Cary Grant: Everyone wants to be Cary Grant

Cary Grant

Cary Grant: Everyone wants to be Cary Grant

“Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant”. That was the statement often made by Grant to tease himself. If you want know how Cary Grant become Cary Grant, there’s a film that might interest you called “Becoming Cary Grant”.

Cary Grant, born as a British in Bristol, was a British-American actor who became one of hollywood’s legend. His original name was Archibald Alec Leach which was legally changed to Cary Grant when he became an American citizen. He was known to be one of the most charming man in the history of movies. Grant portrayed a sense of light-heartedness in his acting, and underneath that handsome actor was a reserved well of dignity even as he romanced and evaluated the ladies in his movies.

He acted in many films which included “The Awful Truth”, “The Philadelphia Story”, “Penny Serenade”, “None but the Lonely Heart”, “North by Northwest”, etc. He also co-starred with famous actresses including “Indiscreet” with Ingrid Bergman, “That Touch of Mink” with Doris Day, and “Charade” with Audrey Hepburn. All 3 films contributed to his 5 Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor nominations. In 1999, Cary Grant was named by the American Film Institute, the second greatest male star in the Golden Age of Hollywood right after Humphrey Bogart.

Difficult Upbringing

Venus in the 2nd house of childhood is disposited to Mars in the 5th house which is conjunct a functional malefic Jupiter whereby Jupiter is one of the most malefic planets for his Libra Ascendant. From his moon chart, both functional malefic Mars and Jupiter are in the 2nd house as well.

Sun and Moon represents the father and the mother respectively. Mercury also rules the 9th house of father and Moon also rules the 4th house of mother. All Sun, Moon, Mercury are in the 4th house conjunct the depressive Saturn amplified by an addictive Rahu from the 12th house. Even Rahu is in Sun’s nakshatra in the 12th house which doubles the addictive quality to his father. Moon as karaka of mother is hemmed in by Sun and Saturn.

Grant had a horrendous upbringing. His father was an alcoholic. His mother suffered from clinical depression. However her mother was also the also the major influencer for all his later successes. Saturn is his yogakaraka planet that grants him great success and Saturn is also ruling his 4th house of mother. With a whopping 6 planets under Saturn’s sign of Capricorn and Aquarius, his success is guaranteed with almost all the planets under Saturn’s influence.

His mother Elsie was very strict with Grant and taught him singing and dancing. She was keen to have Grant learn the piano and brought Grant to the cinemas occasionally. But this did not help in his relationship with his mother being authoritative and overprotective, and his mother did not know how to relate to Grant affectionately. She was also drowning herself in alcohol and tobacco. She was sent to the mental institution when Grant was 9 years old, and Grant was told that she was dead. Grant did not know that her mother was still alive until he was 31 years old. His father also remarried and did not include Grant into the new family. Grant had difficulties in socializing due to the alienation of his parents.

An American Citizen

Grant has his Rahu in the 12th house of foreign settlement. His Mercury ruling the 12th house of foreign settlements sits in the 4th house of home conjunct the 4th house ruler Saturn. Rahu from the 12th house also aspects both Saturn and Mercury in the 4th house.

In 1942, Grant was in his Jupiter/Saturn period (dasha). He was having his Rahu Return with Transiting Rahu returning back to his 12th house of foreign settlement, reminding him where he was supposed to be staying in the world. Transiting Saturn was in the 8th house of great changes and instability with Uranus. Transiting Rahu from the 12th house was aspecting Transiting Saturn and Uranus in the 8th house and Natal Saturn and Natal Mercury in the 4th house of home.

This triggered the great change in his permanent residence and immigration procedure. In 1942, Cary Grant became an American Citizen. Grant was staying in America for a long time. The process was naturalized without Grant even paying any effort in the citizenship. That was when he legally changed his name to Cary Grant.

5 Marriages with 3 elopements

Why did Grant marry 5 times? Virginia Cherrill, Barbara Hutton, Betsy Drake, Dyan Cannon, and Barbara Harris. Even 3 of his marriages were elopements with 3 fellow actresses.

Grant has his wife star Venus in the 2nd house aspected by Ketu from a difficult 6th house causing difficulties in relationships. Uranus is in Sagittarius in the 3rd house and Ketu in Pisces in the 6th house. Jupiter ruling these 2 difficult houses can be the most malefic planet for Grant’s Libra Ascendant. Jupiter is very strong in its own nakshatra of Purva Bhadrapada making its malefic energy extremely strong and yet it is conjunct Mars which rules his 7th house of marriage. Mars staying in its own nakshatra is extremely strong, and in conjunction with Jupiter can give him multiple marriages as well.

Pluto lying in a Mars nakshatra in the 8th house of death and rebirth, the 2nd house from marriage does relay the difficult 8th house energies in multiplex with Rahu, Mars, and Venus. Venus as karaka of the wife aspects its own 8th house. Rahu aspects the 8th house from a separating 12th house. Mars ruling the 7th house of marriage also aspects the 8th house. Marriages were so difficult that the one way to get around it was to elope! And not to mention to get out of it, divorce!

From his moon chart (chandra lagna), Moon ruling his 7th house gives fluctuations in his marriages and it is hemmed in by malefic Sun and Saturn. Sun, Saturn and Ketu are all aspecting his 7th house of marriage as well, with Ketu aspecting his marriage karaka Venus as well. Mercury as his darakaraka planet representing the spouse, is a duplex planet creating multiple relationships, and is again conjunct malefic Sun and Saturn separating his relationships. Mercury is even in retrograde motion, complicating relationships all the more.

Grant first married Virginia Cherrill in 1934 which led to a divorce a year later. He briefly dated Phyllis Brooks before he married Barbara Hutton in 1942, one of the wealthiest woman in the world at that time who inherited her grandfather’s fortune from The Woolworth Company. The coupled was named “Cash and Cary” even though Grant entered into a prenuptial agreement of no financial settlement in the event of a divorce to show that he was not after Hutton’s money. The marriage lasted for 3 years.

Grant longest marriage was with Betsy Drake which lasted from 1949 to 1962. He met Betsy as a co-star while filming in 2 of his movies. The only child Grant had was Jennifer Grant which he had it with Dyan Cannon, which he claimed it to be his greatest production. The marriage lasted for another 3 years. Barbara Harris was his last spouse which Grant married in 1981. Grant met Harris in a London hotel where she was working as a public relations agent. She was 47 years his junior and Grant spent his last years with her.

Cary Grant with Audrey Hepburn - "Charade", 1963

Cary Grant with Audrey Hepburn – “Charade”, 1963

Hollywood Stardom, The Awful Truth

In 1937 Rahu/Moon period, Natal Rahu was in the 12th house of film aspecting his Natal Moon in the 4th house where Moon rules the 10th house of career. This gives him a great boost and fame in his career. Natal Rahu is aspecting all the powerful planets in the 4th house including his power planet Saturn which is a yogakaraka planet, and his Natal Sun which expands on his confidence and grants him victory. In the same year, Transiting Rahu was in the 2nd house conjunct his Venus ruling his Ascendant, and was aspecting his 10th house of career. Transiting Jupiter triggered off everything else being in his 4th house blessing all his planets including his career planet Moon, and was aspecting the 10th house of career as well. That was his year.

Grant made his first film “When You’re in Love” with Columbia Pictures in 1937 and it received positive feedback. He had his failure as well with the film “The Toast of New York”. He also had another success with the comedy “Topper” before his pivotal film was launched “The Awful Truth”. It was through this film “The Awful Truth” that Grant’s talents was really recognized. It was a great commercial success and made Grant a top Hollywood star. It was a good vintage year for a screen comedy.

His other prominent movies include “To Catch a Thief” with co-star Grace Kelly, “An Affair to Remember” with co-star Deborah Kerr, “Notorious” with co-star Ingrid Bergman, several Alfred Hitchcock’s films and many others.

Good Stuff: A Reminiscence of My Father, Cary Grant

Jennifer Grant, Cary Grant’s daughter wrote a memoir of her father and her relationship with him. Cary Grant stopped his acting when his daughter was born so that he could be with her and raise her. Grant was described by his ex-wives as controlling. He was said to be telling some of his wives what to wear and to force some of them to take LSD as he did. Despite being the epitome of elegance for the ladies, with 6 planets powerfully lumped into Saturn-ruled houses, you can imagine his deep sense of regulation within.

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