exalted.”


This is Jupiter’s placement this year. Do not carry out destructive activities here. Renovation and other destructive activities may bring adverse effects. Only constructive activities are blessed.

If your toilet or other unusable places are in the NorthEast, please do not use them. Please do not work in the storeroom! Please do not hog the toilet! Some common sense is needed.



This is the second best area of your house this year. Staying in the North area often can bring tremendous relationship luck to you. Relationships of all kinds will benefit you. For those who are seeking a romantic relationship, watch out! The single bees seeking honey, the north will be your best friend this year.

There are a lot of 5th house energies here. Creative juices surge right out of your mind. Knowledge and wisdom are best sought through here so education purposes of all sorts will be hugely amplified here. Taking Exams? Stay North and study hard! Your intuition will also be intensified here.

This is a cultural location and character refinement attracts better prospects. However, your personality will still attract your potential partner in your birth chart through this placement. If you are single and you are running through a relationship planetary period, this is your best area to be!

Should you seek benefactors or supporters of all sorts, stay in the North area and harvest. When the time is ripe, help shall come.


For the happily married and attached, this location needs to be exercised with caution. Seek only what you need. Extra suitors are hardly conducive to a happy relationship.



This area can improve your networking and general relationships this year. If you need the power of social networking and build up your influence, this area is great for you. The gift of the gab is located here. For the complacent passive ones, stay in the west and the courage of the lion will be granted. This area is good for many activities initiation. There is a lot of gas in the tank. This is the area for the action-takers. However, negative traits of proudness and boasting will also be amplified as this area is aggressive in nature.


SouthWest, Center

Everything has its own place and timing. With the NorthEast overly positively amplified this year, another location is negatively impacted at the same time. The SouthWest of your house this year is the most undesirable place to be this year. Do not stay in the SouthWest of your house for too long if unnecessary. No big destructive activities here like renovation.

The same goes to the Center of your house. The Center of your house is the Command Center. Ye who enters here, beware! The center of your house is right in the core of a huge mountain now. Any havoc in this area and your life will erupt like Eyjafjallajökull (if you can pronounce this!) It has the power to suppress good luck and amplify bad luck. If you have a terminal or chronic disease, do not stay here for long. SouthWest is the worst area, followed by the Center of your house.


Only the best and worst areas are highlighted here. The rest of the areas are generally good for most activities.

Remember. These highly empowered areas of your house are extremely effective especially for this year. In fact, it lasts for this year only. You haven’t missed anything yet. With the exception of Australian seasons, once spring starts in February in most parts of the world, the forces of nature change its energy from the unseen dimension. This energy is fast, swift, and effective! Make full use of it!

The energies given above are swift and effective but it is short-term like molding a hill quickly. For permanent remedies of earth’s luck with the power of nature, It will be very different for each individual. It will be like constructing a mountain. Slow, dominant, and extremely potent! A mountain’s energy is immovable and unyielding compared to a hill. Strengthening your environment has almost no negative or side effects. It is a wise empowerment to your life and an effective remedy for many difficult life situations. May the forces of nature be in your favor! Consultations may be opened for long-lasting effects of earth’s luck in your house in the future. Meanwhile, please make contact here personally for urgent requests and remedies.


There will be hints of upcoming global trends that will impact your personal life for the next decade later on. Stay N-tuned!

A most joyous 2022 to you!


Note: Above are the predictions based on your true Ascendant or Moon sign in Sidereal calendar. It is not based on your Solar Sun sign.

To find out where your Ascendant sign and Moon sign are in your birth chart in sidereal calendar, please check out our Astrology Reports below.


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