Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson


This is a subtle analysis on the relationship between Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.


Tom Hanks

Sun: Gemini 24:13

Moon: Cancer 16:36

D9 Marriage Sun: Taurus 8:00

D9 Marriage Moon: Scorpio 29:29


Rita Wilson

Sun: Libra 10:00

Moon: Cancer 9:27

D9 Marriage Sun: Capricorn 00:01

D9 Marriage Moon: Virgo 25:08


Both Tom and Rita Sun trine each other in the birth charts so there is complete harmony with the soul connection. Both Moons are in Cancer in the birth charts ruled by the Moon, so both Moons have the same ruler. Both of them are very emotional and affectionate. It is Tom’s Natal Moon in his birth chart that opposes Rita’s Natal Sun in her Marriage chart. This one single connection closes the Sun-Moon connection.

Tom’s 7th ruler Saturn in Scorpio goes to Rita’s Ascendant which is a great marriage blessing to Rita. Rita’s 7th ruler Venus in Virgo goes to Tom’s 2nd house of wealth. The marriage is an asset to Tom and gave him a family.

Tom’s marriage 7th ruler Mercury in Capricorn goes to Rita’s 3rd house which implies communication and hobbies as an important factor that forms the marriage. Rita’s marriage 7th ruler Venus in Capricorn goes to Tom’s 6th house. There is work connections between them.

Lastly, Tom’s marriage 7th ruler Mercury in Capricorn is conjunct Rita’s marriage 7th ruler Venus in Capricorn. There is a connection between both marriage 7th rulers. The connection can be a conjunction, opposition, or aspect. In this case, this is a conjunction connection.

Generally, all the connections are very good.


Lots Analysis

This is a short analysis of Lot of Fortune, Lot of Spirit, and Lot of Love of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Any contact of these sensitive points with each other’s natal planets will have a strong lifelong activation of these Lot points. Activation is triggered by conjunction, opposition, or by special aspects of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Rahu/Ketu.


Lot of Fortune

Lot/Part of Fortune (LoF) is a sensitive point in a person’s chart that can hold some fortune for an individual if there are positive transits to that point. When it lands near to a natal planet of the marriage partner, the marriage partner’s natal planet is the activation point of fortune for the person. This applies to the natal planet of the partner’s marriage chart as well. The natal planet of one person either conjuncts or opposes the LoF of another person. Jupiter 5th, 7th, 9th aspects, Saturn 3rd, 7th, 10th aspects and, Mars 4th, 7th, 8th special aspects can work too.


Lot of Spirit

Lot/Part of Spirit (LoS) is the spiritual or soul fulfilment of a person. A partner’s natal planet in contact with the LoS of a person will activate soul fulfilment of a person that may not be materially related. This could simply just be the most important factor because it is the unseen spiritual fortune of a person. When a powerful natal planet like the 9th ruler, Jupiter, Sun, or Moon conjuncts, opposes, or aspects a person’s LoS, it has the ability to spiritualize the person, or even convert the person’s religion and pull the person’s path to a religious one. It can prevent the planting of bad karmic seeds of the future. Jupiter’s trine or Mars and Saturn special aspects also work. It is extremely psychological and powerful. This is the soul fulfilment of the person that no material fortune can give. Use it flexibly. For some people, material things like marriage can be a soul fulfilment.


Lot of Love

The same applies to Lot/Part of Eros which is actually Lot of Love (LoL). This is a relationship/marriage activation point. When it lands near to a natal planet of the marriage partner, the marriage partner’s natal planet is the activation point of love/marriage for the person. This is the state of consciousness of being in love activated by the other person.


Tom Hanks

Lot of Fortune (LoF): Scorpio 4:19

Lot of Spirit (LoS): Gemini 20:13

Lot of Love/Eros (LoL): Libra 9:43


Rita Wilson

Lot of Fortune (LoF): Leo 13:49

Lot of Spirit (LoS): Aquarius 14:54

Lot of Love/Eros (LoL): Taurus 29:12


Tom and Rita

Lot of Fortune (LoF)

Tom’s LoF at Scorpio 4:19 goes to Rita’s Ascendant where her Rahu is at Scorpio 6:01 and Saturn is at 8:24. In the marriage chart, her Uranus is at Scorpio 2:27.

All the degrees are very close. Rita’s life activated fortune for Tom especially with regards to communications, home, and comfort matters.


Rita’s LoF at Leo 13:49 is conjunct Tom’s Jupiter at Leo 7:05, Pluto at Leo 3:44, opposed by Mars at Aquarius 24:04, aspected by Saturn’s 10th aspect at Scorpio 3:15. In the marriage chart, it is aspected by Mars’s 4th aspect at Taurus 6:43.

Tom also activated fortune for Rita even though the planets are slightly further away.


Tom and Rita

Lot of Spirit (LoS)

Tom’s LoS at Gemini 20:13 is opposed by Rita’s Jupiter at Sagittarius 26:38, and aspected by Ketu at Aquarius 24:10, and aspected by Saturn at Virgo 15:39 in the marriage chart.

Rita’s Jupiter also rules the lucky 5th house and has a connection with spirituality. Rita’s Natural Benefic Jupiter is particularly powerful in sign and has the power to influence Tom’s belief system and religion. As a result, Tom converted into a Greek Orthodox. This protected Tom from forming bad karma seeds of the future.


Rita’s LoS at Aquarius 14:54 goes to Tom’s 7th house activated by Mars at Aquarius 24:04 and opposed by Jupiter at Leo 7:06 and Pluto 3:44. In the marriage chart, it is aspected by Jupiter at Gemini 3:57 in 7th house.

Rita’s LoS is also activated by Tom’s planets even though it was Rita’s LoS that has a much bigger impact to Tom’s life. The marriage has been a soul fulfilment for Rita.


Tom and Rita

Lot of Love (LoL)

Rita’s LoL at Taurus 29:12 exactly conjunct Tom’s Venus at Taurus 29:34. There’s also a 5 degrees away aspect by Mars’s 4th aspect. In the marriage chart, Rita’s LoL at Taurus 29:12 is also opposed by Tom’s Moon exactly at Scorpio 29:29.

Tom’s LoL at Libra 9:43 exactly conjunct Rita’s Sun at Libra 10:00. In the marriage chart, Tom’s LoL at Libra 9:43 is also opposed by Rita’s Mars at Aries 14:19 and aspected by Ketu at Aquarius 24:10.


Looking at Rita’s LoL, it is being triggered by Tom’s planets twice at deadly exact degrees. Rita is deeply loved by Tom.

Looking at Tom’s LoL, it is also being triggered by Rita’s Sun at fatal exact degrees.



The Lot of Love activation points are exact for both of them. So no, they are not leaving each other. In fact, a big disaster has to happen or they have to make such a big blunder in order to mess this up.

This is a classique dovetail couple pairing. Don’t worry if you don’t have it because most people don’t have it either. It doesn’t matter whether it is a conjunction or opposition or aspect. If it is within 3 degrees orb, it is close enough for a deep loving relationship to form.


This is only a portion of relationship synastry destiny. There is no perfection.

Strengthen your relationship by understanding your Relationship Synastry with your spouse.

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