How to Improve your Life: Take advantage of the Forces of Nature

How to Improve Your Life - Power of Nature

How to Improve your Life: Take advantage of the Forces of Nature

Luck. An inherent quality that human possesses and yet cannot be seen by physical eyes. Many are pursuing it but is it the right time? Your own planetary period and transits will determine your own life situation at a specific point in time. It can go in your favor, go against you, or it can waver with mixed results. This is heaven’s luck. Your birth chart will give crucial hints to your path and direction at different timing. You will need to see your birth chart for what holds for you in the future.

What you think and do at any specific point in time can have a critical impact too. Some result in immediate effects, while others bear fruits after a long time. What you think and do will be largely directed by the planetary effects too. But you will have the power to make the best of all situations. This is human’s luck. This is determined by your very own thoughts and actions.

I would like to give heaven’s luck a portion of 33% of influence. When you know your path in life, this portion of your life improves. Human’s luck is another 33% of influence. What you think and do is all that matters. Every karma boomerangs. Lastly, there is a remaining 34% of luck. Where does it belong to?

The last 33% is the resulting earth’s luck. Where the earth is placed in the entire galaxy determines earth’s own path on the face of the universe, from the time it is created to the time it disappears back into the universe. Where the earth is in the milky way at a specific point in time, it will be influenced by different planets in different ways. As above, so below. As an earthling, you are also correlated in the very same way. Where you are at a specific point in time, will determine what you will experience. This is earth’s luck. This is the last 33% of influence.

The last 1% goes to exceptions and divine intervention. I would like to give this a whopping 99% as the creator is all powerful, but this is not the point here. Divine intervention can override all delusions of the physical world, but the creator is not a dictator that turns it into a circus.

So eventually what influences your life is determined by:

33% Heaven’s luck. Your birth chart. Your path in life.

33% Human’s luck. Your thoughts and actions, if given a proper direction.

33% Earth’s luck. Your location. Where you are at the present moment.


The awareness of your birth chart will direct your world to the right path. Where you are at a specific point in time will either improve or impoverish your luck. The rest is up to you and the creator. This will put you as the right person, at the right time, in the right place!

Saint Chaitanya Mahaprabhu once sang a song and others just followed in the singing. The song contains mostly just 2 words, Spirit and Nature. You are a tiny spirit, wrapped in the infinite spirit of the holy spirit and the massive nature being created all around you, both the seen and unseen.

The invisible dimension of nature will be utilized by you to enhance your life for the better. Let nature be in your favor! For the sufferings, this is a remedy that has almost no negative effects. The Forces of Nature being molded by the infinite spirit cannot be altered and thus is not perfect from time to time. Taking a medicine can give side effects too! What you can do is to make the best use of it. It is an enormous empowerment to your life. May the Forces of Nature aid you along your path.




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