Donald Trump: Presidential Election 2016

Trump's Road to Triumph

Donald Trump: Presidential Election 2016

Trump’s Road to Triumph

Will Clinton win the election? Probably. Will Trump give up after the election? Probably not. Will Clinton be disqualified before inauguration day? It is possible! Will Trump be successful no matter what happens? Oh Yes! You bet he will be Very Very successful! The stars do not lie. Let’s dive into Donald Trump’s chart and take a look on how he will fare.

The election will take place on November 8, 2016. With the ongoing crazy political campaigns around, all eyes are focused on this election, especially in the US. With the seemingly perfect eloquent candidate Hillary Clinton sparring against the rebellious out-spoken candidate Donald Trump, it seems to favour Hillary’s side. As a non-fan of politics, there is no preference to either candidates or parties.


Election Conclusion

No matter who gets elected, there will always be lovers and haters on both sides. A fair trial should be given only after looking at Clinton’s chart which I didn’t do. However, looking at Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clintons’ charts, it does not bode well for Hillary Clinton. Hillary seems to have secrets awaiting to be exposed to the public. Even if Hillary is elected, she might not last long after the election. If she has any secrets, you bet those secrets will be revealed around or after the election period. It will be to Trump’s favour should Hillary secrets are revealed. Everything is not what it seems. Don’t believe everything from the media. Trump happens to be in the right place at the right time, and he will speak the angry voice of the people. If Hillary gets elected, she can be disqualified before the inauguration day, and a sudden rise can go to Trump just like that even if he cannot be the president. He will be in the limelight exposing all types of secrets hidden from the public.

After looking at Trump’s chart where he has his Natal Rahu impacted and his Natal Sun exploding all the way to February and even after that, and you are telling me he is not going to be famous? You must be kidding! Watch the events unfold after the November 8 election. He will enjoy extreme success all the way to February and after. No matter how much some people hate him for his character, he must have done something in the past to have accumulated his credits of success and he is going to reap the fruits of success this time.

However he does have the Kala Sarpa yoga in his chart so there will be extremity of success and failure in his life. We do not know how long he can persist in his potential political career. He could just be wipe out by August 2017 eclipse. If he cannot hold the position firmly by next August, he might have to step down. But this will only make him rise to a higher height, president or not. And by August 2017, a new leader will be born.

But let’s not portray so far ahead. No one can escape the ebb and flow of life. There will always be darkness in order to see the light, just like there will always be day and night. Both good and evil must coexist to sustain creation, otherwise creation will not be possible. Without the shadow, nobody can see the light. C’est la vie! Behind every major choice that you choose between the light and the dark, you are given the wonderful gift of free will to pick one. Choose wisely for this gift given to you is much more powerful than that of an atomic bomb. The election is just a reflection of the mass consciousness. After this election ordeal, the seemingly hero can appear to be a villain and the seemingly villain can be changed into a hero overnight. Let’s just sit back and watch the drama unfold by itself and not be too affected by it.


Trump’s Chart Analysis

Trump’s has his Natal Sun and Natal Rahu in the 10th house in the sign of Taurus. To look at a position that bright as a president, we need to look at the Sun for sure for the Sun is authority. His Rahu conjunct his Sun is just overblowing his authoritative character for Rahu is the explosive energy behind the worldly affairs. The great benefic Jupiter is currently transiting in his 2nd house of income and it is aspecting his Natal Sun and Natal Rahu. Jupiter is giving him blessings in not just the 2nd house of income but also the 6th house of work and 10th house of fame and career. On November 8, Transiting Jupiter will be at Virgo 21 degrees aspecting his Sun and Rahu. Mars as the ruler of 4th house of homeland and 9th house of luck is one of his most powerful planets as a yogakaraka planet. On November 8, Transiting Mars will be in the 6th house of work. Transiting Jupiter will be aspecting and blessing Transiting Mars in the 6th house as well. Thus a grand earth trine is complete.

Transiting Jupiter is having a Jupiter Return conjuncting his Natal Jupiter, adding even more strength in the 2nd house. Both Natal Jupiter and Transiting Jupiter are aspecting the 6th house where yogakaraka Mars is, and the 10th house where Natal Sun and Natal Rahu is. A powerful grand trine is complete with blessings to his house of career where he can enjoy extreme authority as Natal Sun and Natal Rahu are in the 10th house. At this time, Venus as his 10th house ruler is transiting in the 5th house of politics. 5th house of Sagittarius is also ruled by great benefic Jupiter where Jupiter is part of the equation of expanding his authority in the 10th house. Transiting Rahu in the 1st house is also aspecting this Venus, expanding his career path.

Going further into December, both Jupiter and Saturn will aspect his Natal Sun and Natal Rahu almost to the exact degree. By December going to January, Jupiter will be around Virgo 26-29 degrees, and Saturn at Scorpio 26-29 degrees, aspecting tightly his Natal Rahu and Natal Sun. This gives manifestation to his 10th house of career for his Sun and Rahu is tightly impacted.

Trump doesn’t smell victory at all at the moment for he is in his Sade-Sati and he is very depressed. As Saturn is closing on to his Natal Moon and Natal Ketu, he is all stressed out from the campaign and he looks pretty beaten up at the moment. On November 8, the stress aspect is still ongoing and he will not give up just yet. Until Feb 2017, he is going to bite and he’s in for the long haul.

From November 14 onwards, he is going into his new Jupiter dasha. Jupiter is going to be the turning point for him after the election date. Going further into February 2017, Jupiter will station at Virgo 29 degrees, aspecting and strengthening his Natal Sun. Now this is powerful enough and this is when he will be recognized! He is having a Jupiter Return coupled with a Natal Kala Sarpa yoga, Transiting Jupiter is going to aspect his Natal Rahu and exactly aspect on his Natal Sun in the 10th house. This is extreme success! Don’t forget that the transits of the planets now is also having a Kala Sarpa formation. Everything seems to be fated during this time. Watch February 2017! This is the rise of Trump! By August 2017, he might not do so well as the eclipse will fall on his Ascendant near to his ascendant degree and his success planet Natal Mars. This can give him a new beginning in his success and reputation and it might just lead him rise to a higher height.

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  • Gauri Eleanora Trainor
    Posted at 07:48h, 30 October

    Greetings Fivji~
    Just a captivating and brilliant analysis of Trump’s Natal Chart with the heaven’s activity of transiting planets : specifically Jupiter transiting H2 and aspecting Conjunct Natal Sun and Rahu in H 10 along with H6! Your reference to the grand earth trine is outstanding. A gripping prediction into his Jupiter dasha and Feb. 2017 rise! A must to observe the eclipse and what will unfold.

    Ram ?

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