Bernard Madoff: 150 Years in Prison

Bernard Madoff

Bernard Madoff: 150 Years in Prison

Bernard Lawrence Madoff, also known as Bernie Madoff, is an American fraudster and a former stockbroker, investment advisor, and financier. He was the non-executive chairman of the NASDAQ stock market. Behind his powerful status, he was the main culprit behind a Ponzi scheme that is considered the largest financial fraud in U.S. history. The fraud amount was estimated to be $64.8 billion with over 4000 victims involved in 2008. In 2009 June, Madoff at the age of 71, was sentenced to 150 years in prison.

NASDAQ Chairman

Madoff has his Ascendant right at the fixed star Regulus which gave him the great fame that he enjoyed. Jupiter is also exactly opposing his Ascendant, building on his fame. Not only that, he also has Mars, Venus, and Ketu in the 10th house of career all located strongly in Venus sign of Taurus. Mars is in a nakshatra (lunar mansion) ruled by Moon and Venus and Ketu are in a nakshatra ruled by Sun, and these planets are disposited to the Sun and Moon in the 9th house of fortune. Mars and Venus give him double raja yogas (combinations for power) in the 10th house of career, where Venus in its own sign in 10th house gives him a powerful Malavya Yoga (Venus talents in a kendra house).

Madoff was the chairman of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC from its startup in 1960. The technology that the firm helped to develop eventually became the NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations), the second largest stock exchange in the world behind only the New York Stock Exchange. Madoff was active in the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), a self-regulatory securities-industry organization. He also served as the chairman of its board of directors, and was a member of its board of governors. He was famous and influential back then.

The Ultimate Destiny: Prison

Unfortunately, his fame doesn’t last long and is tainted. Jupiter rules the 8th house of disgrace and is in a parivartana yoga with Saturn in the 8th house of humiliation. This tainted Jupiter is aspecting his Ascendant exactly at fixed star Regulus. Moreover, the Ascendant is also tainted with a deceptive Neptune. This is the evidence that not all planets linked to the Royal Star Regulus is good.

The 10th house career ruler Venus is also conjunct significator of losses Ketu closely in the same nakshatra ruled by Sun. Venus is also conjunct Mars which is in the nakshatra ruled by Moon. Both the Sun and Moon are in the lucky 9th house but they are 12 houses of losses away from the 10th house of career and fame. Sun rules the 1st house. Moon rules the 12th house of losses and seclusion. Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Uranus are all in the 9th house where Mercury is the main dhana (money) planet of Madoff ruling the 2nd house of earnings and 11th house of great gains. In addition, all 4 planets are in the nakshatra ruled by Venus and Ketu concerning losses in his career. His nodal axis of Rahu (North Node of the Moon) and Ketu (South Node of the Moon) are all disposited into the 10th house with 10th ruler Venus and Ketu.

With the Sun and Moon conjunct, the moon is extremely dark and he can falter without the right conscious or guidance. It is a new beginning of his life into the 9th house of spiritual journey. His powerful yogakaraka planet Mars ruling the 4th house of home and 9th house of fortune is also involved in the loss situation. His ultimate destiny is to let go of his career, wealth, luxurious houses, family and fame suddenly and go into isolation in prison, and possibly build up on his spiritual values in seclusion.

Madoff was to stay in prison for the rest of his life. Madoff’s wife felt betrayed and his children blamed him for the embarrassment. They suffered guilt from the victims and their luxurious houses were auctioned off.

Madoff’s Career

NASDAQ & Bernand L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC

In 1960 Sun period, Sun is the chart ruler sitting exalted in the 9th house of fortune. Madoff started off his firm as a penny stock trader that he has earned working as a lifeguard and sprinkler installer. He also borrowed money from his father-in-law to set up Bernand L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC. To compete with New York Stock Exchange, his firm began using innovative computer information technology which developed into the NASDAQ.

Madoff’s Fraud

The fraud could have begun sometime in the 1990 in Rahu/Saturn period, where Rahu is in the 4th house with the dispositor Mars in the 10th house. However, Rahu is in a nakshatra ruled by Saturn where Saturn is in the 8th house of secrets and Rahu is also aspecting Saturn.

Initially, Madoff’s investment strategy did deliver smooth positive returns but as the market turned against him, he reported them as smooth and the figures gapped larger and larger. Bernie and Ruth Madoff (wife) had government access as they contributed huge amounts of money to federal candidates, parties, and committees. The Madoff family has even served as leaders of the SIFMA (Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association). They evaded off several fraud investigations from different parties and even from U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), even though some of SEC investigators doubted whether Madoff was even trading.

The Unbelievable Fraud Exposed

In 2008 Jupiter/Ketu period where Jupiter has a great impact of defamation being ruler of the 8th house of disgrace as well as connected tightly to the Saturn in 8th house. Ketu eventually brought the truth out of him by being tightly conjuncted his 10th house career ruler Venus. In the destiny chart (Navamsha), Ketu sits in the 10th house with dispositor Saturn in the 8th house of disgrace indicates a loss of career again. Transiting Jupiter was strong in its own 5th house, but triggered of the stellium of planets in the 9th house which were inherently linked to Venus and Ketu with the loss of his career. Transiting Saturn was in the 1st house aspected by Transiting Jupiter, and aspecting Natal Jupiter in the 7th house exposing the truth of the scandals. Transiting Ketu was in the 12th house of public secrets aspecting Rahu in the 4th house and Saturn in the 8th house, bringing the truth of the frauds into the light.

Madoff was arrested in 2008 December and charged with securities fraud. Madoff was on a $10 million bail and remained under monitoring and house arrest until 2009 March. In June, a forfeiture of $170 million was made in Madoff’s assets and Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison. He was banned from the securities industry for life. Madoff had defrauded his clients of almost $65 billion in the largest Ponzi scheme in history.

Death of Children

Jupiter is not just the significator of children but also rules the 5th house of children. Jupiter rules the 5th house of children and 8th house of death and situated in the 7th house of partnership. Saturn rules the 6th house of difficulties and 7th house of partnership and situated in the 8th house of death. With Jupiter and Saturn sitting in each other’s house, there is a parivartana yoga between the 2 planets between the 7th house of partnership and 8th house of death. This is an indication of a business partnership of Madoff and his children as well as the death of the partnership and the death of his children. Neptune sitting in the Ascendant opposing Jupiter also gives a sting of death to his children. With Jupiter exactly opposes the fixed star Regulus, his children may become famous as his dad but it is tainted with disgrace as it is associated with the 8th house of humiliation.

In the children chart, Mars, Saturn, Neptune all sit in the 5th house of children aspected by Sun and Rahu. Even Ketu as significator of losses is aspecting Jupiter as the significator of children. This is a very challenging situation with his children. Madoff’s elder son Mark died in New York exactly 2 years after Madoff’s arrest. The cause of death is suicide by hanging. Madoff’s younger son Andrew was diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma in 2003 which went into recession. In 2014, Andrew passed away from a relapse of the cancer. Andrew blamed his father for the stress in his life that Madoff has created. Till this day, nobody knows whether Madoff’s children are his accomplices or are totally kept in the dark regarding his years of fraud acts.

Madoff’s Ending

Madoff is in the middle of Jupiter period where Jupiter is closely linked to the 8th house of chronic disease. Barely after a few years after his arrest, Madoff suffered a heart attack in 2013, end-stage renal disease and possibly kidney cancer in 2014 as well.

Look at the play of destiny! Fame and fortune comes and goes, so does health, career, and relationship. Be grateful for whatever that you have at the moment.

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