Anaïs Nin: The Erotic Writer

Anais Nin

Anaïs Nin: The Erotic Writer

Anaïs Nin was born with an exceptionally long name, Angela Anaïs Juana Antolina Rosa Edelmira Nin y Culmell. Anaïs Nin was an essayist and memoirist born to Cuban parents in Neuilly-sur-Seine western part of Paris, France. She wrote journals, novels, essays, short stories, and erotica. A substantial amount of her erotica work was published after her death which included sexual stories of her life. Her famous works include “Delta of Venus”, “Little Birds”, “Henry and June”, “Incest: From a Journal of Love”, etc. Her sexual lifestyle is vast including the lifestyle with Henry Miller during her time in Paris in her 30s. Nin was claimed to be bisexual for her involvement with Henry Miller and his wife June Miller.


La vie se rétracte ou se dilate à proportion de notre courage.

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.

– Anaïs Nin

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Anais Nin Quote


Sins of the Nins

Sins of the Nins, that is what New York Times called the deeds of Anaïs Nin and her father Joaquín Nin. Venus ruling the 9th house of father sits in the difficult 6th house in the nakshatra of Purva Bhadrapada where it is ruled by Jupiter. Venus also rules her soul as her atmakaraka planet, planet of the highest degree. Jupiter as the dispositor is combust by being so close to the Sun. Sun as the significator/karaka of the father is also in the same difficult 6th house and rules the difficult 12th house of losses and bed pleasures. Both Jupiter and Sun are in the nakshatra (lunar mansion) of Shatabhisha. The actual root cause is revealed when both Jupiter and Sun are disposited by nakshatra of Rahu (North Node of the Moon) where Rahu is in the 1st house closely conjunct the extremely malefic Mars. Mars rules the 3rd house of interest and 8th house of sex indulgence. Rahu and Mars are also in the nakshatra ruled by Mars which exploded her sexual passion.

Her pianist/composer father abandoned Nin and the family at the age of 10 for a young and beautiful piano student. It was a devastating event in her life that shaped her life and how the way she behaved in her adulthood with the loss of the guidance of the father, a degraded and rejected young girl. Psychological damage resulted from her chain loss of her grandparents, her language, and her culture. The only paternal affection that Nin received was she posed nude for his photographs as a 10 years old.

Nin had a reunion with her father around the age of 30 when she was in Moon period. Moon is disposited to Jupiter in the difficult 6th house where it is conjunct and combusted by the malefic Sun which is also the karaka of father. Jupiter is also conjunct Venus ruling 9th house of father as well as karaka of relationship. Moon is in the nakshatra of Mula ruled by Ketu (South Node of the Moon) where Ketu sits in the 7th house of relationship.

When her father reunited with her when she was 30, an incestuous relationship began. Nin’s notorious sex life included her affair with her father that was cast in the book “Incest: From a Journal of Love”. It is the unexpurgated diaries of Anaïs Nin from 1932 to 1934.

An Erotic Writer

Mercury ruling her 1st house sitting in her 5th house conjunct Saturn ruling her 5th house of writing is making her a really good and patient writer. Her writing abilities are accentuated greatly but adversely in a perverted form by the conjunction of Rahu and Mars. Mars rules the 3rd house of interest and 8th house of sexual passion and the passion is expanded by Rahu and Mars being in Mar’s nakshatra. She couldn’t help it but to indulge in sex as her passion. Rahu aspects Saturn and Mercury in the 5th house of mind where Mercury rules her 1st house and Saturn rules her 5th house, penetrated the sexual thoughts into her mind and her life. The perversion of Mars also aspects the Moon representing her mind. However the power of her 5th house of writing cannot be denied with a powerful Saturn connected with Rahu.

The French-born novelist is also an eroticist who gained her international fame with her journals, her voyage of self-discovery. From the diary of Anaïs Nin, Nin said “It’s all right for a woman to be, above all, human. I am a woman first of all.” But what eventually makes sense is her quote of “The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.”

Sex with Patients and Psychoanalysis

Malefic mars ruling the 3rd house of interest and 8th house of sexual passion is very much exploded with the obsessive Rahu in the 1st house of her life. Her life is all about the exploration of erotic experiences. Rahu and Mars are also seated strongly in Mars nakshatra. Her Mars and Rahu being disposited to her Mercury in the 5th house of her mind conjunct Saturn ruling 5th house of the mind saturated her mind with sex. However, the same combination gave her the interest and capability to carry out psychoanalysis work.

In 1932 Moon period, Nin was transformed by psychoanalysis by René Allendy and Otto Rank in which both men eventually became her lovers. In 1939 nearing the end of Moon period, Nin rejoined Otto Rank and moved into his apartment. She began to act as a psychoanalyst and was seeing patients next to Rank’s. Nin also had sex with her patients on the psychoanalytic couch.

Bigamy with Hugh Parker Guiler and Rupert Pole

Nin has the prominent obsessive Rahu and sexual Mars in the Ascendant. Her Jupiter ruling her 7th house of marriage as well as the significator of a husband sits in the difficult 6th house combusted by the Sun tightly. Ketu as significator of losses sits in the 7th house aspected by malefic Saturn and Mars. Venus as the significator of relationship is also conjunct the malefic Sun in the 6th house and is inherently linked to the combusted Jupiter by nakshatra. However Jupiter is also partially protected by the benefic Venus in the same house and granted marriage to her. From the moon chart, Jupiter is also aspecting the 7th house of marriage. From the moon chart, the dualistic Mercury rules the 7th house of marriage is conjunct malefic Saturn and aspected by Rahu. It gave her multiple marriages, in her case Nin created a bigamy.

In her marriage chart (navamsha chart), Venus rules the 7th house of marriage is aspected by malefic Saturn, Sun, and Ketu but also aspected by fortunate Jupiter as well. It granted her marriages as well as the problems that came with it.

In 1923 March Venus/Mercury period where Venus rules the 7th house of marriage in the marriage chart and sits in the Mercury sign of Gemini, Nin married her first husband Hugh Parker Guiler, a banker and artist who was known as Ian Hugo later on for his experimental films.

In 1947 Mars/Venus period, Mars aspects the 7th house of relationship and Venus is the 7th house ruler in the marriage chart. She met former actor Rupert Pole in a Manhattan elevator on her way to a party. They ended up dating and traveled to California together.

In 1955 March Rahu/Saturn period, Rahu is the nakshatra dispositor of Jupiter ruling the 7th house of marriage as well as the significator of husband. Saturn also aspects the 7th house. Nin married Pole at Arizona while still being married to Guiler. Guiler was either unaware of her 2nd marriage or chose not to know.

In 1966 Rahu/Mars period, from the marriage chart Rahu and Mars are in the nakshatra of Magha ruled by Ketu as significator of losses and Ketu is also aspecting the 7th house of marriage. Nin ended her marriage with Pole because of legal issues that both Guiler and Pole are trying to claim her as a dependent on their deferral tax returns. However, Nin and Pols continued to live together until her death in 1977.

Une Femme Fatale Lies

Venus ruling the 2nd house of speech is in the difficult 6th house. Venus is also conjunct malefic Sun ruling 12th house of privacy and non-functional benefic Jupiter which also rules 7th house of spouse. Jupiter ruling 2 kendra houses and getting combusted by Sun being 2 degrees away loses a great portion of its strength. All the houses are closely linked to the lies producer Rahu and Mars in the 1st house. Mars ruling 3rd house of communications and 8th house of secrets is further exaggerated by Rahu. In her destiny chart (navamsha chart), the functional malefic Mercury ruling the 3rd and 6th house sits in the 2nd house of speech.

Nin had duplicated lives in Los Angeles and New York and it became so complicated to her that she had to create something called a lie box. Nin said “I tell so many lies I have to write them down and keep them in the lie box so I can keep them straight.” Prior to her death, Nin wrote to Guiler to ask him for his forgiveness. Hugh Guiler responded in writing that how meaningful his life had been because of her.

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